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OV Council Meeting Log - Session LXIX


OV-VIII Now that we're all here, we can continue our discussion on last session's agenda: the Grand Marzeh, AKA SCP-6146.

Recent intelligence reports confirm that those folks have a vested interest in Rome and her associated anomalies. We're talking wide-area psychometric assessments, cyberespionage; just the other day we received complaints from the Vatican about their archives being compromised. Something about books being pulled out through portals on the shelves.
OV-II I can take it up with the Pope later. He owes me plenty.
OV-XIII squints at their laptop monitor while reviewing the latest documents retrieved from SCP-6146 databases.
OV-XIII ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Alright, which one of you has been keeping your shit in Kiev?

We've been over this, we follow the recommendations of the Sibylline Books without exception, and that means moving all of our personal possessions to other realities and or dimensions.
OV-IV Oh, forgive me for not being able to move the fucking Gates of Tartarus right now.
OV-IX Wasn't it you who moved them there from Greece in the first place?
OV-I Oh no, I did that. And that was back when I still had worshippers, so unless you can get another bootleg Sol Invictus up and running, that portal to hell is staying in Kiev.
OV-II We can't run the risk of any activities that might draw the attention of SCP-6146 until our counter-intelligence divisions are fully operational.

Hence, I am putting forward a motion for said Gates to be removed from IV's jurisdiction and classified as an SCP until we can get the Marzeh off our damn backs.
All OV members cast their votes on the above motion, which passes at 6-2-5.
OV-IV Fuck, do you expect me to sacrifice my immortality for a bunch of upstart Carthaginians?
OV-VI No, we expect you to take pills like the rest of us. Don't mistake your seniority for authority, Cato.
OV-VII No no, he has a point.

How much must we give up in the face of these extraversal interlopers? Who are they to come to our reality and start turning stones? And what will happen when they inevitably break our Veil in their Crusade for arbitrary justice?
OV-V Oh for the love of god, shut up, Julius, we all know about your little 'capers' in the Archelon with Cato. You have an ulterior motive here.

Also, it's not like we've never done these things before.
OV-III That being said, what happens when they do find out about this Council? Will they push for our punishment?

I doubt they'll look over the other incidents from our whole "civilizing mission" phase, among others.
OV-IX I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Seeing as we kept our entire existences secret from the rest of this massive organization for this long, I think we can handle a few curious aliens.
OV-XII About that.
OV-XII pulls up a window displaying a new SCP-6146 document, and shares it with the rest of the Council with a flick of their wrist. The members of the Council begin murmuring amongst each other while reading it.
OV-XII I had some of ours look into this "Protocol Herem". If what's on this document is true — and it probably is, given the security behind it — and the Marzeh decides to expand it to include Rome, then we're in for a rough time.
OV-VI This doesn't make any sense. I understand the animosity any self-respecting civilization would have towards an entity as malevolent as the Daeva, but to uproot its legacy across any given reality…

This is not justice, this is tantamount to ethnocide!
OV-XII I'd like to remind the Council that this document was available only to our counterparts in the Marzeh's Assembly. Whatever action came of the Protocol was most likely spun into anti-Daevite propaganda to justify their actions towards extraversal Daevite civilizations.

Think of it as the invention of a common enemy to enforce unity, a resource in high demand for an organization as spread out as the Marzeh. I'm sure some of us here would be familiar in that facet.
OV-IV scoffs.
OV-IX Well, this definitely changes things.

Even if the Marzeh are gracious enough to keep their mass-Phoenicianization behind the Veil, we'll be damned if we just sit here and watch them dismantle the legacy of Roma Invicta.

Hence, I am putting forth a motion to prepare for this eventuality.
OV-IX submits a motion to prepare for military conflict with SCP-6146 in the event that Protocol Herem is expanded to include Rome. The motion passes 13-0-0.
OV-IV I never thought I'd say this again after so long, but if it comes down to it…

Cartago delenda est.


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