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Item#: 6085
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6085 is to be kept in a standard object containment locker in the communal area of a specialized multi-person containment complex at Site-███, chosen for its isolation from all civilian population centers. When removed from this locker for experimentation, SCP-6085 is to remain in the communal area at all times, in clear sight of at least two of the security cameras within the containment complex, both during exploration of SCP-6085-1 and the 48 hour long SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Period that follows, after which SCP-6085 will be returned to its locker and remain unobserved within it for at least 24 hours.

Any personnel exploring SCP-6085-1 must be accompanied by members of M.T.F. Б-8, the "Street Fighters," in a ratio of no less than two members for each explorer. A single designated external observer must maintain a distance of at least 5 meters from SCP-6085 and play the trigger song. Both the explorers and Б-8 members must simultaneously observe the comic book when the trigger song is played to ensure that they all enter SCP-6085-1. No less 30 seconds after the explorers and Б-8 members enter SCP-6085-1, the external observer is to approach SCP-6085 and directly photograph all panels in which they are depicted, turning pages as necessary.

After exploration is complete, all explorers and Б-8 members must be quarantined in the containment complex along with SCP-6085 during the 48 hours of SCP-6085-2. The entirety of the containment complex is to be carefully and continuously monitored for SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Events. All quarantined personnel are to be alerted to any observed SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Events, no matter what time of day they occur.

Any SCP-6085-A instances that successfully manifest in our reality are to be detained for the remainder of SCP-6085-2 and only guarded if necessary. Any SCP-6085-B instances that successfully manifest are to be closely guarded by Б-8 members in shifts for the remainder of SCP-6085-2. If any successfully manifested entities display hostility, they are to be sedated, restrained, or terminated if necessary. At the end of the monitoring period, all successfully manifested entities are to be transported to Site-██ for further questioning and processing.

Description: SCP-6085 is a large scale comic book, with A31 pages filled with sketch illustrations depicting a motorcycle sidecar race. The events of the race, any events leading up to it, any events following it, and the characters involved throughout, will change each time the book is left unobserved following an exploration of SCP-6085-1 and the SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Period. The illustrations will change styles between each iteration, and often contain multiple styles, implying a collaboration between multiple artists.

The comic book itself is noticeably rough and creased, as if it had been crumpled up and flattened back out multiple times. Despite this pre-existing damage, the comic book is incapable of being cut, torn, or physically dismembered in any way, rendering impossible any in-depth chemical analysis of its materials. At the end of the book is the following text:

Waiting for 40 years to be set free.
Use their magnificent song as the key.
And observe this masterpiece carefully.

Oh, cut out your crappy poetry before you soil the whole project with it!

Screw you, I was just trying to make a good build-up!

Both of you cut it out, so I can punctuate this homage properly…

He started it!

And you almost soiled it!

Enough! Let's finish it with the questions we all wanted to ask…

Who's to say their world is no less real than ours?

Is the grass really greener on either side?

Are We Cool Yet?

This is followed by three signatures that have yet to be successfully deciphered or matched with any known individuals affiliated with A.W.C.Y., due to a scrambling infohazard attached to them.

SCP-6085 will not display any further anomalous effects unless the 1984 song Take On Me by Norwegian synth-pop band A-ha is played within its vicinity at a volume audible to those currently observing the comic book. Remixes and parodies of the song also trigger its additional anomalous effects.

When the song begins to play, one or more2 characters depicted within the comic book will begin to animate and turn their attention towards the reader(s), often making direct eye contact and beckoning gestures. These characters will be referred to as SCP-6085-A instances. Hostile characters will be referred to as SCP-6085-B instances.

Upon the first utterance of "Take on me" in whatever version of the song is playing, one or more panels on the page currently being observed will fade into a pitch black void. After the first "Take me on" that follows this in the song, the SCP-6085-A will physically extend their limbs through these black panels. These 3-dimensional limbs appear as if made of paper and graphite markings, but will feel like human skin or the fabric of the garments covering them.

WARNING: Any attempt to physically harm these extended limbs, or ignoring them for longer than 30 seconds, will result in SCP-6085-A instances turning hostile and becoming SCP-6085-B instances. Upon this transition, their limbs will extend further out of the book, faster than any human is capable of moving, and violently grab onto the threatening or indifferent reader.

