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Item#: 6113-3
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6113-3 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. The Senior Researcher for SCP-61131 is to act as SCP-6113-3's "social worker," responsible for SCP-6113-3's wellbeing as well as their normal duties. SCP-6113-3 is to receive a standard education by Foundation educators up until the twelfth grade. While SCP-6113-3 is non-anomalous, standard humanoid containment protocol is in effect.

In exchange for continued cooperation and good behavior, SCP-6113-3 is allowed limited socialization privileges with approved site personnel of Level 3 or higher as well as access to approved on-site entertainment activities and weekly visits to the Site-17 courtyard, supervised by one project member of Level 3/6113 or higher. Requests for personal items and containment modifications within reason may also be granted upon approval by the SCP-6113 Senior Researcher. To date, SCP-6113-3 has requested:

  • A personal laptop [DENIED]
  • A personal smartphone [DENIED]
  • A Nintendo Switch console with various games [GRANTED]
  • Personalized meals from the Site-17 Cafeteria [DENIED]
  • Various snacks and beverages on request [DENIED] [GRANTED] [OVERRULED BY SITE DIRECTOR, DENIED]
  • Release from containment [DENIED]

Once SCP-6113-3 reaches the age of 18 in 2025, preparations are to be made for her amnesticization and release in accordance with the Reintegration Committee.

Description: SCP-6113-3 (known as █████ ███████, formerly █████ ███████2), is a non-anomalous3 female human of Filipino descent. Records indicate SCP-6113-3 was born on ██/██/2007, making her 12 years old. She is 152 cm tall and weighs 50 kg, and is generally healthy.

SCP-6113-3 was one of several subjects of SCP-6113. Assigned male at birth, SCP-6113-3 considers herself a transgender female and uses the pronouns "she/her."

Despite SCP-6113-3 being completely non-anomalous, her containment is necessary out of altruism by order of the Ethics Subcommittee for Humanoid Entities due to the nature of her discovery.

Addendum 6113-3.1: Discovery, Personal Background, and Reason for Containment

SCP-6113-3 was discovered on 20/04/2019 in the San Diego, California Stillwater Hospital system when baffled doctors and nurses attempted to treat the effects of her transition event. A child abuse report to Child Protective Services had also been filed by the Jefferson family and the hospital. Before SCP-6113-3's containment, the Jefferson family and hospital staff were questioned to confirm her condition. However, the Jeffersons were mistakingly amnesticized due to a miscommunication before SCP-6113-3 could be returned. Hospital records, legal records, and the CPS report were expunged from all databases.

SCP-6113-3 faced emotional and verbal abuse by her biological parents Jorge and Victoria ███████. She lacked friends and would often face bullying at school. SCP-6113-3 would frequently visit her friend Alena Jefferson, as well as her parents Dameon and Rie Jefferson. SCP-6113-3 would accompany the Jeffersons to their family lake house at what is believed to be SCP-6113-2. After being expelled from her home, SCP-6113-3 came to the Jeffersons, with whom she was discovered. Jorge and Victoria ███████ were not amnesticized, however.

Three days into SCP-6113-3's week-long holding period, during which she was uncooperative, the following memo was sent to Site Director Thomas Graham.

Ethics Committee Memo

Date: 23/04/2019
To: Site-17 Director Thomas Graham
From: Ethics Committee Liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian
Subject: SCP-6113 Subject #126


We have been watching the SCP-6113 situation closely. With hundreds of civilian subjects passing through our facilities, it is our duty to confirm they are being treated ethically. One of these subjects at your facility has captured our attention: SCP-6113 Subject #126. I am sure you have read her file.

Nevertheless, according to the report, she was recently expelled from her home and faced homelessness. In the chaos, it seems the Jefferson family has already been amnesticized by mistake, despite their kindness. Returning Subject #126 would be difficult as the reason for her expulsion has already been cleared from the Jeffersons' memories, and returning her to her biological parents is a non-starter. Under any other circumstances, we would not have interfered, however, this was a massive oversight on the field agents' part.

As a consequence of their malfeasance, we have deemed it unethical to release Subject #126 into civilian life. We cannot accept her ending up homeless, in foster care, or dead. Therefore, she has been designated SCP-6113-3 and will be held at Site-17 until the age of 18. She is under your care now, draft Containment Procedures appropriately.

We will be checking on her regularly. Any faults found in her care can and will fall on you.

- Ethics Committee Liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian

Addendum 6113-3.2: Interview Log 1

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: Earliest recorded interview with SCP-6113-3, conducted 4 days after acquisition.

