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The following files contain sensitive information on the topics of transphobia, gender dysphoria, bullying, abuse, suicide, and transgender experiences. Do not continue reading if these subjects are triggering to you.

Item#: 6113
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-6113-1 and SCP-6113-2 is not possible at the present moment. Containment efforts of SCP-6113 are primarily focused on the suppression of information surrounding it. The following special containment procedures for SCP-6113 have been implemented:

  • Spread disinformation surrounding SCP-6113-1 and SCP-6113-2 by Foundation web-crawlers and planted agents in an attempt to discredit any reported sightings and "Transition Events1."
  • Locate and detain transgender individuals affected by SCP-6113 (henceforth referred to as "subject(s)") and hold them for questioning for no more than one week.
  • Update and modify any and all legal records of subjects to reflect their current sex and gender identity.
  • Apply Class A and E amnestics to subjects and any family, friends, and acquaintances, as well as implanting false memories as if the subject was assigned their gender at birth.
  • Released subjects are monitored for one month to ensure complacency.

These procedures have been effective at maintaining global normality. However, SCP-6113 continues to affect subjects at an average rate of 4 subjects per 7 days. The number of subjects affected by SCP-6113 total over 243, as of 05/11/2019. The Department of Thaumaturgy is currently developing a permanent containment method for SCP-6113-1.

Despite numerous potential subjects employed at the Foundation, SCP-6113-1 refuses to enter Foundation property and conduct transition events on personnel. Testing on D-Class personnel; locating, tracking, and studying SCP-6113-1; and locating SCP-6113-2 is not possible at the present moment.

Description: SCP-6113 is the designation for multiple objects of varying class, labeled SCP-6113-1 through SCP-6113-3. Refer to the individual files below.

Addendum 6113.1: Discovery

On 17/04/2019, reports of subjects suddenly and perfectly changing sex characteristics without the need for medical procedures and Hormone Replacement Therapy began circulating on local news and social media. Only three days later did these reports capture the attention of the Foundation. Before discovery, 126 subjects had been affected by SCP-6113.

Addendum 6113.2: Initial Containment Efforts

On 20/04/2019, several Mobile Task Forces were deployed as the Department of Public Disinformation worked to discredit any reports of SCP-6113-1, SCP-6113-2, and its effects on subjects. During the initial containment efforts, subjects were detained and brought to nearby low-security Foundation facilities. Subjects were held for no more than one week. During this time, they were questioned about SCP-6113-1 and SCP-6113-2 while records and legal documents—such as birth certificates, passports, and driver's licenses—were updated to reflect their current gender.

Before being released, subjects were given Class A and F amnestics. Any family, friends, and acquaintances of the subject were given Class E amnestics. Both subjects and associates were given false memories as if the subject was assigned their current gender at birth.

Addendum 6113.3: Subject Testimony

Over 243 subject testimonies have been collected since discovery. These testimonies are the basis for our understanding of SCP-6113. Notable testimonies are summarized below:
Subject Age Summarized Testimony
Sin Yoon-Ji 20 Subject, while in university in the United States, came out to her parents, who live in Incheon, South Korea, over phone call. Subject's parents were unaccepting and transphobic, threatening to disown her if she transitions. Subject was distraught for several hours. SCP-6113-1, disguised as her boyfriend, appeared to the subject. Notably, subject's boyfriend was out of state at the time.
Noa Okita 46 Subject was laid off from his job recently and was not able to afford rent. Subject, his husband, and his two children struggled financially. Faced with eviction, SCP-6113-1 appeared to the subject, disguised as his father.
Charlotte Young 87 Subject's wife died recently, which left her depressed for several months after. SCP-6113-1, disguised as her wife at a younger age, appeared to the subject when she found a photograph of the couple. Subject was also made apparently younger during her transition event. This effect did not last after the event.
Athena Quan 13 Subject was in extreme emotional distress after continued transphobic harassment. Subject attempted suicide in the bathroom by slitting both wrists. The razor blade could not break her skin. Frustrated, subject threw the razor blade across the room and collapsed crying. SCP-6113-1, disguised as her older sister, appeared in the bathroom to comfort her. Notably, the bathroom has no windows and only one door.



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