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North American Interlink

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E_Everest_A34: Hello? Is anyone there? I finally managed to get into the NA Interlink, please be there.

C_Thereven_63: Yes? I am here.

E_Everest_A34: Oh, thank god. I've been stuck here in Area-34 ever since.. that Appalachian Incident happened.

C_Thereven_63: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

E_Everest_A34: That's alright, it doesn't matter anymore. I've been doing some digging while I was holed in here. I've found some shit, and I need to make sure I'm not the only one who knows about this shit. SCP-6170. Does it ring any bells?

C_Thereven_63: Oh, shit. I haven't heard that item number in a while. I was the director of a project for 6170.

E_Everest_A34: Really? I find that hard to believe. It's almost been a century since the Foundation's tried anything to revive 6170.

C_Thereven_63: Wait what? What year is it, now?

E_Everest_A34: 2111.

C_Thereven_63: Oh what the fuck.

E_Everest_A34: How did you last this long?

C_Thereven_63: I got caught in the center of a containment breach. With 6170, incidentally. It actually killed me. The Foundation revived me, and I guess that's why I'm alive.

E_Everest_A34: How come you're just figuring this out now?

C_Thereven_63: The last thing I remembered before having this chat, was waking up and being embedded inside a computer, so you tell me.

E_Everest_A34: Wow. I'm looking at your personnel file now. I see what you mean, man. Shit sucks.

C_Thereven_63: Wait, you have clearance?

E_Everest_A34: Don't need it. With no Foundation, there's no systems checking for clearance. Shit, this isn't even my SCiPNET account. It's the old Director's account. I'm.. just borrowing it for now.

E_Everest_A34: There we go, found the relevant part of your file. You had surgery, and had a shitton of paratech put in you. Guess it didn't kick into effect until now.

C_Thereven_63: Oh,wow.

E_Everest_A34: Anywho, that thing I was talking about. I found out what 6170 fucking was. You want answers, Mr. Back from the Dead?

C_Thereven_63: Yes.

E_Everest_A34: Uploading the file now.

📎 View attached file?

E_Everest_A34: You done reading it now?

C_Thereven_63: Yeah, just… wow. A gorilla? Fucking Harambe's the reason we all went to shit?

E_Everest_A34: Uh, yeah, a gorilla. I thought you knew how 6170 looked, cause of that whole revival attempt. Feel like you'd remember how your killer would look.

C_Thereven_63: No, I knew how he looked, but I didn't think that was his original appearance. I thought one of the anomalies we used to revive him made him look like that.

E_Everest_A34: Huh. But, well… I don't think the gorilla's the real reason this shit's happening.

C_Thereven_63: What do you mean?

E_Everest_A34: While I was sleuthing around for that file, I found more things. The Foundation had some correspondences with the GOC. Asking about some event that went down in the 1800s. Records indicated some all-powerful god use to exist back then, then didn't. It had the GOC's print all over it.

E_Everest_A34: When Hayk sent those inquiries to the Council of 108, the GOC itself also sent some documents. Asked us to keep it off the record, make sure only those who needed to know knew.

C_Thereven_63: What were the documents?

E_Everest_A34: Two things. A small bundle of letters and some old book in German. The latter had an English version released, found it in an e-book archive. I'll upload them if I can find them, I have a shitton of files saved on this thing, but

E_Everest_A34: It all pointed towards the death of that god being something… bad. Something we, as a species, could never, ever fucking come back from. The GOC, or its precursors, whoever the fuck they were, they fucking doomed us, Cole. They're the reason the world's heading the way it is, and that gorilla's death was just the final nail in the coffin.

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