<Begin Log, 24/04/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room and sits down. SCP-6113-3 sits with her knees to her chest, staring dejectedly ahead. She does not acknowledge him.>

Dr. Park: Hello, SCP-6113-3. My name is Dr. James Park, I'll be managing your stay with us in the Foundation. I'm sure you've been briefed by my team, yes?

<SCP-6113-3 is silent, briefly glancing at Dr. Park.>

Dr. Park: <awkwardly chuckles> Not much for words right now? That's okay, we have plenty of time. I just have some questions for you. Is… that alright with you?

<SCP-6113-3 is silent.>

Dr. Park: Alright… um. <clears throat> So, do you remember what prompted SCP-6113-1 to bring you to SCP-6113-2? According to what you told the Jefferson family, Alena, that's -1 to us, brought you to a lake and "suddenly, you were a girl."

<SCP-6113-3 does not answer the question.>

Dr. Park: Uh, a majority of the subjects we interviewed claimed -1 appears only "at their lowest moment." I just want to know what that was for you.

<SCP-6113-3 is silent.>

<Data omitted for brevity>

Dr. Park: Would you rather we do this another time, SCP-6113-3? Don't be afraid to say "no," like I said, we have plenty of time.

<SCP-6113-3 glances at him before silently nodding.>

Dr. Park: Great. <smiles> Another time, then.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-6113-3 was led back to her containment cell without word or incident. Another interview was scheduled for one week later.

Addendum 6113-3.3: Interview Log 2

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: SCP-6113-3 was observed exhibiting the same behavior as the previous interview.

<Begin Log, 01/05/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room and sits down.>

Dr. Park: Hello, SCP-6113-3. Do you feel up to the interview now?

<SCP-6113-3 slowly looks up at him and nods slightly.>

Dr. Park: Great. Do you mind telling me, SC—

SCP-6113-3: <abruptly> Why do you keep calling me that?

Dr. Park: I'm… sorry?

SCP-6113-3: <mocking> SCP-6113-3! It's all anyone here has called me! My name is █████! █████ fucking ███████!

<Dr. Park places his clipboard down and leans onto the table.>

Dr. Park: <chuckles nervously> Uh, well, █████, do you see this logo on my paper? <points to the Foundation emblem on his clipboard>

SCP-6113-3: What about it?

Dr. Park: That's the logo of the SCP Foundation. It stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect." There are… certain things the world shouldn't know about. It could be a deadly monster, a portal to another world, even a pen that does its job too well, anything that is deemed <air quotes> "anomalous." Either way, we make sure no one discovers them. If anyone finds out what we do and what we have, some… very bad things will happen.

<SCP-6113-3 stares at him dumbfoundedly.>

Dr. Park: Whatever it is, or whoever it is, we contain it and assign it a number. Just like you.


SCP-6113-3: And… when do I get to go?

Dr. Park: Not until you're at least eighteen.

SCP-6113-3: <looks down> Oh…

Dr. Park: Lets continue this another time.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Park elected to postpone the interview questions until an established relationship with SCP-6113-3 could be made.

Addendum 6113-3.4: Interview Log 3

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: Interview conducted impromptu in SCP-6113-3's containment cell.

<Begin Log, 02/05/2019>

<Dr. Park is allowed access to the containment cell by a guard.>

Dr. Park: Hello, █████.

SCP-6113-3: Hi, Sir.

Dr. Park: Oh, just James is fine. Listen, I'm here to explain why you're here, it's the least you deserve. You don't have to say anything, you just have to listen.

SCP-6113-3: Okay… James.

<Data omitted for brevity.>


SCP-6113-3: <quietly> What the fuck?

Dr. Park: Do… you need time to process that?

<SCP-6113-3 nods silently. There is silence for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: I'm not dangerous, though. Why… why do you want me here? Why can't I go back? You said I'm basically normal.

Dr. Park: <sighs> You're not dangerous. But, the circumstances that led you here are. You weren't in a good place when we found you. And, you have information about -2 we can use.

<SCP-6113-3 begins to cry and become distraught.>

SCP-6113-3: What about Dameon? Rie? Fucking Alena?! Does she know where I am?!

Dr. Park: <sucking air through his teeth> They don't know you exist. Their memories were wiped. It would've been a security risk if we didn't. It was out of my control.

<SCP-6113-3 becomes more distraught.>

SCP-6113-3: You piece of shit! Get out! Get out!

<Dr. Park stands up and is let out of the cell by the guard.>

Dr. Park: I'm sorry, █████.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-6113-3 was observed in distress for several hours after Interview 3. Interviews intended to gather information of SCP-6113-1 and SCP-6113-2 have been indefinitely postponed.

