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3/6173 LEVEL 3/6173
Item #: SCP-6173



Special Containment Procedures: All currently confirmed differentiated SCP-6173 instances are to be contained in large-capacity chambers #1 ~ #20, and undifferentiated instances are contained in chambers #21 ~ #25 in Site-173. In order to prevent the manifestation of its anomalous features, the SCP-6173 research team is required to monitor the chambers on a round-the-clock basis. Multiple security cameras are placed inside the chamber to create as few blind spots as possible.

Description: SCP-6173 is a group of anomalous entities of unknown origin. SCP-6173 can be roughly divided into undifferentiated instances and differentiated instances.

Undifferentiated SCP-6173 instances typically appear as gray-skinned, multi-legged creatures of about 0.7 meters in length, but due to the anomalies described below, their appearance is diverse and inconsistent. When undifferentiated instances are not seen by living creatures for a long period of time, their bodies become fluid and their forms change due to unknown factors. The rate and the shape of the change varies from instance to instance, and it is assumed that there is no limit to the change.

The main anomaly of an undifferentiated SCP-6173 instance is triggered when it is first seen, either directly or indirectly, by a human being (Hereinafter referred to as the observer). After the first sighting, the observer develops some kind of emotional attachment1 to SCP-6173, and then begins to obsess about its identity. When the observer derives his or her own interpretation of its identity, the feelings toward SCP-6173 are alleviated and the obsession is lost. As an alternative, SCP-6173 instance acquires characteristics that are consistent with the observer's interpretation. Instances in this state are distinguished as differentiated instances, and this state is permanent.

Regardless of whether it has differentiated or not, SCP-6173 rarely splits its body and produces undifferentiated instances if it is not seen by human beings for a long time.

The exact number of SCP-6173 instances is uncertain. The total number of SCP-6173 instances currently found and housed by the Foundation is 206, but the Foundation's research team estimates that this is less than 1% of the actual number of SCP-6173 instances in existence.

Addendum 1 - Examples of SCP-6173 instances


Sketches of SCP-6173-73, -79, and -83 posted on Twitter by an ordinary citizen. Already contained by this sketch and the testimony of the poster.

# Details Interpretation
SCP-6173-1 A 0.8-meter-tall entity similar to the basic morphology of an undifferentiated instance (uppermost image, right). It generates snow by keeping the temperature of the surrounding 10 m below -3°C. Found in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. A snow fairy
SCP-6173-17 A 1.5-meter-tall entity with hand-like projections growing on the basic form of an undifferentiated instance. Piano sounds via unknown means. Found in Hashima Island, Japan, by a foundation employee. A musical instrument
SCP-6173-42 An irregularly shaped fluid. It senses life forms around it in an unknown way, and attacks them by transforming and hardening. Found in the Ardèche Valley in France. Unknown
SCP-6173-73 An entity with a type of cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) growing on top. Acts to grow a cactus. Found in Stowe, Vermont. An autonomously-moving flowerpot
SCP-6173-79 A long, thin, 10-meter-tall entity with projections that resemble limbs. It targets one human in its surroundings and approaches behind it at high speed. It has been confirmed that it mimics telephone poles and trees. Found in Stowe, Vermont. An entity that mimics and ambushes its target for the purpose of surprising it
SCP-6173-83 An entity with a shell-like organ on top. It makes a sound when a human approaches. It can move at 60 km/h autonomously. It is very active and has been seen moving around the housing chamber. Found in Stowe, Vermont. A powerless being that intimidates its enemies by ringing its shell
SCP-6173-101 A horizontally elongated entity at least 30 meters long with more than 100 small legs. Found in Schwarzwald, Germany. Unknown

Addendum 2 - Multiplication log

Introduction: The following log is an excerpt from a recording of the growth process that was attempted during an experiment using SCP-6173.

Experimental method: SCP-6173-83 is carried into the experimental chamber; due to the anomalous nature of SCP-6173, it is not possible to observe the growth process by direct visual observation or by using an ordinary camera, so it is photographed and recorded by a special observation device S-ENOM developed by the foundation.

Supplement: The Special Observation device S-ENOM is a video camera that was developed in 2018 due to the need to develop an increasing number of anomalies whose properties change with visibility and perception. The camera itself has several anomalies that make it impossible for the camera to be considered "visible".


[01:16] The experiment begins, SCP-6173-83 is moving erratically around the chamber.

[01:34] SCP-6173-83's movements begin to slow down.

[01:37] SCP-6173-83 stops moving completely.

[01:38] SCP-6173-83's body liquefies and coalesces into a single slime-like shape.

