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Item#: 6108
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Special Containment Procedures: All residents of Greenhart, Wyoming have been relocated to nearby municipalities under the pretense of natural gas leaks throughout the town. The immediate area around SCP-6108 has been fenced off and all exits and entrances have been equipped with motion sensors and surveillance cameras. As of 3/16/2022, no entity has left the store and SCP-6108-1 has assured Foundation personnel that staff are incapable of exiting into our baseline reality. However, as per the Department of Extraversal Affairs'1 regulations, all current safety procedures will be upheld for the foreseeable future. To avoid SCP-6108 relocating to a more highly populated area due to financial instability, plain-clothes Foundation personnel are to be sent in routinely to shop in SCP-6108 and buy any goods they deem potentially beneficial for Foundation research.

Description: SCP-6108 is the designation given to "Schlemo's Wholesale," a chain of big-box retail stores operating across an unquantifiable amount of realities. The products sold by Schlemo's are a mixture of the anomalous, normal household items, and the thaumaturgic.2 The chain operates on a membership system, allowing anyone that signs up for "Schlemo's Club" to browse and purchase these products from the store at their leisure. Any currency can be used at the store, so long as it is considered a legal tender in that universe.

The store is staffed by both extraterrestrial humanoids and normal humans, the former seemingly outnumbering the latter. The owner, identified as SCP-6108-1 or "Schlemo", is one such extraterrestrial inhabitant. SCP-6108-1 has never been seen on the store floor, instead communicating with both employees and guests over the store-wide intercom. Despite their voice consisting of apparent mumbles and gibberish, listeners will be able to fully comprehend them. SCP-6108-1 asserts he is able to simultaneously observe and communicate with all store locations across the multiverse. SCP-6108-1's erratic behavior makes predicting the store owner's actions exceptionally difficult.

Discovery: The store currently residing in our baseline reality can be found in Greenhart, Wyoming. After being detected entering this reality, Foundation personnel were dispatched to quarantine the area and prevent any citizens from entering the building. Securing the area proved to be of no difficulty, as Greenhart only had a population of around 300. After establishing a forward operating base outside the front entrance, Agent Lowe and Kroemer were sent to investigate the interior. Below is a transcript detailing their expedition into the store and an audio file containing an announcement from SCP-6108-1. A list of items purchased by Foundation personnel and their capabilities have also been included and will be updated as they are acquired.


All items listed in this document are to be kept in Site-99's Anomalous Items Wing under the strict supervision of the Department of Extraversal Affairs. Level 2 Clearance or higher is required to remove an item for study or testing purposes. We ask that all personnel remember that despite their apparent lack of danger, these items are still anomalous and thaumaturgic in nature, giving them an innate potential to cause bodily harm and breach security.

— Henrik Flemings, Head Archivist of Site-99.

6108-1 Audio File - [00:01:29]

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