Addendum 6113-3.5: Interview Log 4

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: SCP-6113-3 refused to leave her containment cell for further interviews. By order of Dr. James Park, her privileges were not threatened in exchange for compliance. During the two weeks between interviews, SCP-6113-3 had significantly calmed. Interview 4 was instead conducted in her containment cell.

<Begin Log, 16/05/2019>

<Dr. Park is allowed access to the containment cell by a guard.>

SCP-6113-3: Fucker.

Dr. Park: How are you, too, █████?

SCP-6113-3: Now you're suddenly interested, huh? I thought all you wanted was what I know about -2. Well, you're getting nothing, ya' hear me?

<Dr. Park proceeds to sit down at the foot of her bed.>

Dr. Park: Look, █████, I've postponed those questions. You won't hear them until you're ready.

SCP-6113-3: Uh huh. Sure.

Dr. Park: I'm here because I want to know who "█████" is.

SCP-6113-3: <pauses> Why…?

Dr. Park: To put it matter of factly, it helps neither of us if I don't even know who you are.

<SCP-6113-3 does not respond.>

Dr. Park: If anything, I can at least make your time here more comfortable.

SCP-6113-3: Fine.

Dr. Park: Great!

SCP-6113-3: Where do you want me to start?

Dr. Park: Tell me anything I should know, █████. Hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes?

SCP-6113-3: Uh, well. I would go on hikes a lot before… <gestures> here. I'd cook a lot, at least when I was allowed to. I like the woods and outdoors. I hate… fake people. Dude, I don't know, what do you want from me?

Dr. Park: <pauses to think> I want to know what you would like while you're here?

SCP-6113-3: What I would like? You want to know what I would like. Well, I would like for you to leave and never come back.

Dr. Park: <stammers> W-well, █████, we both know that's not pos—

SCP-6113-3: I would like to end this now.

<Dr. Park sighs before standing up and walking towards the cell door.>

Dr. Park: Okay. If that's what you want, we'll end the interview here.

SCP-6113-3: Good riddance.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interviews with SCP-6113-3 pertaining to SCP-6113 will continue to be postponed.

Addendum 6113-3.6: Interview Log 5

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: Interview conducted impromptu in her containment cell.

<Begin Log, 18/05/2019>

<Dr. Park is allowed access to the containment cell by a guard.>

SCP-6113-3: For fuck's sake! I said I never wanted to see you aga—

Dr. Park: You know I was like you when I was your age.

SCP-6113-3: Huh?

Dr. Park: I was like you when I was your age.

SCP-6113-3: <pauses> How so?

Dr. Park: Shitty childhood, emotionally abusive Asian parents, lack of friends, pressure to be what others thought was "best." I lashed out, too. It's a self-preservation tactic.

<SCP-6113-3 is silent.>

Dr. Park: We have a lot more in common than you think, █████. And, that's only what I know from what your friend Alena's family told us. Now, whether you believe it or not, I am here to help you. But, I can't do that if you don't cooperate with me just a little. Your situation is unfortunate, yes, but it was outside both of our's control.

SCP-6113-3: And what… do I have to do to be "cooperative?"

<Dr. Park proceeds to sit down at the foot of her bed.>

Dr. Park: Just tell me what you want me to know.

SCP-6113-3: <thinks for a moment> Okay. Then give me time.

Dr. Park: Whatever you need.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: None.

Addendum 6113-3.7: Interview Log 6

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: On 01/06/2019 at 2:54 AM, SCP-6113-3 had requested an interview with Dr. James Park as soon as possible. The interview was conducted in a standard interview room the same day at 3:10 AM.

<Begin Log, 01/06/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room holding a cup of coffee, visibly disheveled and fatigued. SCP-6113-3 appears fully alert.>

Dr. Park: <yawning> Jesus, █████, why at this hour?

SCP-6113-3: By all means, I don't have to talk?

Dr. Park: Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead, what do you want to tell me?

SCP-6113-3: <pauses> You were right. We do have a lot in common. And, to be honest, you're the only person here who's shown me any… humanity.

Dr. Park: Are the other staff not kind to you?

SCP-6113-3: They're kind, but not human. Like you said, I'm just another number to them. Hell, you're the only one here who bothers to use my name.

Dr. Park: Right… where is this going?

SCP-6113-3: <inhales deeply> My name is █████ ███████. I'm 12 years old and I'm from SoCal. I was bullied pretty heavily in school because… well, you can guess. My only friend was Alena, and I hung out with her family a lot. They took me to their lake house in Minnesota every summer, and it was the only time I ever truly felt free. <pauses> My parents were so fucking shitty, it's unbelievable. <speaking quickens> They wanted me to be a boy, they wanted me to go to college and study XYZ major. I had to do this, I had to do that. Nothing could be said nicely, it was always shouting.

