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Item#: 6147
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Access to the instructions for SCP-6147 is restricted to personnel with Level 4/6147 clearance. Under no circumstances should SCP-6147 be performed without the supervision of a qualified member of the Department of Applied Thaumaturgy.

The use of SCP-6147 in standard Foundation operations has been approved. All personnel who wish to use SCP-6147 for an ongoing operation must submit a request form to the appropriate Ethics Committee board.1 Requests will be reviewed to determine if the suggested usage of SCP-6147 will in some way further the Foundation's mission and that it will uphold all ethical precedents previously established by said subcommittee. In time sensitive cases, approval from three Level 4 Personnel is sufficient to waive the review process.

Update (06/30/2021): SCP-6147 has been approved for personal usage. Any personnel who wish to use SCP-6147 for personal reasons must receive approval from each of the following:

  • Their immediate supervisor
  • Their site's designated Ethics Committee liaison
  • Their Foundation assigned psychologist

Description: SCP-6147 is a thaumaturgic ritual that allows the performer to access the memories of any deceased individual of their choosing (hereafter referred to as the target). Testing has confirmed that information recovered through SCP-6147 is an accurate representation of the target's memories. SCP-6147 has no effect if the chosen target is still alive.

Following proper execution of the ritual, the performer will enter a trance-like state, which they may freely exit from at any time of their choosing. While in this state, the performer will experience a wide variety of sensory phenomena directly corresponding to the target's memories; the experience is most consistently compared to dreaming. The performer is able to control what memories they are perceiving, but the memories themselves are fixed and cannot be altered by the actions of the performer. Notably, in addition to the external sensory information the performer perceives (e.g. sights, sounds, etc.), they perceive additional auditory information believed to represent the target's private thoughts from the particular memory.

Effective use of SCP-6147 is time-sensitive, as certain memories will deteriorate following the target's passing. Memories associated with general trivia or specific details, such as dates and locations of events, will become irretrievable almost immediately. Broader information concerning the target's life, such as their daily routine or autobiographical info, begins to deteriorate after several months. Thus far, the only memories found to be immune to this degradation are idealized depictions of moments the target deemed to be of great personal importance, and those memories associated with the target's feelings towards significant figures in their life.

Addendum 6147-1: Discovery

Following negotiations with GoI-5917 ("The Wandsmen") a limited intelligence-sharing initiative was instituted.2 The instructions for performing SCP-6147 were offered as a part of this treaty. The following is a discussion on the nature of SCP-6147.

Addendum 6147-2: Incident 6147-1

On 06/18/2021 Jr. Researcher Thompson discovered that materials from the Department of Applied Thaumaturgy's general-reagent storeroom had gone missing. A subsequent investigation into all personnel with access to the storeroom was conducted.

Dr. Jeon, who had the day off, could not be reached, leading to Agent Kevin Hayes being dispatched to her home. Upon arriving, Agent Hayes overheard Dr. Jeon reciting a ritual within. In response he promptly proceeded inside and detained her for the use of thaumaturgy without proper authorization.

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