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Item#: 6198
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Ciemność, Poland

Special Containment Procedures: A 2km quarantine fence has been established around the village of Ciemność, Poland. Foundation personnel is to monitor the village and the surrounding Lower Silesian Forest for any individuals attempting to enter or leave the enclosure. Civilians found attempting to enter are to be apprehended and turned over to local authorities. Cover story 6198.10 "Conservation of Endangered Species" is to be disseminated.

SCP-6198-A instances found within Ciemność are prohibited from consuming any SCP-6198-B found there. Any individuals (including Foundation Personnel) witnessed procuring or drinking any substance suspected of being SCP-6198-B without clearance from Level 4 Security Personnel are to be immediately apprehended, interrogated, and then amnesticized, before being released after a period of 24 hours.

SCP-6198-A residing within the village that has been observed, or suspected of, performing any of the following activities are to be immediately apprehended, interrogated, and held in Foundation custody indefinitely:

  • Suddenly speaking a language that isn't descended from Proto-Slavic (or Common Slavic).
  • Alluding to the knowledge of the Foundation, any of its operations, or any other SCP.
  • Performing thaumaturgic rituals directed towards Foundation personnel.

Foundation personnel is advised to avoid entering the village alone during periods of time between a new moon and a full moon (the waxing phases, specifically) if necessary.

Description: SCP-6198 is an extra-dimensional entity believed to be a god worshipped by 6th-12th century Polabian Slavs, known as Chernobog (a.k.a "The Black God").

SCP-6198's anomalous effects are currently isolated to the village of Ciemność, primarily in the form of all SCP-6198-A instances, and any SCP-6198-B found there. The magnitude of any effects and the strength of SCP-6198's presence in the world is tied to and supported by two factors:

  1. The number of devotees that worship it.
  2. The size of the collective consciousness contained within SCP-6198.

SCP-6198-A are individuals that were born in Ciemność and up until Foundation intervention, had regularly consumed SCP-6198-B. SCP-6198-A instances appear non-anomalous, however, the life expectancy of the village is notably higher than the surrounding area. In addition to this, elderly SCP-6198-A residing in the village exhibit the vitality of someone half their age.

SCP-6198-B refers to a black liquid that anomalously appears within the village and can only be safely consumed by SCP-6198-A instances.

Holes created in the soil within Ciemność that are at least large enough for a human to pass through transform into SCP-6198-C instances (appearing as a deep pit that features an opaque entry point). To date, an endless supply of SCP-6198-B exists at a uniform depth of 20m within SCP-6198-C instances. Despite this, the total depth below this 20m point is currently unknown.

SCP-6198-C instances appear at midnight on nights of a new moon and remain until midnight of the following full moon (roughly 14 days), where they revert to the state they were in before the transformation.

SCP-6198 was initially discovered in a "dormant" state. An incident in which a member of Foundation personnel went missing within Ciemność has since caused SCP-6198 to enter a more active, "awaken" state. It is believed that SCP-6198 remains within this state.

Since becoming active, SCP-6198-A instances that consume SCP-6198-B gain knowledge of Foundation operations, personnel, and SCPs known to the Foundation. SCP-6198-A instances with this knowledge have an extreme tendency to engage in hostile ritualistic activity directed towards the Foundation and/or attempt to covertly isolate and subdue Foundation personnel. As such, any future testing on D-Class with SCP-6198-B as well as any explorations into an SCP-6198-C instance have been prohibited by order of the O5 Council.

SCP-6198 is believed to reside within Ciemność despite there being no visual confirmation of SCP-6198. However, sightings of a large black humanoid figure have been reported by Foundation personnel within Ciemność during nights of a waxing moon.

Discovery: SCP-6198 was initially discovered when Foundation surveillance teams detected radio chatter regarding SCP-6198-C instances that were discovered by local authorities while investigating a missing person report in the surrounding Lower Silesian Forest region.


An SCP-6198-C instance located in Ciemność.

Upon entering the village, local authorities uncovered several SCP-6198-C instances and arranged for a support team to venture down into them. Foundation agents were dispatched and relieved local authorities of their investigation, under the guise of the ISA (Internal Security Agency).

Foundation agents first to the scene noted that SCP-6198-A instances were wary of them, generally keeping their distance and observing their activities from within their homes but otherwise appeared non-hostile.

Communication with most SCP-6198-A instances proved difficult initially, as the majority of the village speaks Proto-Slavic, a precursor to common Slavic believed to no longer be used within modern society. A Foundation linguistics expert was later brought in to facilitate interviews with SCP-6198-A instances and to translate any documentation retrieved from Ciemność.

Addendum SCP-6198.1: Initial Exploration Log

Addendum SCP-6198.2: Excerpts from the retrieved book

Addendum SCP-6198.3: Interview with Person of Interest

Addendum SCP-6198.4: SCP-6198-B Testing and Experimentation

Addendum SCP-6198.5: Missing Agent Report

Addendum SCP-6198.6: SCP-6198 Incident Report

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