<SCP-6113-3 becomes more distressed. Her breathing rate and voice quickens.>

SCP-6113-3: Then, one day they found a fucking skirt I bought from Hot Topic. And, that- that's when I truly fucking knew they didn't give two shits about me. I-I-I—

<SCP-6113-3 breaks down crying.>

Dr. Park: O-oh shit, I'm so sorry that happened to you, █████. Uh, um… here.

<Dr. Park procures a box of tissues and places it by SCP-6113-3. SCP-6113-3 does not acknowledge the gesture.>

Dr. Park: It was very brave of you to tell me all of this. And, I'm glad you trusted me with it.

<Data omitted for brevity.>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After being consoled by Dr. Park, SCP-6113-3 was led back to her containment cell. She was observed to be seemingly calmer and more "content."

Addendum 6113-3.8: Interview Log 7

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: Interview requested by SCP-6113-3. Interview lasted approximately 2 hours.

<Begin Log, 07/06/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room.>

Dr. Park: Hi, █████.

SCP-6113-3: Hi, James. Look… just, uh. Please fucking forget everything I told you, okay? I think… I think that would be better for the both of us.

Dr. Park: <sitting in a chair> Well, why is that?

SCP-6113-3: Ugh, it's- it's a bad habit. I tend… to infodump when some adult shows me basic kindness.

Dr. Park: Hm. You know there's no shame in that, right?

SCP-6113-3: I know, I know. It's just… embarrassing.

Dr. Park: I did say we have a lot in common. I do that, too, sometimes.

SCP-6113-3: Figures.

Dr. Park: I'm… sorry?

SCP-6113-3: I mean, look at you. I could sense trauma on you a mile away. <smirks>

Dr. Park: Well, I wouldn't say that.

SCP-6113-3: Huh. You still haven't told me.

Dr. Park: About what?

SCP-6113-3: About <airquotes mockingly> "how much we have in common." That includes trauma.

Dr. Park: <sheepish> W-well, I—

SCP-6113-3: C'mooooon. If I infodumped my traumatic backstory to you, it's only fair you do the same.

Dr. Park: <composing himself> Okay, fine. But, you should know this is crossing into some unethical territory here.

SCP-6113-3: Fine by me. Now tell me it all.

Dr. Park: <sighs> I'm Dr. James Park, 26 years old.

SCP-6113-3: <under breath> Nerd. Sorry, sorry. Go on.

Dr. Park: …Most of my life was spent trying to appease my parents. I spent all my time studying or doing some extracurricular they demanded at the time. I never really had a social life cause I always had my face buried in a damn book. And yet, no matter what, it was never enough for them. My sisters were always somehow better than me. Pissed the hell out of me. <pauses> All the studying paid off, though, because I got the most prestigious job out of anyone in my family. Wanna know what the problem is?

SCP-6113-3: What?

Dr. Park: Can't even tell them about it.

SCP-6113-3: Daaaaamn.

Dr. Park: Sucks, doesn't it?

SCP-6113-3: To not live up to what everyone expects of you while they simultaneously don't give a shit about what you want? You can say that again.

Dr. Park: <chuckles> Yeah…

<Data omitted for brevity>

<SCP-6113-3 is laughing at a story about SCP-6113-3's trauma. Dr. Park is softly laughing. The laughter dies down.>

Dr. Park: Your mom was really that much of an idiot?

SCP-6113-3: Yeah! Couldn't fucking accept it was her own fault. God, she was such a narcissistic bitch.

<There is silence for a few moments as the pair calm down.>

Dr. Park: Hey, █████…? Can… oh, jesus. Can I ask a weird question? I'm sorry it's…

SCP-6113-3: Just say it already, James.

Dr. Park: Okay, okay. How did you… know?

SCP-6113-3: Know…?

Dr. Park: That you… are a girl…?

SCP-6113-3: This isn't a question about the lake, right…?

Dr. Park: No, no. I'm just curious, that's all.

SCP-6113-3: Okay, well. I knew long before any spirit or lake told me so. Sites like Tumblr kinda turn you queer. No, I'm kidding, I just learned the words from it. But, I mean… I don't know man. Even before that, girls to me just… felt better in every way. They were prettier, they were cuter, they got to like the color pink and all that shit, y'know? I remember being so depressed that I just can't be a girl. My aunties always said I'm such a lady's man, and it made me so uncomfortable. I didn't want to be a lady's man, I wanted to… be a girl that loves girls. But, no, "girls can't love girls" is what my mom said. <laughs softly> And, that fellas, is called gender fucking dysphoria! It's so much fun, you should try it some day. <pauses> But, I mean… yeah. That's just me, though. Not every trans person feels like that.

