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Item #: SCP-619

Object Class: Safe-impetus

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-619 is currently housed in storage locker 15-a-2 at Site 21. Currency retrieved from SCP-619 is to be kept in storage locker 15-a-3.

Testing on SCP-619 has been suspended. SCP-619's right pocket has been stapled shut. Should testing on SCP-619 be reinstated, access Archived Document 619-T for testing procedures.

Description: SCP-619 is a pair of faded Levi brand stonewashed jeans manufactured in 1994 with several stains and tears through apparent use. The item shows no unusual physical properties; however, it does not correspond to any style of jeans produced by Levi Strauss & Co.

Whenever a person puts their hand into SCP-619's right pocket,1 the pocket will contain two US one-dollar bills and between two and five US dimes. All pieces of currency retrieved this way have been marked as being printed or minted between the years 1969 and 20182 and show varying amounts of wear and tear. For bills printed before the present day, serial numbers have been matched with those of bills that should have been circulated. Due to the frequency with which currency is lost or ignored, the source of currency retrieved from SCP-619 is unknown.

In approximately 4% of all trials in which currency is removed from SCP-619, an activated dye pack will be tied to one of the bills with twine. The explosion (which produces temperatures in excess of 400°C and releases Disperse Red 9 dye) may burn the subject and has caused damage to SCP-619 on several occasions. In an additional 6% of all trials, a lit match will be present. The manufacture of both the dye packs and matches varies.

After the first two weeks of testing of SCP-619 (in which 407 trials were run), 53% of all retrieved bills had the word "STOP", "PLEASE", "WHY", or "NO"3 written across their surface. Analysis has shown the words to be written in optically variable ink. The size and handwriting of the letters is suggestive of very limited expertise.

On trial 588, a single twenty-dollar bill was retrieved. In contrast to previous bills on which writing was found, the writing on this bill was small and legible, and spanned multiple sentences. It is reprinted here in its entirety:

we surrender. you've taken the whole village and now people from other cracks and other couches are pulled out. whole families. if it's revenge for the dye packs and matches. you have to understand that we don't have other ways of stopping you. WE DON'T LIKE HURTING YOU but we're scared and it's all we have. we gave them to as many as we could in case you tried to have us spent. just tell us what you want and we'll give it to you. think of the coins

do you want humans? we can get you three whole heads. we could even pool together all the fingers and toes left over or open up the graves if you want. nonsequential unrelated dna no questions. just send a $20 and talk to our other $20 and we can make it work. i don't know if you care at all but all we want is for you to s

Another eight trials revealed the absence of any further writing. Special Containment Procedures have been revised. Testing on SCP-619 is suspended.

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