[01:39] The body of SCP-6173-83 gradually splits into left and right, and it splits into two completely in about three minutes. Hereafter, these two SCP-6173 instances are called SCP-6173-84, and SCP-6173-85 respectively.

[01:42] SCP-6173-84 and SCP-6173-85 stop in their slime form for a few tens of seconds, but then begin to form their bodies at their own speed. Notably, the formation seems to begin from the legs.

[01:46] The body formation process of SCP-6173-84 is completely finished.

SCP-6173-84 stands in front of SCP-6173-85 and moves its three legs irregularly. It is likely part of a communication process, but the details are unknown.


Addendum 3 - History

SCP-6173 related record - History

With regard to SCP-6173, some historical documents from various countries suggested that SCP-6173 was involved in the formation of certain cultures and the natural environment. This raised the possibility that SCP-6173 may be closely related to human history and geography, so we increased the number of people assigned to research SCP-6173. As a result of our research, we discovered a number of events that were found to be related to SCP-6173, and representative examples of each genre are listed below.


Point - Finland

Finland is the birthplace of the sauna, and many homes have their own saunas. It has also developed in a different way from other countries, such as converting the inside of cars and buses into saunas and developing a wide variety of saunas.

Among them, there is an undifferentiated culture, especially in Lappi province, where cauldrons with a shape very similar to that of SCP-6173-73 are placed in the sauna room, and sauna stones are placed inside the cauldrons to perform löyly2. The exact origin of this culture is unknown, but it is believed that the shape of the cauldron is based on the shape of an unidentified creature from the region called a mootera. According to several historical sources, the characteristics of this unidentified creature are consistent with SCP-6173 in its undifferentiated state.


Point - Japan

Since ancient times, in Japan, The formation of communities and the creation of cultures based on animism3 has been carried out.

Due to the characteristics of SCP-6173, its existence was called Agutsu, and it was feared as a monster that transforms into the thing that a person fears the most and attacks.
With the decline of religious culture in Japan, the culture has almost disappeared, but it has been confirmed that it still exists in some areas.

+89 examples in 31 regions followed

Addendum 4 - Analyzation

SCP-6173 related record - Analyzation

When it was discovered that SCP-6173 was globally distributed and had a profound impact on human and natural history, the investigation and research became even more extensive. The research included the internal organization of the Foundation and its anomalies, which led to the revelation that SCP-6173 may be the origin of several anomalies owned by the Foundation.
The following document is an excerpt from a researcher's meeting log regarding anomalies presumed to involve SCP-6173.

Meeting log



  • Dr. Mia Andrews Head of SCP-6173 Research Team
  • Taki Soichi SCP-6173 Research Team Assistant
  • Agent Mathew Carpenter



Dr. Mia: ……So, Mr. Carpenter, let's get down to business. What do you mean by "certain anomalies may be related to SCP-6173"?

Agt. Carpenter: Yes, Doctor, are you familiar with SCP-████?

Dr. Mia: Yes. I saw the file the other day - I think it was a giant gecko that was found in Indonesia, and is said to be the god of the region.

Agt. Carpenter: That's right. Its anomaly is that it "appears on earth on the night of the new moon and solves the problems of those who see it. But that in itself is not so important. What matters is its history. According to local legends, SCP-████'s appearance and nature are acquired, and its original form was different.

Researcher Taki: You mean, the original form is very similar to SCP-6173?

Agt. Carpenter: ……Yes, it was said to have seven legs and a gray body. And when the elders of the time saw it, they received a divine revelation, and the creature changed into what it was revealed to be. That's what SCP-████ is today. This is - I think this divine revelation is the "interpretation of SCP-6173".

Dr. Mia: [Sighs] Right. If it proves to be identical to SCP-6173, SCP-████ will be renamed to 6173. Anything else to report?

Agt. Carpenter: No, that's all. Thank you. I mean, did I offend you?


Dr. Mia: No, I mean ― not your fault, I was just getting a little fed up with all these reports lately.

Agt. Carpenter: Oh, I see what you mean. I'm somewhat sorry.

Researcher Taki: I feel you Doctor. This is ― the tenth?

Dr. Mia: Yep. The other day I renamed the SCP-████ because it turned out to be related to SCP-6173, and there are already 11 examples of existing objects that originated from SCP-6173, and 17 examples that may have originated from SCP-6173. Oh, that's 18 more now. Don't you think I've been assigned to the most ridiculous object research team ever?

Researcher Taki: I enjoy being involved in the root of the anomaly, though…… Anyway, what are the SCP-6173 ― seriously, what are they?

Dr. Mia: I guess they are like gargoyles. You know them?

Researcher Taki: The rain gutter?

