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Item#: 6169
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SCP-6169 in containment

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6169 is to be contained 50 km north of Site-19 on a farm owned by Stanley's Produce1. Documents which contain redacted information, or information requiring specific clearance to access, are not to be brought within 2 km of this enclosure. Test proposals may be submitted to the Head Researcher on site (currently Head Researcher Charlotte Weber).

Update 18/03/2009: Personnel assigned to SCP-6169 are encouraged to interact with it on a daily basis. Acceptable forms of interaction include, but are not limited to: feeding, grooming, medical examinations, testing etc.

Update 27/03/2014: Daily interactions are to be of a playful manner, and to be carried out for a total of one hour per day at minimum.

Description: SCP-6169 is a brown male alpaca (Vicugna pacos) physically indistinguishable from non-anomalous specimens. Its behaviour, when not in the presence of humans, does not deviate from the norm for its species. However, if a human is within a 20 meter line of sight from SCP-6169 and not maintaining visual contact, it will exhibit a series of activities designed to attract the person's attention2. For as long as visual and/or physical contact is maintained, SCP-6169 adopts an amicable behaviour.

SCP-6169's anomalous effect manifests when censored material is brought within 1 km 300 m 100 m 15 m of it (see Addendum 2), which causes said material to have all of its redacted information uncensored. The anomaly seems to be able to recognise the intent to obfuscate information; for instance, text that has had sections intentionally hidden or expunged will return to its uncensored state, but writing upon which ink has been accidentally spilled will be left unaltered; falsified information is, likewise, unaffected by SCP-6169. All affected materials return to their censored state once removed from the anomaly's area of effect.

SCP-6169 has been noted to affect digital and physical text, as well as audio and video media; copies of censored materials are also affected. Furthermore, in the case of electronic text documents, information requiring a certain clearance level to access is also considered censored. In this case, any input prompt awaiting appropriate credentials will be rendered inactive, and a symbol depicting an alpaca displayed alongside it.

Recovery: On 11/03/2009 Foundation agents embedded in several television service providers received reports of an evening comedy show containing uncensored strong language, while being rated as TV-PG. While such events are not unheard of, reports originated exclusively in the town of Mount Pleasant, NY, with the program being broadcast nationally. After ascertaining that profanity was indeed censored in the original recording, the Foundation was notified of a potential anomaly within the area.

At the scene, SCP-6169 was located atop a chalk drawing of a person apparently participating in a protest. Said person's eyes and mouth were obscured by black bars, and they were holding a pancard featuring what appeared to be similarly obscured text. Preliminary on-site testing determined that the anomalous traits originated from the alpaca, with the drawing being completely ordinary. Interviews with locals revealed no eyewitnesses, and the location where the drawing and the object were found was not covered by any security cameras. As such, the drawing was removed and SCP-6169 set to be transported to Site-19. Due to the low number of people exposed to affected TV media, a cover story stating negligence in selecting the broadcast version was deemed a sufficient follow-up measure.

En route to Site-19, its ability to affect text documents was made apparent by reports of restricted information being accesible to personnel lacking appropriate clearance. As such, containment at Site-19 was deemed unfeasible, and a nearby farm was purchased by a Foundation front company for the purpose of containing SCP-6169.

Addendum 1: Several days after initial containment, during which time SCP-6169 has not interacted with personnel, the object displayed loss of appetite and generally poor vitality. During a medical examination, these symptoms were partially alleviated, with health improving gradually as the procedure carried on. Due to these circumstances, as well as its highly social behaviour, it was theorised that SCP-6169 requires human attention as a secondary form of sustenance. This theory has been proven by daily interactions between personnel and the object, which kept its health at consistently improved levels. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

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