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by Ethagon and
Einer von Rabe

Notice from the Explanation and Research Department

This file had been archived and is only for reference. There are currently no Special Containment Procedures for SCP-6192-1-EX / "Franziska Miranda Neuhaus" active.

SCP-6192-1-EX was granted release after being classified as Explained with the help of the Committee for Reintegration into Human Society.

Thomas Weld, Director, ExaRD

Item #: SCP-6192-1-EX

Object Class: Explained (Formerly Keter)

Level 2/6192


Assigned Site Site Directorate Research Head Assigned Department
EXARD-Site-EX Dir. Thomas Weld Dr. Lucilia Richter Explanation and Research Department
and Reintegration Committee


SCP-6192-1-EX; On release.

Special Containment Procedures (Archived): SCP-6192-1 is held in a High Comfort Containment Cell (Type S-2) in Sector 20-C at Site-138. No personnel is to come into line-of-sight of SCP-6192-1 without body language and facial expression concealments.

SCP-6192-1 participates once a week in a mental health consultation with a member of the Site Psychology staff, where the subject's mental health status is examined.

Description: SCP-6192-1-EX is a female human by the name of Franziska Miranda Neuhaus, who was previously categorised by the SCP Foundation as a person with abnormal characteristics.

Ms. F. M. Neuhaus was contained per the original Containment Procedures of SCP-6192 before its reclassification.

Due to her high density of mirror neurons1, Ms. F. M. Neuhaus has been classified as a Higher Mental Transcommunicator. Higher Mental Transcommunicators are persons with the ability to connect mentally with other life forms in this measure in order to exchange different information. This ability is colloquially called "telepathy". It was confirmed that she possessed at minimum emphatic telepathy upon her original containment.

Due to the "telepathy" provided by SCP-6192 being reliant on body language and facial expressions to accurately mirror thought patterns, it has been reclassified as Explained. All related files, including SCP-6192-1-EX, have been reclassified to Explained as well.

Addendum: Reclassification

As part of reintegrating the newly Explained SCP-6192 into society, the Explanation and Research Department was tasked with handling the release of individuals contained per the Containment Procedures of SCP-6192. Due to the Departments prior inexperience in reintegrating people3 as well as its limited manpower, it was decided to handle the reintegrations individually until a more general solution becomes feasible.

For this purpose, the Reintegration Committee is contacted and the following answer is received.

A Correlation of SCP-6192-1-EX to SCP-6192 could be confirmed through a brain scan and a Higher Mental Transcommunicator test. Ms. Neuhaus has been successfully released to the general public. The release was overseen by Director Weld and a contact person for Ms. Neuhaus has been chosen from local Foundation Sites. All further files regarding her Reintegration are held by the Reintegration Committee.

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