Dr. Mia: Yes. Gargoyles were originally created for artistic purposes on gutters. They came in a variety of shapes, from animals and people to demons and monsters. The most common were gargoyles that resembled demons and monsters, which terrified later generations ― they thought they might move. The gargoyle as a monster was born from this fear. In other words, the gargoyle is a monster created by human imagination.

Researcher Taki: I see. SCP-6173 also creates properties from human imagination. SCP-6173 forces…… people to imagine themselves and then acquire those properties. What does this mean, and what does SCP-6173 have to do with us?



SCP-6173 related record - Intelligence

On 05/02/2021, An incident involving SCP-6173 occurred while conducting an experiment in which Class-D personnel was used as test subjects to cause humans to lose all emotion and intelligence4. The following is an excerpt from the experiment log.

Experiment log

Site Responsible Experiment Supervisor Subject
Site-205 James Rice D-50090



[15:59] D-50090 is tied to a chair in the experimental chamber.

[16:00] The chamber is sprayed with a gas that causes emotional suppression.

[16:03] A television screen set up in the chamber shows multiple cognitohazards which have the effect of rapidly decreasing intelligence. D-50090 convulses due to the side effects.

[16:05] Emotional disruption using a special electromagnetic wave makes it theoretically impossible for D-50090 to express any emotions.

[16:19] Seven and a half minutes of music with a memetic effect is played from speakers installed in the chamber.

[16:27] Music, electromagnetic waves, gas, and images stops.

[16:30] The staff member in charge of the experiment enters the chamber, and conducts a simple intelligence test and an experiment on emotional control; D-50090 scores very low on the intelligence test, confirming the loss of emotion.

[16:34] D-50090 is placed in a special housing chamber. First day's experiment over.


[04:20] Some unusual effect occurs on the body of the sleeping D-50090. D-50090's body twitches and wakes up from sleep, and D-50090 screams.

[04:21] D-50090 falls into a delirium, showing strong feelings of fear, despite having lost his emotions the day before. D-50090 then bites off his right arm and uses the blood to draw what looks like a symbol on the bed sheet; D-50090 tears the bed sheet into small pieces and puts them together to create an intricately shaped object; D-50090 laughs at it and says, "It's art."

[04:22] D-50090 prays to the object he made and speaks some words. The content is inaudible.

[04:23] D-50090's object starts to move due to an unknown factor; D-50090 screams and tries to run away. The object turns into a headless humanoid sculpture, approaches D-50090 and crushes his neck; D-50090 dies; D-50090's blood splatters on the lens of the surveillance camera, and the camera image is unable to show the chamber.

[04:25] Foundation staff arrive at the chamber where D-50090 was contained. 2 undifferentiated SCP-6173 instances are in the chamber.

[04:27] Two undifferentiated instances each differentiate. Since both have differentiated into entities with no dangerous anomalies, the staff secures them intact.


Addendum 5 - Conclusion

Based on the aforementioned supplementary materials and the results of further research, the following conclusions can be drawn about the origin and nature of SCP-6173.



In conclusion, it is assumed that the original form of SCP-6173 was a "concept". As a result of a detailed examination of the incident described in Addendum 4, it was confirmed that some kind of entity had invaded D-50090's body just before he awoke, and this entity was SCP-6173. D-50090 had lost his intelligence and emotions, but seemed to have regained them the moment SCP-6173 possessed him. D-50090 was very afraid of something, and it has always been standard practice for the concept of fear to be metaphysically reduced to "art" - so the D-50090 was probably trying to give form to that fear. To D-50090's relief, the work of art became a sculpture that attacked D-50090 and crushed his neck. And just like that, the sculpture went on multiplying, creating two undifferentiated instances.

Our guess is that SCP-6173 is the closest concept to what we call "emotion". SCP-6173 possesses organisms that lack intelligence and emotions, causing them to develop strong emotions and output those emotions in a tangible form. This form is the medium through which SCP-6173 is transformed from a concept into a metaphysical form, and is probably the medium through which SCP-6173 multiplies as a species.

In other words, the number of SCP-6173 currently contained is not 1% of all SCP-6173, but less than 0.01%. As long as there are people, SCP-6173 will continue to metaphysically drop, multiply, and influence human history.

Why have humans always tried to make the incomprehensible into the comprehensible? SCP-6173 probably has a lot to do with that culture. Sculptures, music, movies, plays, etc., are all ways to turn the fear of the unknown, such as natural disasters, and the fear of monsters, demons, and other harmful things, into a medium that can be understood. Perhaps SCP-6173 was behind this, guiding us to give form to our emotions.

Trying to give form to the formless, trying to give form to emotions, trying to express what we want to.

This may be what we call "Art".

   Site-173, Head researcher of SCP-6173
    Dr. Mia Andrews

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