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<— PAGE 1 JULY 2ND, 2022 PAGE 3 —>



BY: Site-119 Human Resources Center

Hello, fellow skippers!

Management is happy to inform each of you about the brand new addition to Site-119 that was introduced earlier last week: The Noospheric Department! With new and revolutionary technology developed right here on-site, we have been approved to begin experimental testing that will allow our fellow skippers to explore and document the entire human psyche. How exciting!
We have also introduced the new, "Investigation and Exploration Division" for the Noospheric Department responsible for testing and researching this developing field of Foundation science. Trust us, we're all shaking with excitement! Can you believe that our very own researchers will be the official pioneers for this groundbreaking discovery of biological evolution?
Initial tests will begin on July 9th, at around 10:00 P.M. (EST), so make sure you're prepared night-shift! You all have been invited to watch seven brave researchers dive headfirst for 12 hours into this dangerous and exciting new adventure. Please note that you will be responsible for correcting all timecards and time-off requests should you wish to participate. Site-119 will not be granting additional time-off for this showcase or any additional event(s) that may follow.
Free pizza will be offered in Site-119's lunch hall…


Photograph captured from automated Foundation Surveillance Camera 1042 (aFSC-1042) of a local beach in California, U.S., approximately 36 hours after SCP-6200 affected the region. Please note the observable absence of human corpses along the coastline.

ITEM #: SCP-6200

OBJECT CLASS: Irrelevant

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: The Veil that previously disguised the existence of the paranormal from the normal has been officially broken — every human being who fell unconscious throughout SCP-6200 has now been affected by the anomaly permanently. As such, no procedures concerning the masking or concealment of the anomaly have thus been enacted.

The Foundation's previous directives of "Securing, Containing, and Protecting" the paranormal from mankind no longer apply, as they have now failed their goals.

Surviving members of the human race remain under strict lockdown at Site-119. Ultimately, they have been tasked with studying and ascertaining the nature of SCP-6200. In the event that persons within Site-119 learn the exact properties of SCP-6200, reverting the world to normality will be their primary objective.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6200 is an anomalous event that occurred on July 10th, 2022, resulting in the extermination of the human race. SCP-6200 began at approximately 12:12 A.M. (EST), although physical scanners were unable to detect the anomaly until after said event occurred. During this event, activity within the Noosphere peaked to record levels, resulting in affected subjects suddenly developing and possessing different physical characteristics and behavior, as elaborated upon in the DISCOVERY section of this document.

Only seven researchers are known to have completely avoided the effects of SCP-6200. All of whom were selected to begin experimentation with a new technology that had been introduced earlier that month: the Noospheric Individual-to-Collective Emulation Drive, or "NICE drive" as it was colloquially known.

Currently, it remains unknown whether SCP-6200 was the result of Project 303-13's introduction, or if its correlation is strictly coincidental. More time for experimentation and research will be required before information concerning the two events can be ascertained.

DISCOVERY: Foundation researchers became aware of SCP-6200 following a sudden influx of calls throughout the world to emergency services. Integrated phone operators initially determined that callers were reporting similar symptoms of fatigue, queasiness, bodily pain, and paranoia. Likewise, automated civilian hospital systems across the world reported sudden spikes in neural activity in all previously sleeping patients. To mitigate the possibility of civilians ascertaining the existence of the paranormal, Foundation agents began rationalizing the situation to world governments and attempted de-escalation protocols.

Internet activity surged globally as human subjects continued reporting the aforementioned symptoms. Live streaming services including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook experienced outages and were quickly made unavailable. However, Foundation webcrawlers were successfully able to archive and delete most of the recorded footage beforehand.

Before Foundation protocols could go into effect, activity within the Noosphere increased rapidly. Within minutes, most of the human population was unconscious. A majority of Foundation personnel could no longer be reached by integrated systems at this time. Those who were protected by anomalous phenomena took longer but eventually succumbed to SCP-6200 throughout its observed timeframe.

Activity within the Noosphere continued before drastically ceasing at abnormal, but consistent levels. Affected subjects were then observed to arise before performing acts of self-induced morbidity. Closer observations indicated that said subjects were still unconscious during this period. As such, the human population drastically decreased throughout SCP-6200's activation. Foundation scanners continued reporting a decline as corpses overpopulated city streets and coastal regions across the planet.

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