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Item #: SCP-6100 Level 2/6100
Object Class: Euclid Case Priority: Low


Location of the Carina Nebula, source of SCP-6100.

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-6100 file is to be maintained for as long as possible. These measures must ensure the survival of this file even in the event of database refactoring or Foundation dissolution.

At present, containment protocols for SCP-6100 include low-scale radio scrambling at the frequency of SCP-6100-A and observation of online keywords relating to the Eta Carinae (Carina) Nebula. No further actions are to be taken.

Description: SCP-6100 is an exact duplicate of the planet Earth.

To be more exact, SCP-6100 is a celestial body or phenomenon discovered in the Carina Nebula that has the appearance of a planet identical to Earth. SCP-6100 does not seem to orbit any star or possess its own satellite. Optical telescopes within the Foundation's capabilities identify SCP-6100 as having an appearance identical to Earth's, while other measurements generate near-identical profiles to that of Earth. Advanced imaging sources not available to the public generate images of a planet with completely identical geographic structure.

Notably, SCP-6100 does not appear to produce emissive rays or radio waves, with the exception of a single and continuous data stream that it has produced since discovery, designated SCP-6100-A. SCP-6100-A has been aimed directly at Earth for an unknown period of time, continuously repeating its transmission without any observed variation.

Attached below is a single full transmission of SCP-6100-A, converted into audio format.

Closer investigation of SCP-6100 is not within the Foundation's technological capabilities, and is not estimated to be for several centuries or more. The phenomenon has been designated as an object of special protection and observation by the Foundation Long-Term Survival Incubator project. The file for SCP-6100 is currently backed up to the Long Era archival system within Auxiliary Site-19.

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