Flyer received at Site-43 in advance of the scheduled SCP-6123 event.

Special Containment Procedures

METATRON.aic is to scan email servers associated with media production companies, media studies departments at universities, and media focused publications (such as ET or Variety) for any mention of SCP-6123.

Upon confirmation of an SCP-6123 communication, MTF Kappa-43 (“The Mediators”) are to be dispatched to administer amnestics to the receiving parties.

Stratagems concerning physical correspondence related to SCP-6123 are being considered but at this time no apparent solutions have arisen. Until such time as the originating source of SCP-6123 communications is identified, the anomaly is to be considered Keter.


SCP-6123 is a recurrent series of seminar programs entitled Media and You aimed at fostering discussion of both the interpretation and creation of media. SCP-6123 occurs on an indeterminate basis and within an undetermined exospatial reality but is reported to resemble a small conference center with capacity for a few hundred attendees.

When an SCP-6123 event occurs, certain individuals chosen by currently unknown methodology will receive an invitation. Currently, SCP-6123 invitations take the form of email registration requests.1 When the individual addressed on the invitation accesses the webinar, they anomalously manifest in the conference center SCP-6123 is held at.

Dr. Lillian Lillihammer,2 of Site-43, received the following email and alerted Site Director McInnis.

Having noticed that the email had been apparently sent by a member of GOI-5889 (“Vikander-Kneed Technical Media”) and after discussing the matter with Director McInnis, Dr. Lillihammer decided to register for the event. She utilized recording devices on the given date, such as a recording program on her personal computer and back up body camera with vitals monitoring. The following is an abridged3 transcript of that recording:

Addendum 6123-1

Recording of SCP-6123 Event
Date: Monday – 05/07/2021

Foreword: For research purposes, Dr. Lillihammer will record the webinar as described in the email received from GOI-5889.

At the end of the sessions, the attendees (including Wettle and Lillihammer) were asked to confirm their contact information and handed a “goody” bag. After providing their contact information Lillihammer and Wettle demanifested and found themselves where they had originally logged into the webinar.

Dr. Lillihammer submitted a proposal to Director McInnis for an expanded program of media research on memetics in all major media outlets and publications. Dir. McInnis forwarded the proposal to Overwatch Command but was told the potential cost of such a venture made it unlikely in the current fiscal quarter. The proposal is slated to be considered at the beginning of next quarter.

After six weeks, all other attendees were identified and administered amnestics. A total of fifteen articles describing SCP-6123 written by attendees were taken off the web and wide-targeting amnestics were encoded in the publications to stem the impact on the public.

Addendum 6123-2

Upon Drs. Wettle and Lillihammer’s report concerning the events as described in the above log, Dir. McInnis ordered the “goody” bags (designated SCP-6123-1) quarantined and examined under Class-A security protocols. They contained:

  • One black, large-sized unisex t-shirt with the Vikander-Kneed logo on the back.
  • One battered cardstock advertisement of Vikander-Kneed’s services with contact information on the reverse side, reproduced below.
  • One flash drive loaded with a highlight reel of GOI-5889’s productions. Contained within is a memetic cognitohazard with an anomalous effect implanting a compulsion to sign up for GOI-5889’s newsletter.
  • One $60.00 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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