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Item #: SCP-6195

Object Class: Eparch1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6195 is currently stored in a standard high-value containment locker in Site 73. Copies of SCP-6195-A are to remain on the Foundation’s internal servers; unauthorized dissemination will result in termination of Foundation employment and immediate amnesticization of affected personnel.

Description: SCP-6195 is a Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone. Aside from the presence of SCP-6195-A within its files, it possesses no anomalous properties.

SCP-6195-A is an amateur recording of a music concert by the grunge band Nirvana. Specifically, it is a crowd-perspective video of their show at the OK Hotel2 on 17 Apr 1991. It is considered anomalous due to it apparently being recorded on SCP-6195 itself during the night of the concert, at a video quality that would be impossible for a smartphone-sized camera in 1991.

As with other non-anomalous footage of the event, the recording is shaky and periodically switches focus between Nirvana members Kurt Cobain (guitar/vocals), Krist Novoselic (bass) and Dave Grohl (drums). The presence of SCP-6195 and its owner does not seem to have affected time in any significant retrocausal way, with patrons apparently assuming the device was merely another camera used to record the event.

Discovery: SCP-6195 was acquired by the Foundation at auction via Marshall, Carter & Dark. Sold for the relatively paltry price of $15,000, it was considered a low-value anomalous object due to its mundane properties.3

Shortly after the acquisition of SCP-6195 by the Foundation, Site 73 Director Trisha Jones received a message on her personal Facebook account by a person claiming to be the creator of SCP-6195-A. After providing a photograph of itself (henceforth SCP-6195-B) and Kurt Cobain together from the night of the concert4 as proof of its claims, SCP-6195-B attempted to negotiate the public audio-only release of SCP-6195-A “for the sake of the fans” in exchange for turning itself in to the Foundation. This offer was declined and MTF agents were dispatched to the location of SCP-6195-B within 24 hours of the initial message being sent.

SCP-6195-B Initial Interview Log:

Interviewer: Site 73 Director Trisha Jones (“D. Jones”)

D. Jones: State your name.

SCP-6195-B: Fuck you, lady.

D. Jones: If you aren’t cooperative, your stay here will be less pleasant.

SCP-6195-B: I was going to come here anyway! All you people had to do was release the audio of my recording.

D. Jones [Demeanor changing slightly]: One, you don’t get to negotiate with the Foundation. Two, any anomalous devices cannot be made available to the public, no matter how benign. Three, you shouldn't have misplaced your phone while an MC&D employee was monitoring you.

SCP-6195-B: You guys are assholes, you know that?

D. Jones: SCP-6195-B, I’m going to start asking you questions about SCP-6195-A now. Please be cooperative.

SCP-6195-B [Sighing]: Whatever. You’ll get it out of me eventually anyway. Give me a minute.

D. Jones: Very well.

[After composing itself, SCP-6195-B continues to speak.]

SCP-6195-B: About three months ago, I get approached by this old man outside work during my lunch break. He introduces himself as “Mr. Elvid”, and notices I’m listening to an old Nirvana concert. We get to talking, and eventually he asks me if I want to see them live.

D. Jones: What did you say?

SCP-6195-B: Didn’t really get what he was saying at first. So I’m like ‘yeah, of course I would’ve loved to see them live, but I’m 25 and they were before my time.’ Then he gets really serious, tells me that I can see them live for one night, but that I had to give up something of equal value.

D. Jones [Gestures to SCP-6195-B’s right arm, cleanly amputated at the wrist]: So you gave up your hand?

SCP-6195-B: I did. He wanted more, but I pointed out that even if I get a robot replacement when medicine became more advanced, it would be a pain in the ass to learn how to use it. And I’m one-handed in the meantime. Left-handed, thankfully!

D. Jones: And upon accepting the offer?

SCP-6195-B: He asks me what concert I wanted to go to. I thought about it and said for him to take me to the OK Hotel ’91 show, along with a $20 bill from 1990 so I could buy a ticket. He smiled at me funny, almost like he knew I picked a good one. Then he claps his hands, and all of a sudden it’s 1991 and I’m outside the show.

D. Jones: It must’ve been difficult to record a show with only one hand.

SCP-6195-B: No, I didn’t lose my hand until the show was over. Mr. Elvid was very good about making sure I could enjoy the performance.

D. Jones [Stands up]: I think that’s all for now. One more question, though, to satisfy my curiosity. Was it worth it?

SCP-6195-B: Are you kidding me? I got to see Nirvana live. I got to say hi to Kurt! I fleeced that guy.

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