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Clearance Level 1: Clearance
Containment Class: keter
Secondary Class: apollyon
Disruption Class: #/amida
Risk Class: #/critical

Special Containment Procedures: Remaining Foundation personnel aware of the true nature of SCP-6140-J are not to interact with any individual who was unprotected during the prior reality restructuring event.

Information regarding SCP-6140-J is classified Level-1 and available for research.

Description: SCP-6140-J is a monarchial society that has claimed sovereign control over a large proportion of the Earth's landmass. This was due to the failure in containment resulting in a UK-Class Scenario on 4th October 2022.

Previously, the anomalous force manifesting as the British Empire was suppressed by the SCP Foundation through the use of SCP-6140-J-1. The current ruling monarch of SCP-6140-J used extremely advanced thaumaturgy to mitigate these efforts to prevent full containment. The operation to eliminate said monarch was successful, however, the death of The Queen resulted in temporary mass apotheosis in all British people. It is presumed that all of them aimed to return the British empire to the height of its power1 as stated in the inherited will of their Queen.

Most Foundation installations and personnel were reality anchored in preparation for this event and thus were unaffected. As a result, the internal consensus of the Foundation is now at odds with greater consensus reality. Discrepancies between reality have yet to be fully reconciled; the Foundation is currently working towards briefing personnel on the inaccuracies.

Addendum 6140.1: Historical Comparisons

The following table outlines inaccuracies regarding SCP-6140-J, and the truth as it was presented after it had fully manifested.

SCP-6140-J / Previous Reality Post-6140-J Consensus Reality
SCP-6140-J was the sole user of an incorrect system of measurement in order to confuse Foundation staff and prevent efforts to decipher equipment blueprints. The "metric system" was created to confuse non-anomalous humans and was used as a legitimate unit of measurement in many countries outside of North America. All Foundation staff previously using this system is to be considered a defector and executed immediately.
The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in order to consolidate its power and prepare for the Queen's Apotheosis. Reports were uncovered after gaining access to SCP-6140-J archives. It was revealed that Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron "thought it sounded like a good idea".
The United Kingdom had conquered and colonised foreign countries in order to form supply chains, gain access to valuable materials, and to integrate the local population into the British Army. Reports were uncovered after gaining access to SCP-6140-J archives. It was revealed that Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron "thought it sounded like a good idea".
The British Empire contained an imperial cult to Margaret Thatcher, which survived to the modern day as the British Conservative party. This cult focused on violent hatred for the Irish and the moral denouncement of poor people as embodied by Margaret Thatcher. This is true
The British Empire spans most of North America, Oceania, and several states within Africa, Asia, and Europe. The British Empire would then have territorial control over the largest total land mass in the present day, remaining as the only political superpower. [See Addendum 6140-J.2]

Addendum 6140-J.2: Foundation Administrator meeting

The Overseer Council was made aware of another individual claiming to be the Administrator post SCP-6140-J event. As the previous Administrator was found to be uncontactable, it was assumed that he was unable to find shelter in wake of the event and was consumed by the United Kingdom.


Foundation Administrator

It was in the Foundation's best interest to obtain new information regarding the current state of the anomalous, geopolitical and economic climate of Earth after the reality restructuring event. A meeting between O5-1, O5-7, and The Administrator was conducted to facilitate this.

The following is a transcript of the meeting on 4th October, 2022.


DATE: 2022/10/27
TIME: 1600


As per the Administrator's request, the meeting took place in the Site-092 cafeteria. The site cafeteria was not properly shielded from SCP-6140-J and now appears similar to a British pub. It now smells of stale beer and rancid frying oil. Whether this was an attempt at psychological warfare by The Administrator is unknown.

The Administrator is eating a double portion of bangers and mash along with 3 cans of diet Coca-Cola. O5-7 was about to comment on the smell before she and O5-1 are noticed by The Administrator.

ADMINISTRATOR: Ah, evening Overseers, d-do what I umm owe the pleasure of seeing all of you on this smashing day?

The Administrator smiles.

O5-7: We're gonna get straight to the point "Administrator". I believe it's in all of our best interest if we keep this brief and—

ADMINISTRATOR: Alright then, slow down there, we have quite the generous time slot on our hands, I think this chummy old meeting is good to sort out some uhhh misconceptions you may have.

Both Overseers hesitantly sit down at the booth while The Administrator opens another can of diet Coca-Cola.

O5-1 …Fine. Let's start with the current world as it is now. The world is probably unrecognisable from what we know.

