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Discovery point of SCP-6,102,031, Sector-19222, 30 kilometers from the Scarlet Threshold

Item #: SCP-6,102,031

Object Class: Standard

Special Containment Procedures: Global Site-Omega Auto-Archivist-DA019 tends to SCP-6,102,031. Testing results automatically catalogue inside gestalt intelligence "ARK" for future preservation. Information inside "ARK" is considered lost to objects outside it.

Description: SCP-6,102,031 is an unidentifiable organism of unknown origin with four outer limbs and a thin layer of flesh coating its exterior. It does not display intelligence, purpose, or function.

Addendum: Experiment Log

Auto-Archivist-DA019 attempted to discern the object's purpose through adherence to the Pillars of Reason left by the antecedent, dominant lifeforms.

Pillar Tested: "Capability"

Method: Cross-reference with gestalt intelligence "ARK" index.

Result: Failure. Cranium lacks chip port. Soul lacks compatibility.

Pillar Tested: "Permanence"

Method: Lacerate fleshy layer.

Result: Failure. Blaring sound. Object lacks refinement.

Pillar Tested: "Intelligence"

Method: Chrono-isolate object equivalent to several years in two minutes. Inter-plane testing modules automatically carry out automated tests from over 2,231,103 knowledge quadrants.

Result: Failure. Test results negative. Object lacks purpose.

Upon return from isolation in final test, SCP-6,102,031 did not display life signs. Object determined to lack reason, and the final pillar, "Deification", was not able to be tested adequately.

Addendum: Further Information

SCP-6,102,031 was discovered in an antecedent-made structure in Sector-19222, located within Global Foundation perimeters, during routine patrol by an Archivist swarm. The following object, made of various carbon-based polymers, was identified within SCP-6,102,031's vocal orifice.

It does not display intelligence, purpose, or function.

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