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A non-anomalous reproduction of an SCP-6132-J instance.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6132-J is to be kept in a standard containment locker on floor 12 of Site-88. Testing must be approved by the 6132-J project head.

Description: SCP-6132-J is a set of Rand McNally maps with several unidentifiable areas. While landmasses appearing on these maps are identifiable, other geographical features are incapable of being named.

Individuals viewing SCP-6132-J are, however, capable of recognizing the type of geographical feature depicted. Viewers of SCP-6132-J will often designate a feature as "an ocean" or "a river" while being unable to recall the location's proper name.

SCP-6132-J was originally discovered in 1976 along with a collection of geographic educational materials at Kirk Lonwood High School. None of the materials recovered in SCP-6132-J's immediate vicinity appear to possess similar properties. The entire collection can be accessed via permission from the 6132-J project head.

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