ADMINISTRATOR: Umm, why yes I do believe that's the case. From the files that I've viewed the world is very different from what you've been accustomed to. As the uhhh very very Great Britain is much bigger than what you know (short chuckle).

O5-7 And you did all of this anomalously and without considering that the countries you took over would—

ADMINISTRATOR: Um—Well I would want to clarify before you continue, that the UK yes we were taking over countries but you have to recognise that we have greatly increased the uhhh value of their lives by well, reshaping them into the ideal British man which I believe is a wonderful wonderful thing.

O5-7: Does it excuse annexing—

ADMINISTRATOR: Ah but you see, there's a bit more to it than that. I really have to commend the efforts of The British Army. They've truly done a fantastic job I really have to commend them for making all of this possible.

What we have done is something no other country in the world has done before and if I were to be so humble, Britain is now the leading force on this planet to improve t-the well-being of the common man. More than six billion people on this planet were not part of Britain and millions and millions more weren't even European which is-is something I thought needed to be addressed.

O5-7: But how do you know that—

ADMINISTRATOR: Wait, wait I'm not finished.

O5-7 sighs.

The Administrator loudly opens another can.

ADMINISTRATOR: S-so as I was saying, we in the UK have been at the forefront of being the gold standard for medical services, cuisine, culture, and standard of living for quite some time. At the age of 28 I learned that there were other countries that just were simply not Britain, can you believe that?! It was utterly baffling to me and to say I was quite perturbed at this new information would be underselling it at the very least. So we took it upon ourselves to make sure this problem was handled swiftly and correctly.

O5-7: Right… so your policy is to conquer countries who you believe to be inferior is that correct?

ADMINISTRATOR: Overseer, I feel as if you are trying to run an inquiry on our methods and I find that quite manipulative and disingenuous.

O5-7: What? No, I'm just trying to—

ADMINISTRATOR: Well I believe the problem you're facing is that all of our issues you could bring up are in the past when we are simply living in the present and we in the United Kingdom always strive to look towards the future.

The Administrator loudly opens another can.

O5-1: So everyone in your country is happy?

ADMINISTRATOR: W-w-well I believe that everyone here, r-right here in Great Britain is very very much delighted to be a part of it.

O5-1: As the conqueror of their previous nation I'm sure they're thrilled to have you as their leader I suppose.

ADMINISTRATOR: Ehhhmm yes! I believe they quite do, yes they do and obviously, I've played a big role in shaping the world as it is and I would dare say I—we as Britain have been actually quite the charitable bunch, yes I believe so.

O5-1: Well colour me surprised I guess.

ADMINISTRATOR: I-I don't suppose you're going to give any credence are you?

O5-1: Of course not.

The Administrator stops eating.

ADMINISTRATOR: Quite the shame that, my Overseer. But in that case, let me ask you something. Why did you say it like that?

O5-1 squints at the Administrator.

O5-1: Like what?

ADMINISTRATOR: 'Colour me surprised'. Colour with a 'u'. Very curious.

O5-1 and O5-7 are both stunned. All of the patrons in the pub cease all action and turn to stare at the Overseers.

ADMINISTRATOR: Don't forget 'unrecognisable', with an 's'.

O5-1 begins to breathe heavily. The Overseers shift uncomfortably in their seats. O5-7 looks at her tablet.


O5-1 looks at Boris Johnson with extreme contempt and anger.

ADMINISTRATOR: What else can I offer to my fellow countryman?

O5-1: (Short pause) No.

ADMINISTRATOR: I beg your pardon?

O5-1: No. No no no no that's impossible!

O5-1 slams the table with his fist.

O5-1: Site-09 is stationed in France. You fuckers never took over that country in your entire history. Even at the height of your reign we should be outside of Britain!

O5-7: One there's —

The Administrator has a short, loud chuckle before letting out a long sigh.

ADMINISTRATOR: Outside Britain… Now that's something I haven't heard in a while.

O5-1 jumps onto the table and grabs The Administrator by his shirt collar.

O5-1: What the fuck does that mean?

O5-7: One I need you to —


O5-7: ONE!


The Administrator smirks.

ADMINISTRATOR: I would have expected my Overseer Council to be more proper than this. I believe your colleague has your answer anyway old chum.

O5-1 nervously turns to O5-7 who is looking at her tablet. Her hands are shaking.

O5-1: Seven what is it?

O5-7: I — Th-They're everywhere.

O5-1 let's go of The Administrator's shirt.

O5-1: What? They've conquered the Earth?

O5-7 shakes her head.

O5-1: Seven. Please I need an answer. Just tell me what's happening.

O5-7: It's not just that. It's…

O5-7 turns the tablet screen to O5-1.



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