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Item#: SCP-6103
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Photo of SCP-6103, dated 1890. Photo displays signs of fading due to intense light exposure. Photo has been edited to make SCP-6103 as visible as possible.

Special Containment Procedures: Development of new SCP-6103 containment procedures are ongoing. SCP-6103 has been transferred to a temporary humanoid containment chamber and assigned regular observation. Any further notable changes in behavior are to be reported immediately.

Description: The following description is outdated.

SCP-6103 is a humanoid entity resembling an elderly human female of indeterminate race. SCP-6103's entire body constantly emits light ranging between 1300 and 6000 lumens, with light intensity increasing near the entity's head. SCP-6103 appears unbothered by the light production.

SCP-6103 has been in Foundation custody since 1807. While SCP-6103 has shown little signs of physical aging since initial containment, SCP-6103 mental faculties have deteriorated significantly over the years. Due to this mental degradation, confirming the specifics of SCP-6103's whereabouts prior to Foundation custody has proven difficult and unreliable. The only consistent detail obtained since initial capture places SCP-6103 as originating somewhere outside of the Milky Way.

Addendum 6103.1: Interview with Agent Tyme Sias

On December 12th, 1807, the Foundation received reports out of the town of Faraday, Georgia of an elderly woman aimlessly wandering about. All reports mentioned that she was difficult to look at due to a high volume of light emitting from her body. The woman was recovered and taken into custody, and anomalous properties were confirmed, but the anomaly appeared either unable or unwilling to communicate with Foundation personnel.

On February 23rd, 1999, the Foundation assigned Agent Tyme Sias to SCP-6103. Agent Sias was selected due to his background in psychology and impressive record relating to interpersonal mediation. The following interview was conducted the day of Agent Sias's assignment.

Interviewed: SCP-6103

Interviewer: Agent Tyme Sias

Foreword: Agent Sias was provided with all available information on SCP-6103 at the time of the interview.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: Hello, madam. How are you doing today?

[SCP-6103 appears tense, and appears to mindlessly pick at its dress.]

SCP-6103: I'm fine, dear. Thank you for asking.

Agent Sias: If there's anything I can do to help make you more comfortable, please let me know. Can I get you anything at all?

SCP-6103: Would we…oh, nevermind. It isn't important.

Agent Sias: Anything at all, it's ok. What was it you wanted to ask me?

SCP-6103: I was wondering if we might be able to move somewhere I could see outside? So I might get my bearings? It's been far too long, I just want to make sure I remember where I am in the system.

Agent Sias contacts command on his hand radio. SCP-6103 eyes him curiously as he speaks. Command grants permission to move towards a surface interview room with visuals on the building's exterior. Agent Sias and SCP-6103 move to this room, and Agent Sias opens the window. SCP-6103's body appears to relax.

Agent Sias: There, is that better?

SCP-6103: Oh, thank you, dear. It's been ages since I've seen your sun. It's so warm and bright. You know, I don't have any way of seeing it from my room!

Agent Sias: Is that so? Well, I can talk to the director about getting that fixed.

SCP-6103: Oh, truly? You'd really do that for me?

Agent Sias: Of course! Like I said, if you need anything I'm here to help you.

SCP-6103: You're very kind, Mr….?

Agent Sias: Sias. Er, my name is Tyme Sias. You can just call me Tyme.

SCP-6103: Tyme…alright. I'll do my very best to remember it. My head isn't what it used to be.

Agent Sias: That's alright, I'll just remind you as many times as I need to. Do you have a name I can call you, by chance?

SCP-6103: Oh, hm…SCP-6103 is supposed. I've been called that so long now I can't really recall if I had another name before it.

Agent Sias: Do you like being called SCP-6103?

SCP-6103: I can't say I've put much thought into it. It's just my name, as far as I'm concerned.

Agent Sias: Alright, SCP-6103 it is. Let me know if you ever want that to change, though!

SCP-6103: I do have a question for you, if I might ask?

