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Item #: SCP-616

Object Class: Enochian Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A flesh-bound tome hardcover book containing SCP-616 is kept on an altar of darkness stored in a standard Safe-class containment locker in the dominion of the Order of Darkness at Site 19. SCP-616 may only be performed by Grand Warlocks personnel of Level 4 or higher, and only in accordance with standard monthly Class D personnel budgets with prior O5 approval.

Description: SCP-616 is an arcane ritual born from the darkest depths of the Nether domain a ritualistic process written in human blood created by Grand Warlock Master Ritualist Senior Researcher Dr. █████████. Upon completion, up to twelve (12) living human subjects are summoned generated, which are suitable for induction as Class D personnel. SCP-616 was created to address the directive by the SCP Foundation Ethics Committee in response to increasing demand for Class D personnel for testing purposes, which threatened to exceed the number that could be safely inducted from standard channels.

To perform SCP-616, a circle of the damned ritual circle must be inscribed into a flat smooth stone floor of at least 3 m x 3 m, which must match Illustration 616-1 exactly. The soul-name of the chosen damned numeric designation of the Class D personnel must be inscribed into Circle 3 using Roman numerals, and a list of their mortal sins convicted crimes and personality traits must be inscribed using Latin into Circles 4 and 5, respectively. Once the inscription has been double checked by at least two (2) other Grand Warlocks attending personnel, all personnel must immediately [DATA EXPUNGED]


[DATA EXPUNGED] therefore cleaning staff must be kept on standby throughout the entire duration of SCP-616.

Addendum 616-01: Illustration 616-1


Addendum 616-02: Dr. █████████ has been removed from SCP-616 duty, and is no longer allowed to personally alter Foundation documentation. Furthermore, Dr. █████████ is not to be referred to as "Grand Warlock Darkfyre".

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