Dr. Park: Huh… so, it's an envy thing for you?

SCP-6113-3: Yeah! Gender envy's a thing, apparently.

Dr. Park: And… when your parents found your skirt they—

SCP-6113-3: They kicked me out. Yes. Absolutely. Correct. You win a hundred dollars.

Dr. Park: Right. Again, I'm sorry about that.

SCP-6113-3: Don't worry about it. On the bright side, at least I get shelter and three meals a day! On the not so bright side, you guys did rip me from my only friend and family and erase their memories. But, y'know! You win some, you lose some.

<Dr. Park awkwardly laughs. His phone alerts him of an upcoming meeting with his superiors.>

Dr. Park: Oh, wow, we've been talking for two hours. I gotta go, █████.

SCP-6113-3: Loser. Can't even sit down and talk to your prisoner for a few more minutes.

<Dr. Park shifts in his seat awkwardly.>

SCP-6113-3: I'm kidding. You've heard me talk enough already.

Dr. Park: <getting up from his seat> Okay, thank you for the talk, █████. It was nice getting to know you.

SCP-6113-3: Jesus, James, you sound like we're never gonna see each other again.

Dr. Park: W-well, I—

SCP-6113-3: What're you doing? You have somewhere to go!

Dr. Park: Right.

<Dr. Park proceeds to exit the interview room, but stops when cut off by SCP-6113-3.>

SCP-6113-3: Wait!

Dr. Park: Yes, █████?

SCP-6113-3: Um… would next week be good?

Dr. Park: <smiles> Yes, we can do this again next week.

SCP-6113-3: Cool… okay, bye, then.

Dr. Park: Goodbye, █████.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Weekly interviews have been scheduled with SCP-6113-3. Questions pertaining to SCP-6113 are indefinitely postponed.

Addendum 6113-3.9: Interview Logs 8—20 Summary

Interviews 8—20 have been omitted for brevity. Full interview logs are available by request and are subject to approval by Dr. James Park.

Addendum 6113-3.10: Ethics Committee Memo 1

On 01/09/2019, the following Ethics Committee Memo was sent to Dr. James Park.

Ethics Committee Memo

Date: 01/09/2019
To: Dr. James Park
From: Ethics Committee Liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian
Subject: SCP-6113 Project

Dr. Park,

We have been made aware of your weekly interviews with SCP-6113-3. This gathering of information is, without a doubt, imperative to SCP-6113 containment efforts. However, it is of this commitee's opinion that your interviews with SCP-6113-3 number in unnecessary excess without any significant progress made towards containment. We are to remind you that the separation between object and researcher is an important one. Please remember your duties as a Senior Researcher, or a full investigation of your actions with the Foundation will be conducted, with possible disciplinary measures.

- Ethics Committee Liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian

Addendum 6113-3.11: Interview Log 21

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: Scheduled interview.

<Begin Log, 06/09/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room.>

SCP-6113-3: What's up, James?

Dr. Park: Hi, █████. How are you?

SCP-6113-3: Eh, could be better. Could be not trapped in here. Oh, speaking of that, James. James. James, you have got to get a different person to bring me to the courtyard. That "Howard" guy is so dull and bland he makes flour look like a spice.

Dr. Park: Heh, okay, █████.

SCP-6113-3: Get Howard away from me, Jaaaaames! He's so booooring.

Dr. Park: <writing on his clipboard> Will do.

<There is silence for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: Is something wrong?

Dr. Park: Huh? What? No, no, it's fine.

SCP-6113-3: James, it's been like three months. I can tell when something's on your mind. You get like this blank expression, like staring off into space.

Dr. Park: Argh, look. I'm… being pressured by my superiors.

SCP-6113-3: Uh huh.

Dr. Park: I'm going to have to ask you about -1 and -2.

SCP-6113-3: Wow. So, you get to know me and then you go back to using me for information. I see how it is.

Dr. Park: █████, I have a job here. Unfortunately, I'm not being paid to talk with you all day.

SCP-6113-3: <thinks for a moment> And, why should I help you, anyway? Like, if what you said is true, you're just going to stop people from using it, right? I don't wanna do that. It helped me, it can help others like me.

Dr. Park: That is a good point.

SCP-6113-3: I'm not helping y'all find it.

Dr. Park: Hm…

<There is silence for a few moments.>

Dr. Park: Think about it this way, █████. If word gets out about a lake that helps trans people, a bunch of horrible transphobes would flock to it, right?

SCP-6113-3: Right…

Dr. Park: If you tell us what you know, yes, we would have to contain it. But, that doesn't mean we can't not have anyone use it. We could protect those who do use it. I'm the leader of this entire project, anyway. I'm sure I could organize something.