Agent Sias: Yes?

SCP-6103: That little box you talked into before, what was that?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-6103 and I spent the rest of this interview discussing the hand radio I used to contact the site director. She seemed fascinated by the technology; several times she commented on "how quickly we've developed since she first came here".

I am aware that overall not much new info was gained from this interview. My primary goal was establishing trust between SCP-6103 and myself. I believe that continuing like we did today will prove successful not only for learning about who she is and where she's from, but also simply improving her mental health. We've got over 100 years of isolation to make up for here.
-Agent Tyme Sias

Addendum 6103.2: Second Interview

Interviewed: SCP-6103

Interviewer: Agent Tyme Sias

Foreword: Agent Sias established a trend of informal meetings between himself and SCP-6103 in the continued interest of establishing trust. This was the first proper interview conducted since the initial interview.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: Good morning, SCP-6103! How are you feeling today? Need anything to eat or drink?

SCP-6103: You're far too kind, Mr. Sias, but I don't need anything.

Agent Sias: No need for formalities, madam. Tyme is just fine.

SCP-6103: Whatever you say, dear. Now then, are you interested in a game of checkers?

Agent Sias: Always, of course. Do you mind me asking a few questions while we play?

SCP-6103: I don't see why not, though I can't promise I'll be able to answer everything.

Agent Sias: Whatever you can would be wonderful. I just want to know more about you.

Agent Sias retrieves a checkers set from SCP-6103 cupboard and begins to set it up. SCP-6103 continues to gaze out its window.

Agent Sias: It's always a bit hard to think of where to start. Let's start simple. Do you have any family? A father or mother or the like?

SCP-6103 smiles. Its light increases slightly in intensity.

SCP-6103: Oh mother, I miss her terribly. She was vast, and oh so kind. Waved her great arms through the dust to create me and my sisters. I have several sisters you know, they were certainly a handful. When mother sent us off on our own they got themselves into some mischief! I wonder if any of them ever managed to settle down with a few planets of their own. I know Cassie….oh yes that was her name! Cassie always wanted a little system to care for. Have you met Cassie?

Agent Sias: N-no, I don't believe I have.

SCP-6103: Cassie was so bright. I believe she was blue? No, white? Oh my I simply cannot recall at the moment. She was always the sweetest of us, the most like mother. Oh, that's right you wanted to hear about mother! I'm not sure if she's still around, it's been some time since we spoke. She would certainly love to hear about the time I've spent here, especially the number of people I've met! Why did you know that there was one other place that gave me a funny name. Amerta…Ametera…Amaterasu! Yes that was it! Oh mother would love those stories.

SCP-6103 goes silent and stares at the checkboard. It gently places the checker piece it had been holding down.

SCP-6103: I should speak with her. Do you mind if I speak with her?

Agent Sias: Not at all. I think we can take a break for today, and we can try and reach out to her, alright?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: I'm not entirely sure if further questioning related to SCP-6103's mother is appropriate. I'm going to casually probe during our regular meetings to see what the reaction is, and devise a plan from there.

-Agent Tyme Sias

Addendum 6103.3: Fifth Interview

Interviewed: SCP-6103

Interviewer: Agent Tyme Sias

Foreword: Between the last interview and now, I have engaged SCP-6103 in smaller conversations relating to themselves both casual and in a more formal capacity. SCP-6103 has also started to grow more social with other Foundation personnel, regularly greeting them when she's out on recreation. There has been a steady repetition of information between interviews, but each interview has been able to give us fresh insight into SCP-6103.

<Begin Log>

SCP-6103: Oh, hello sir. How are you doing? It's a lovely day, isn't it?

Agent Sias: It most certainly is, SCP-6103. And I am doing quite well. My wife recently had a baby, actually! Would you like to see a picture of him?

SCP-6103: Oh how delightful! I always saw you as a father, honestly. You have the air about you. Stern yet kind. Just like mother. And I would love to see a picture of him!

