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Item #: SCP-6127

Object Class: Euclid Uncontained

Previous Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6127 shall be kept in a standard humanoid holding cell at Site-55, until a time in which it can be transferred to Site-225 for permanent containment. Until this occurs, all interactions with the entity must be overseen by a staff member of level 4 clearance or above.


Photograph of SCP-6127, prior to containment, taken by a civilian cameraman

Updated Special Containment Procedures: Efforts to track and recontain SCP-6127 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-6127 resembles an adult female Common Raven (Corvus corax) of an average size and weight, and an undetermined age. Despite its initially unremarkable appearance, SCP-6127 possesses strength and intelligence well beyond that of the average Corvus corax, and has demonstrated levels of strength and intelligence superior to that of an average human. SCP-6127 claims to have an inherent knowledge of all languages, and does not speak via direct mimicry, but rather the vocal formation of original thoughts and sentences.

SCP-6127 was discovered after Boston Animal Control received multiple phone-calls regarding a "Demonic Bird", which was vocalizing in Latin and attempting to deface Christian iconography. Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 ("Birdwatchers") were tasked with capturing the entity after Animal Control failed to do so. Lambda-4 managed to contain the entity, but not before it did approximately 9,000 dollars of property damage across seven separate properties.

Addendum 6127.1: Interview Logs

During its temporary containment at Site-55, Dr. Madison Tyler conducted several interviews with SCP-6127, to better ascertain the nature of the entity.

Addendum 6127.2: Containment Breach

Five hours after SCP-6127's final interview, SCP-6127 managed to escape Foundation custody. Dr. Tyler's credentials were used to trigger an Alpha-Level Immediate Evacuation Procedure to breach containment. While this typically would not have allowed an entity to fully escape containment, SCP-6127 was able to escape through Site-55’s air vents, which had not been designed with intelligent non-humanoid entities in mind.

While Dr. Tyler is being investigated for malfeasance, it is currently theorized that, rather than SCP-6127 having an inherent understanding of all languages, the entity utilized a low-level psychic field in order to gather information.

An email with the following contents was sent to Site-55 staff through Dr. Tyler's SCiPNET account.

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