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SCP-6092 pupae and larvae.

Item #: SCP-6092

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6092 specimens are to be contained in a glass vivarium in Site-19. Various plants are to be kept and watered in the chamber as well to create a natural oxygen source.

No caffeinated beverages are to be brought within 50 meters of SCP-6092 containment chamber in order to discourage the flies from attempting to breach containment. The exception to this is a sixteen ounce stainless steel coffee cup that is to be refilled with standard black coffee every two days. This cup must be left in SCP-6092 glass chamber at all times aside from replenishment. The specimen populace of SCP-6092 is to be manually reduced every nine to twelve days to prevent overpopulation. Under no circumstance should any personnel with a habit of drinking coffee (on average 2-3 times a week) enter SCP-6092 containment cell.

MTF Task Force Lambda-12 ("Pest Control") is to be dispatched to areas of high concentration of SCP-6092 instances. Task Force members are to call for the evacuation of buildings infested with SCP-6092 under the guise of pest control services. Any Task Force personnel that regularly consume caffeine are to be exempt from operations. Instances of SCP-6092 outside of the containment cell are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-6092 is an insect species of unknown origin that resembles a variation of the genus Drosophila melanogaster,1 approximately 3 mm in length and 2 mm in width. SCP-6092 instances are yellow-brown in color with large vermillion colored eyes, appearing similar to that of a normal fruit fly.

Adult SCP-6092 specimens will spend the entirety of their lifetime attempting to reach the nearest caffeinated beverage, upon which they will submerge themselves. SCP-6092 shows a resistance to temperatures of up to 71°C, allowing the flies to survive in warm fluid environments such as coffee. Upon entering a liquid, they will proceed to lay anywhere between one to five hundred eggs. The caffeine in beverages appears to act as a fertilizer, and eggs laid in them will develop into adult SCP-6092 instances over the course of 1-2 weeks. The life cycle of SCP-6092 is identical to that of a regular fruit fly.

Humans that swallow SCP-6092 eggs, hereby referred to as SCP-6092-1, will undergo a series of symptoms. Approximately 12-24 hours after consumption, SCP-6092-1 will experience symptoms comparable to that of a caffeine withdrawal. These include mild fatigue, headaches, insomnia, nausea, depression, anxiety, and rarely, hallucinations. These side effects will progressively get more severe until SCP-6092-1 consumes another caffeinated beverage.

After this point, side effects will become unpredictable. However, nearly all instances of SCP-6092-1 have consistently reported the following:

  • irritability/restlessness
  • itchiness
  • cysts appearing on the arms, back, face, and/or chest.
  • formication2
  • tinnitus (described as a buzzing sound)
  • coughing up a small, tan mucus
  • strong urge to consume caffeine

The following side effects have been recorded but have not appeared consistently:

  • hallucinations
  • muscle spasms
  • projectile vomiting
  • photophobia3
  • interest in consuming decaying produce
  • uncontrollable screaming
  • drastic weight loss
  • self-inflicted scratch wounds

Accidental consumption of SCP-6092 eggs is not uncommon due to their small size. Victims with a longer, consistent habit of consuming caffeine tend to experience more severe side effects over a longer period of time. Swallowing a single egg is enough to afflict an organism. There is no known cure.

Discovery: SCP-6092 was first discovered in a cafe in ███████, Iowa, which was part of the popular multinational fast food coffeehouse chain ████████. The coffeehouse was temporarily closed on █/█/2021 by ██████ Department of Health after the restaurant received a poor score on a routine health inspection due to multiple violations of standard health and safety protocol. Health inspector Stanley Daniels reported that the cafe had "a substantial amount of flies living in the kitchen which proposed a concern that the customers orders could be contaminated". Additional reports revealed that a large amount of restaurant patrons had described bizarre symptoms of an unknown illness. In some cases, fatality has been recorded with an unclear cause of death.

Several SCP-6092 specimens were withdrawn and put into the care of the Foundation, as well as restaurant manager Samson Bowyer and two restaurant clients who were later interviewed (See Addendum 6092.1-3). The remaining SCP-6092 instances in the restaurant have been terminated and the restaurant is closed indefinitely.


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