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Item#: SCP-6159-ARC
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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SCP-6159. Click to open image in browser.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-68 Dr. Jack Spring Dr. Maple Lynn MTF Tau-9 ("Bookworms")

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6159 is to be kept in a secure storage locker at Extradimensional Site-68. SCP-6159 is to be sealed inside High Security Containment Vault 4323 at Extradimensional Site-68. Should SCP-6159-1 leave SCP-6159, the use of lethal force against the entity is strictly forbidden. When attempting to apprehend SCP-6159-1, all acting personnel must either remain undetected by the entity or ensure that they have maintained an adequate distance (~700-800 meters) from the anomaly prior to capturing it.

Personnel are forbidden from accepting any contracts SCP-6159-1 proposes without 05 Council approval.

Apprehending SCP-6159-2 is to be done as soon as possible for the purpose of interrogating it. Researching both SCP-6159-1 and SCP-6159-2 for means of making containment more practical is a high priority.

Description: SCP-6159 is the collective designation for a seemingly indestructible, untitled book, and the extradimensional space that makes up its interior.

The object’s exterior has a blue leather cover with gold trimming. The text within SCP-6159’s pages is seemingly random, and changes constantly when unobserved. Once a subject opens the book, they become aware of its functionality, and can utilize SCP-6159 to open a stable, two-way portal to its interior extradimensional space.

The interior of SCP-6159 is a localized dimension consisting of a massive, multistoried library containing an unknown, theoretically infinite amount of books. These books consist of both published works commonly available to the public, and several texts unknown to any publisher database.

There does not appear to be any organizational structure to these books, their placement seeming entirely random. Likewise, the text within the books is random, with each sentence belonging to a different disparate work. This library is thought to be the source of the text appearing on the object's exterior. Additionally, when a subject is traversing SCP-6159’s interior, that subject has a chance of appearing on one of SCP-6159’s pages as an ink illustration, alongside the text.

SCP-6159-1 refers to an Alpha Class Tartarean entity, or "archdemon1," that was discovered in SCP-6159's extra-dimensional space. The entity has called itself "Primrose Fatish Von Trevil," and claims to originate from “the 7th Circle" otherwise known as the "Circle of Violence." It appears as a feminine humanoid with features resembling a black-backed jackal (Lupulella mesomelas) and stands at approximately 2.13m (7ft) in height.

Any aggressive physical action attempted towards SCP-6159-1 will result in any injury that would be sustained by the entity to be replicated in targets of its choosing. The upper limit to the amount of subjects SCP-6159-1 can designate is unknown. This effect does not occur if it is unable to designate a target prior to being harmed, or if a subject has distanced themselves at least 22 meters from SCP-6159-1. While the entity claims to be non-hostile, extreme caution is advised when interacting with it.

SCP-6159-2 refers to an uncontained Omega Class Tartarean entity, or "Imp2," who can materialize within SCP-6159's extra-dimensional space at will. SCP-6159-2 refers to itself as "Adrian," and claims to be SCP-6159-1's familiar. The entity stands at 0.6m (2ft) in height, has vaguely canid features with two short horns on its head, and is of indeterminate sex. SCP-6159-2 claims its goals are to return SCP-6159-1 to its place of origin, and to reunite it with the rest of its "family." Based on interactions with it, SCP-6159-2 is theorized to have been human prior to assuming its current form.

While SCP-6159-2 appears to pose no direct harm to personnel, caution is to be maintained at all times when interacting with Tartarean entities.

Update 12/27/2021 7:05 PM: No successful method is currently in place for fully containing SCP-6159-1 or SCP-6159-2. The anomaly has been given the sub-classification of Belial3 as diplomatic means of containment are currently being pursued by Dr. Maple Lynn and MTF Tau-9 ("Bookworms"). “Primrose Fatish Von Trevil," "Adrian Fatish," "the Utharia Testament," and the names and organizations mentioned by SCP-6159-1 and -2 are to remain under investigation.


SCP-6159 Documents


The following documents consist of the discovery of SCP-6159-1, interrogations performed by Dr. Lynn, audio logs of SCP-6159-1 and SCP-6159-2 conversing within SCP-6159, and other information.

Documentation not presented here consists of detailed explanations of SCP-6159-1 and SCP-6159-2's origins, and the known contents and origins of the Utharia Testament, which may be found in 6159 Documents-2.

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