SCP-6113-3: Why me, though? You've talked to like hundreds of other people about the lake. Why is my information important?

Dr. Park: You're the only resource we have. The only one we didn't amnesticize.

SCP-6113-3: God, you guys really do wipe everyone's memories, don't you.

Dr. Park: Please, █████. We need to find -2.

<SCP-6113-3 appears to think for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: Okay. I'll help you. But, you need to give me time.

Dr. Park: That's quite alright.

SCP-6113-3: And I swear to god, James, if you're really just using me, I'll stab you in the fucking back, okay?

Dr. Park: Yup, that's fair.

SCP-6113-3: Talk about something else now?

<Data omitted for brevity>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Requests for increased security for SCP-6113-3 denied by Dr. James Park.

Addendum 6113-3.12: Interview Log 22

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: SCP-6113-3 stated she was prepared for an interview.

<Begin Log, 17/09/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room.>

Dr. Park: So, you're ready, █████?

SCP-6113-3: Eh, you could say that. I probably don't want you to get, like, fired or anything.

Dr. Park: Then, you do understand I have to remain professional, right?

SCP-6113-3: <pauses> Yeah.

Dr. Park: Alright. <sits down> This is Interview Log 22 with SCP-6113-3. <hesitates> Date is September 17th, 2019. Time is 1:04 PM. Now… you were one of SCP-6113-1's subjects, correct?

SCP-6113-3: <shifts in her seat> Yes.

Dr. Park: Can you tell me what happened when it appeared to you?

SCP-6113-3: Well, um. After… that happened—

Dr. Park: Sorry to interrupt, please describe what "that" was for the record.

SCP-6113-3: Right, uh, after my parents… kicked me out, "it" kinda just appeared to me. I don't know, I was kinda just… like… walking down my street. There was no one around, most people were sleeping.

Dr. Park: <writing> Mhm. Go on?

SCP-6113-3: So, there was no one on the street. It was like midnight or something. Obviously, I was in shock and crying and shit, but I looked up and like… she was there?

Dr. Park: "She?"

SCP-6113-3: Err, Alena. Well, not like, Alena Alena, obviously. But, it looked like her. I didn't see her dad or mom, not even their car. They don't live in the same neighborhood. I didn't… question it, though. Like, it was weird, obviously, but I didn't realize it at the time. And, suddenly, we were talking and walking. I stopped crying, we talked about… y'know… makeup and shit, whatever teenage girls talk about. Didn't even realize it, but there we were at their lake house.

Dr. Park: Do you mind telling me what it looked like?

SCP-6113-3: <pauses for a few minutes> I don't… remember.

Dr. Park: That's okay. So, you're at the lake, and then what?

SCP-6113-3: We just… sat at the edge and talked. Felt like hours, I swear I watched the moon set. Just talked and talked and talked.

Dr. Park: About what?

SCP-6113-3: Y'know. Her family, our vacations together, shit only her and I knew. Didn't even realize it wasn't her.

Dr. Park: It knew all of it without asking you.

SCP-6113-3: Right. <pauses> Then, she brought it up.

Dr. Park: Brought "what" up?

SCP-6113-3: Y'know, transitioning, like that sorta thing.

Dr. Park: What kind of things?

SCP-6113-3: Like, clothes I wanted to wear, HRT, name changes, surgery, all that jazz.

Dr. Park: And, how'd that make you feel?

SCP-6113-3: Nervous? Uncomfortable? I kinda forgot that I was just kicked out. I even told her that.

Dr. Park: Right… what happened after that?

SCP-6113-3: She took me in this big warm hug. It was like 30 degrees and she was warm. Told me everything was going to be alright and all. She said she loved me and she'd pick me up soon.

Dr. Park: Huh.

SCP-6113-3: She told me to look in the lake. And, I mean, yeah. You probably know what happened from there.

Dr. Park: Well, say it anyway. For the records.

SCP-6113-3: Okay, well, I stood up and looked in the water. And, like, dude, it was weird. I saw myself turn into a girl. Me. A girl. Like, holy shit. I kinda just… got on my knees and started crying. Then, Alena grabbed me by the shoulders and picked me up and said we had to go. So, we walked away and suddenly I was back on my home street. Not even at the end of the block.

<There is silence for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: She said she had to go, but that she'd be back. So, we hugged and said "bye," and then she was just gone.

Dr. Park: You weren't confused or anything?

SCP-6113-3: Of course, I was. All of this was confusing. I was angry, depressed, I suddenly had a girl's body. <pauses> I was euphoric, though. I called Alena and told her everything. Her and her parents came to pick me up. And, well, then we went to the hospital. You know what happened then.