Agent Sias takes out his wallet and hands a polaroid towards SCP-6103. SCP-6103 takes the polaroid and holds it at a distance from its face.

SCP-6103: What an absolute angel. What's his name?

Agent Sias: Basil. Basil Sias. And honestly I'm just glad to have someone to share the news with. You're always a delight to speak with and none of the other agents around here seemed to care much.

SCP-6103: Well dear you know I simply adore your company, and I am beyond excited for you. I hope I get to meet the little one someday! Now, I suppose you had business you wished to discuss with me?

Agent Sias: I'm afraid so, yes. Are you ok with me asking you a few more questions?

SCP-6103 chuckles.

SCP-6103: You are so fascinated with the ramblings of an old woman. Certainly, ask me whatever you wish. It's nice to recount the ages.

Agent Sias: Actually it's the centuries that I would like to learn more about. Pardon me asking, but how old are you?

SCP-6103: Oh, hmm. I'm not entirely sure I actually understand the question.

Agent Sias: How long have you existed for? Relative to whatever you can compare it to.

SCP-6103: I suppose I could compare it to this galaxy. If my memory serves, mother created us around the same time your galaxy here was created. That's part of the reason I wandered over here actually. My sisters all wanted their own things, you know. Cassie, have I told you about Cassie before? Cassie wanted her own little system of planets. I wanted to see all there was to see in the universe.

Agent Sias: What led to you coming here, then? Especially since we don't appear to be very far from where you were born.

SCP-6103: The universe is a beautiful place, dear. It really is. It's full of an endless sea of sights and colors, but it's a very cold and empty place. When my sisters ran off on their own I was the one left to care for mother. I couldn't simply leave her with no one. She told me stories, and I kept them all right here.

SCP-6103 taps their bosom, over where a heart would be in a human.

SCP-6103: My favorite story she told me was of a planet her younger sister had, one that was brimming with wonders. I simply had to see it first.

Agent Sias: So you left your mother?

SCP-6103: I…

SCP-6103 trails off and stares forward.

SCP-6103: No. No I didn't. Mother…she wasn't the same towards the end. There were so many times we would talk with one another about the same thing for ages. So many times where she would be looking at me, but I knew she wasn't looking at me. I told my sisters that she wasn't well, that she needed us to be there. They were all busy, though, all had their own lives.

SCP-6103's light dims.

SCP-6103: It came so quick. She was gone. Yes, that's what happened. She's gone.

Agent Sias: I am very sorry to hear that, SCP-6103.

SCP-6103: You want to know something, Mr. Sias? It wasn't her vanishing back to the ether that frightened me. It was seeing her in those last few moments. I feel sick to say it, but I honestly just wished near then end that she would go to sleep and just remain asleep. I hated to see her like that. What truly frightened me then, though, was the thought that I might wind up like she did. She was so confused, Mr. Sias. So confused.

Both Agent Sias and SCP-6103 are silent for a moment.

SCP-6103: How many times have I told you that now, Tyme Sias?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: I am recommending a temporary halt to interviewing SCP-6103. Further interactions should be restricted to casual conversation. At no point should socialization cease with SCP-6103.

-Agent Tyme Sias

Addendum 6103.4: Modern Interview

Interviewed: SCP-6103

Interviewer: Agent Basil Sias

Foreword: Following the untimely passing of Agent Tyme Sias in 2018, SCP-6103 became increasingly withdrawn and interviews became increasingly difficult to conduct. Despite updates to Foundation containment protocol since SCP-6103's initial containment, it was decided that in the interest of the entity's mental health that its chambers remain identical to those it was in upon initial containment.

Upon the hiring of Agent Sias's son, Agent Basil Sias1 in 2022, attempts to conduct interviews with SCP-6103 were begun again.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: Hello SCP-6103! How are you today?

SCP-6103: Hm? Oh I suppose it's…. Goodness me! Tyme Sias? Is that you? My eyes aren't what they used to be, but I could swear it's you. It's been such a long time! Where have you been?

