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Item#: 6183
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A photograph of an SCP-6183-A instance, originally titled "Eternal Life is Found Through Me"

Special Containment Procedures: Web crawlers have been embedded within affected applications in order to spot potential instances of SCP-6183-A. Currently, an algorithm is being created to locate these instances and block access from the general public. Any media coverage or online discussion related to SCP-6183 is to be suppressed.

A backdoor has been placed within each of these applications for personnel to be able to interact with SCP-6183. For access, contact Project Lead Jessica Collins.

Description: SCP-6183 is an anomaly within food delivery applications. The anomaly initially manifests as an instance of a 'ghost kitchen' within one of these applications (designated SCP-6183-A). The location's address does not exist, and information related to the location (name, photographs, menu, etc) differ significantly from non-anomalous locations. Despite this, a user can place an order with SCP-6183-A.

Several minutes after a user successfully places an order with SCP-6183-A, they are notified that a delivery person (designated SCP-6183-1) is traveling towards the user's designated delivery spot. Depending on the application, the user is shown an estimated time of arrival, and the deliverer's path from SCP-6183-A to the destination. Instances of SCP-6183-1 do not manifest during this time.

When the user is notified that their delivery has arrived, SCP-6183-1 manifests near the delivery spot. All delivery persons speak Galatian Aramaic, and appear to be of Hebrew descent. Of note is that the instances wear attire consistent with persons living in Palestine during the 1st to 3rd century A.D. The items given to the user also differ from what was initially ordered. After the user is given their order, the instance demanifests.


Sample menu of SCP-6183-A instance.

SCP-6183 was discovered on 06/21/2020 after an embedded agent noticed a non-existent 'ghost kitchen' when ordering UberEats to Schwartz, Collins & Peterson, a front company near Site-132. The agent ordered a plate of goat meat over rice from a restaurant titled From Your Curse Comes My Blessing, and instead was given a plate of smoked goat, prepared with cilantro, garlic, and salt. In addition, an identical plate manifested near the agent's brother, who was several miles away. This anomaly prompted investigation.

In the following days, numerous complaints of non-existent restaurants appeared in online reviews. The users universally reported details similar to what is stated in this document's description, across multiple applications and websites. A larger investigation was launched to determine the extent of the effects, leading to the SCP-6183 designation. A cover story was made, stating that these instances were caused by hackers who infiltrated these applications. When asked, the representatives of the affected applications stated that they do not know where SCP-6183 came from, and that their efforts to stop it have failed.

Addendum: As of 06/21/2021, instances of SCP-6183-1 have kneeled down and prayed after handing over items to users. In several cases, delivery persons are also noted to give items such as scapulars, prayer beads, and medals depicting historical figures on it. An individual instance addressed Site-132 Researcher and Chaplain Dr. Josiah Lopez in Aramaic, after the order was received. This has been the only case of a delivery person doing so. The translated exchange is as follows:

SCP-6183:1: Please pray for your fellow bretheren. Pray for your company, and please pray for the souls in purgatory across The Foundation. Maintain obedience and humility. In the name of the Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Amen.

Following this event, personnel have noted a decrease of severity related to anomalous effects and incidents within Site-132.

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