Dr. Park: How did they react?

SCP-6113-3: Wouldn't you know?

Dr. Park: Please, SC— Please, just tell me if you're comfortable.

SCP-6113-3: <sigh> Okay. They were furious at my parents mostly. Then, they noticed I looked different. Smaller shoulders, big hips, my clothes not really fitting me anymore. Chalked it up to puberty. Alena didn't even remember what just happened. Thought I was so depressed I was hallucinating or something, I don't know. When she gave me a hug, though, she just… didn't feel as warm. The real kicker, though, is when I had to go to the bathroom. That's when they took me to the hospital.

<Dr. Park writes on his clipboard for several minutes in silence.>

Dr. Park: Thank you for the testimony. We'll talk more about this later. Is there anything else you would like to state?

SCP-6113-3: <pauses> Um… no. That's it.

Dr. Park: Okay, then.

SCP-6113-3: Uh, James?

Dr. Park: Yes?


<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interview 22 continued for approximately one hour after the log's conclusion, however, this portion of the recording was expunged by Dr. James Park.

Addendum 6113-3.13: Ethics Committee Memo 2

Ethics Committee Memo

Date: 18/09/2019
To: Dr. James Park
From: Ethics Committee Liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian
Subject: SCP-6113-3 Interview Log 22

Dr. Park,

We have been made aware of your expungement of data from SCP-6113-3's 22nd interview. As the interview's transcript and audio and visual content is unlikely to contain any sort of memetic-, cognito-, or infohazard, expungement is highly unnecessary. For now, we have not yet chosen to contact RAISA about restoring the expunged data. However, we can not let this go unreprimanded.

As of 18/09/2019, you have been placed under probation. We will be conducting a full investigation of your actions with the Foundation. You will continue your duties as SCP-6113 Senior Researcher. Any faults found in your employment history, or further actions inconsistent with Foundation policy, will lead to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of contract.

I advise you to remember your duties, James.

- Ethics Committee Liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian

Addendum 6113-3.14: Interview Log 23

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: SCP-6113-3 requested several times between interviews to meet with Dr. James Park. All requests were denied by Dr. Park until this interview.

<Begin Log, 25/10/2019>

<Dr. Park enters the interview room, carrying a small bag.>

SCP-6113-3: Dude, where the hell have you been?

Dr. Park: Hi.

SCP-6113-3: "Hi?" It's been almost a month!

Dr. Park: Look, it's… been rough.

SCP-6113-3: Remember what I said? If you use me for information I'd stab you in the back.

Dr. Park: <sitting down> Please, SCP-6113-3. Calm down.

SCP-6113-3: <irritated> "SCP-6113-3?" You did not just call me that? I swear to god, James, this isn't fun—

Dr. Park: I'm on probation, -3. Okay?

<SCP-6113-3 appears to calm for a moment.>

SCP-6113-3: Probation?

Dr. Park: Yeah, probation. I could lose my job if I'm not professional about this. Now, I'm sorry I didn't meet with you, but I couldn't risk it.

SCP-6113-3: Risk what?

Dr. Park: Losing… <pauses> my job. Having to go back to my family.

SCP-6113-3: Oh, wow. I'm sorry.

Dr. Park: Honestly, I don't blame you for that reaction. I really am sorry, though.

SCP-6113-3: It's fine.

Dr. Park: Right…

<There is silence for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: Well, what's up with you, nerd?

Dr. Park: Not much, really. Unfortunately, your testimony doesn't exactly help us find the lake.

SCP-6113-3: Bummer.

Dr. Park: I know, right? Oh! That reminds me.

<Dr. Park rummages through the bag for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: Whatcha got there, buddy?

Dr. Park: To show you… that I really am sorry. I got you something.

<Dr. Park produces a packet of skirts in its original plastic packaging, typically worn by pre-teens.>

SCP-6113-3: Oh, wow, James, you shouldn't have.

<SCP-6113-3 examines the skirts for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: Really, James… you shouldn't have.

Dr. Park: I know it's not a lot. And… I had to guess your size. But, you can wear them with your uniform! <pauses> I know skirts might… carry a bad memory for you. But, I think it'd be… I don't know… nice to reclaim them for yourself.

SCP-6113-3: Right, 'cause if I didn't wanna wear skirts now because my parents kicked me out for having one, I'd certainly wear them here.

Dr. Park: Oh, well… you don't have to wear them if you don't want to.

SCP-6113-3: No, no, I'm kidding. I like them. Thank you, James.

<SCP-6113-3 examines the package for a few minutes in silence.>

SCP-6113-3: <quietly> Little Caribou Lake.

Dr. Park: I'm sorry?