Agent Sias: Oh, my apologies ma'am but Tyme Sias was my father. My name is Basil.

SCP-6103: Goodnes, my apologies dear. Little Basil! Why you seem to have grown quite a bit since Tyme last showed me your picture! Where is dear Tyme? How is he doing these days?

Agent Sias: I'm…I'm really sorry but he passed away. He passed away a few years ago.

SCP-6103: Oh. That's…unfortunate to hear.

Agent Sias: I would actually like to ask some questions like he used to, if that's ok?

SCP-6103: Like who used to?

Agent Sias: Oh, uh…Agent Sias?

SCP-6103: Oh! Tyme! Yes I adore him. Certainly, ask me anything dear!

Agent Sias: Right…uh… I believe you discussed how you came to Earth with Agent Sias? Could you tell me a bit more about that?

SCP-6103: Did we discuss that already? It must have slipped my mind. I just wanted to see the planet my auntie took care of, if you remember. I wanted to see this unique place full of life and wonders unlike anything else in the universe. Honestly I always wanted a system of my own but I suppose it's a bit too late for that now!

Agent Sias: Why do you say that?

SCP-6103: I'm rather old now, dear. I'm far out of my main sequence now. Every day I feel my body growing more and more tired. I just don't have the energy to raise a system the way my sisters have. Have I told you about them before? I believe…I believe it was Cassie that managed to get some planets of her own? Yes that sounds right. I should really visit her, it's been far too long.

Agent Sias: Well you've been here long enough now, honestly it almost feels like this planet might as well be yours.

SCP-6103: Oh, do you really think so? I suppose that might be right, I have been here for a bit of time. Time…Tyme…hmhmhm! It sounds rather a lot like your name, Mr. Sias!

Agent Sias: Oh, well…I guess it does.

SCP-6103: You all have been so kind to me here, it really has been wonderful. I should really visit mother, though. She's certainly worried about me, and I haven't seen her in so long.

Agent Sias: Would you like to use my phone?2

SCP-6103: Your…phone? That's not a phone. That…can't be a phone. Last time you showed me one they had these big curly wires and stuck to the wall. That's a brick.

SCP-6103's body tenses up and a scowl crosses its face.

Agent Sias: You're right, you're right. It was just a bad joke. My apologies, SCP-6103.

<End Log, [optional time info]>

Closing Statement: In the interest of limiting SCP-6103's confusion, I've decided to go ahead and let her call me Tyme. Based on this interview, I recommend that further interviews with her keep all questions as simple as possible. Do what you can to reassure her and keep her as calm and happy as possible. If she begins to become irate or anxious, do what is possible to redirect and or distract her.

She's entering a hard stage of her life, and she has millions of years of memories getting jumbled in her head. The best we can do for her at this point is keep her comfortable.

-Agent Basil Sias

Addendum 6103.5: Final Interview

Due to SCP-6103's unresponsiveness to other interviewers, Agent Basil Sias was assigned to be the permanent Foundation point of contact with the anomaly. The entity became notably less mentally and physically stable over time, undergoing a minor combustion event in 2022 that damaged the interior of its cell. In response, SCP-6103 was permanently assigned to the care of the Department of Anomalous Ambassadors. Several interviews were conducted over the course of three years, however all failed to reveal any meaningful new information regarding SCP-6103. The decision was made to avoid exposing the entity to culture and technology developed after 1856 due to the distress said culture and technology appears to have caused the entity.

Interviewed: SCP-6103

Interviewer: Agent Basil Sias

Foreword: This interview was conducted as part of maintaining SCP-6103's mental health through standard interpersonal interaction.

<Begin Log>

Agent Sias: SCP-6103? Are you feeling ok?

SCP-6103: Tyme? Is it time for us to speak again already? I thought you just left?

Agent Sias: What can I say, I just really enjoy speaking with you. Did you enjoy the gift I gave you?3

SCP-6103: The frame was lovely, dear, thank you. I do wonder why they put those random people in them though.

Agent Sias: Oh, that was a picture of you, SCP-6103.

SCP-6103: A picture of…

SCP-6103's voice trails off. Its light has notably increased in intensity.

Agent Sias: It was a nice frame, wasn't it? I just knew you would enjoy it.

SCP-6103: You're always so thoughtful, dear. Thank you.

Agent Sias: SCP-6103? I know it's a lot to ask, but I have a question for you.

SCP-6103: Hm? What is it?

Agent Sias: I've been looking over some of your conversations with…I mean our conversations and I realized that you never really told us why you came here. I know that you think we're uniquely wonderful and all that, but what's exactly uniquely wonderful about us? I know that's a big question, so don't feel like you have to-

SCP-6103: Mother told me stories of Sol and her third planet. But it wasn't just that, no. I remember…I remember…

SCP-6103 makes a frustrated expression.

Agent Sias: It's ok if you don't remember, I was just curious.

SCP-6103: No I know I remember. I….yes. My sister. Not Cassie, but another one. Haley. She would fly by this little planet every so often, and she would tell me how different it was every time when she came back to visit. How quickly it was progressing every time, from massive beasts that walked the land and devoured one another to your people coming out of caves and building their own society. It all happens so fast here, in the blink of an eye, but Haley never visited long enough to give me an idea of just what it all looked like. I needed to see it, I wanted to watch this planet develop at its lightspeed pace. I didn't want to miss a moment. Eternity is a long time, Tyme, and these precious moments will forever be lost if no one is there to see them. I've been alive a very, very long time, and so many of those ages have been so very quiet.

SCP-6103 is silent for a moment.

SCP-6103: I didn't just find a brilliant world here when I arrived. I found a dear friend. Several, actually.

SCP-6103 sighs.

SCP-6103: I try to remember all of them. I try so very hard. All those faces across the centuries…no matter what I do they just knock about in my mind in a blur. People very dear to me, I know it, but I can never remember why.

Agent Sias and SCP-6103 are silent for several moments. SCP-6103 breathes steadily.

SCP-6103: Tyme, dear? Can we go outside?

Agent Sias: Of course.

Agent Sias leads SCP-6103 outside. The two sit side by side on a bench and stare up at the night sky. SCP-6103 points a finger towards the approximate location of Proxima Centauri.

SCP-6103: It's been so long. There she is.

Agent Sias: Who's that?

SCP-6103: Cassie. Dear Cassie. I've told you about Cassie, right?

Agent Sias nods.

SCP-6103: I'm glad she wasn't lonely in the end. She managed to live her little dream.

Agent Sias: What about you?

SCP-6103: Me…?

Agent Sias: Were you able to live your dream?

SCP-6103: My dream…

SCP-6103 looks at Agent Sias and gives a gentle smile.

SCP-6103: Yes. I suppose I have, dear. Dear?

Agent Sias: Yes?

SCP-6103: You aren't Tyme, are you?

Agent Sias: …No, I'm not. I'm sorry.

SCP-6103: So fast. You all change so fast. How long has it been, truly?

Agent Sias and SCP-6103 sit in silence for several moments. Agent Sias takes SCP-6103's hand and gently rubs his thumb over the back. SCP-6103's light has turned a dull red color.

SCP-6103: I wound up more like mother than I wanted to be. Tyme?

Agent Sias: Yes?

SCP-6103: I'm scared.

Agent Sias: It's ok. I'll be right here.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Sias walked SCP-6103 back to their room shortly following this exchange. At approximately 0300 hours, SCP-6103 shuddered before exploding violently into a cloud of light and dust, damaging its chambers. No body remained, and the materials that erupted from the body remained floating in the air for two days until they suddenly coalesced into an entity resembling a human infant composed of interstellar materials. The new entity appears to be sentient and responsive to human interaction. This entity is currently being held in a temporary humanoid containment chamber while SCP-6103's chamber is repaired.

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