SCP-6113-3: Little Caribou Lake. That's where Alena's lake house is. That's where she brought me every summer. <pauses> That's where… that's where it brought me.

Dr. Park: Oh. Oh my god.

SCP-6113-3: Yeah…

<There is silence for a few moments.>

SCP-6113-3: James. I trust you. You said if I told you where it is, you would protect those it brings. You would let them use it.

<Dr. Park shifts in his seat awkwardly.>

SCP-6113-3: James, you have to promise me. I don't want to be the reason no one can transition with it anymore.

Dr. Park: I promise.

SCP-6113-3: Okay, James. Thanks.

Dr. Park: I'm sorry, I have to go. I need to- jesus. I am so sorry.

SCP-6113-3: It's alright, I get it. I'll be fine.

Dr. Park: Okay. <stands up to leave> Thank you. I'll see you soon, okay?

SCP-6113-3: Okay.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-6113-3 was seen wearing various skirts around Site-17 through the next week.

Addendum 6113-3.15: O5 Council Proposal

On 25/10/2019, the following proposal was submitted to the O5 Council by Dr. James Park. On 04/11/2019, the proposal was voted on.



"Declassify SCP-6113 and use its anomalous properties to the benefit of the global transgender population." (Dr. James Park, SCP-6113 Senior Researcher, Site-17)


  • Cease all location and containment efforts of SCP-6113.
  • Allow SCP-6113 to establish itself as a new status quo without Foundation intervention.
  • Immediately amnesticize and release SCP-6113-3 in accordance with the Reintegration Committee.


O5-1 X
O5-2 X
O5-3 X
O5-4 X
O5-5 X
O5-6 X
O5-7 X
O5-8 X
O5-9 X
O5-10 X
O5-11 X
O5-12 X
O5-13 X


SCP-6113 is to remain classified and current containment procedures are to be carried out as normal.

Addendum 6113-3.16: Interview Log 24

Interviewed: SCP-6113-3

Interviewer: Dr. James Park

Foreword: Conducted impromptu in SCP-6113-3's containment cell.

<Begin Log, 05/11/2019>

<Dr. Park is allowed access to the containment cell by a guard.>

SCP-6113-3: Oh, hi, James! Y'know, these skirts you gave me fit pretty well.

<Dr. Park does not respond.>

SCP-6113-3: I've been wearing them around. You've noticed, right?

<Dr. Park does not respond.>

SCP-6113-3: James? Everything alright there? Hello?

<Dr. Park does not respond.>

SCP-6113-3: You… just gonna keep looking at me like that, dude?

Dr. Park: I'm sorry.

SCP-6113-3: <pauses> What?

Dr. Park: I'm sorry, █████.

SCP-6113-3: Uh, what's happening? You good?

Dr. Park: I couldn't… keep my promise. It wasn't up to me.

SCP-6113-3: James, what are you talking about?

Dr. Park: The lake, █████. They are going to find the lake, and they're gonna contain it.

SCP-6113-3: James, this isn't funny. Tell me you're lying. You're lying, right?

Dr. Park: I'm sorry.

SCP-6113-3: So, you… you spent all that time, months, talking to me. You got me to trust you. And, then you lied to me? You lied. What's next, you're gonna toss me to the side?

Dr. Park: There was nothing I could do.

SCP-6113-3: <screaming> Bullshit! There was everything you could've done! <starts crying> You could've left me the fuck alone like I asked you to! Shit!

Dr. Park: I'm sorry, █████. You're absolutely right. <starts crying> I did use you. I used you like everyone else in your life. And, I'm sorry. It's unforgivable. Nothing I could do will ever make up for it.

<Dr. Park collapses onto the foot of SCP-6113-3's bed. They spend approximately thirty minutes in distress, until the pair calm down and are silent for several minutes.>

SCP-6113-3: So, what now?

Dr. Park: It'll be contained within the next week. As far as we know, just the presence of the Foundation will deter -1. It won't come. And, if it does. Well…

<The two are silent for several more minutes.>

Dr. Park: I'm so sorry, █████.

<The two sit in silence for a few more minutes. SCP-6113-3 moves closer to Dr. Park until they are sitting next to each other. SCP-6113-3 then hugs Dr. Park. Dr. Park is caught off guard, however, and he is hesitant. Eventually, he reciprocates the hug. They sit like this for a few more minutes before separating, composing themselves for a moment. Dr. Park then stands up.>

Dr. Park: Will you be okay?

SCP-6113-3: <sighs> Yeah, I'll be fine. You still have a job after all.

Dr. Park: <pauses> Yeah. I'll see you soon, █████, don't worry.

SCP-6113-3: Whatever you say, James.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: None.

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