Once a reader has made physical contact with one of these extended limbs, they will be pulled towards the comic book, and will instantaneously vanish the moment any part of their body passes the threshold of the page.3 The panel the reader is pulled through will then fade from a black void to an illustrated depiction of the reader alongside the SCP-6085-A or SCP-6085-B instance that pulled them in.

SCP-6085-1 refers to the extra-dimensional space into which the readers are pulled, reported by all who have entered to appear as if made entirely of paper and graphite markings, though physically feeling and behaving exactly as the equivalent objects would in our reality. Readers have reported hearing the trigger song playing faintly in the background throughout the exploration, just loud enough for them to hear, but not loud enough to interfere in any conversations.

Nearby the readers' points of entry, floating looking glasses in the same shapes as the panels the readers were pulled through will always be present. Observing SCP-6085-A instances, SCP-6085-B instances, or other readers on the other side of these looking glasses will make them and whatever objects they are interacting with appear as they would in our reality, though the background will still appear as made of paper and graphite markings. The looking glasses physically behave as made of solid glass when touched, though jumping through them or attempting to break them will result in the reader's immediate reappearance back in our reality, next to the comic book.

Upon entering SCP-6085-1, the SCP-6085-A instance will attempt to guide the reader they pulled in, often giving them a tour and encouraging them to dance or engage in other recreational activities often affiliated with music videos or motorcycle racing. If they have turned into SCP-6085-B instances, however, they will immediately begin to assault the reader with their fists or implements they manifest, most commonly a large pipe wrench or an aluminum baseball bat. After no more than 60 seconds, if no SCP-6085-B instances are already present, multiple4 instances will appear and attempt to assault the readers and the SCP-6085-A instances that pulled them in, with their fists or the aforementioned implements, as well as attempt to break the aforementioned looking glasses.

As of ██ experiments, no firearms or other complex weapons of any kind have been successfully brought into SCP-6085-1, instead always left on the ground around the comic book. However, simple melee weapons, particularly those commonly associated with modern urban conflicts, are able to be brought in. This is where M.T.F. Б-8, the "Street Fighters," and their experience in close-quarters melee and hand-to-hand combat,5 come into play. It is their job to take on all SCP-6085-B instances while the explorers make observations, conduct experiments, and interview the SCP-6085-A instances.

When all readers have vacated SCP-6085-1 back to our reality, or when the trigger song ends, whichever comes first, a 48 hour long Manifestation Event period begins, designated SCP-6085-2. During SCP-6085-2, all readers who entered and exited SCP-6085-1 are quarantined within the living facilities of the containment complex and closely monitored, as SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Events are likely to occur in their proximity. These readers are strongly encouraged to peruse the pages of SCP-6085 during SCP-6085-2, as it greatly increases the likelihood of a Manifestation Event.

SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Events always occur within hallways, closets, or other confined areas with opposing barriers no greater than 2 meters apart. During a Manifestation Event, the SCP-6085-A instance that pulled the reader into SCP-6085-1, or an SCP-6085-B instance that attempted to attack the reader, will appear within the confined area and proceed to ram themselves against the opposing barriers. Simultaneously, a depiction of the same instance within a small panel in SCP-6085 will animate and appear to ram itself against the opposing edges of the panel in matching synchronized motions. With each impact, the outward appearance of the SCP-6085-A instance will flicker between that of an illustration and that of a non-anomalous human. After a random number of ramming attempts, the instance will collapse in exhaustion. If it has an illustrated appearance, it will fade away, but if it has a human appearance, it will persist in our world.

WARNING: All readers pulled into SCP-6085-1 have until the trigger song completes to vacate SCP-6085-1 through either the aforementioned looking glasses or other exit portals created by SCP-6085-A instances. If any reader fails to do so, they must instead trigger their own SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Event from within SCP-6085-1 during SCP-6085-2, as all looking glasses have been observed to shatter on their own upon completion of the trigger song. So far, the only successful method discovered to do this is to find an equivalent confined area within SCP-6085-1 and mimic the ramming motions observed in SCP-6085-2 Manifestation Events, while concentrating on another reader who accompanied them and did manage to exit SCP-6085-1.

If the reader fails to trigger a successful Manifestation Event before SCP-6085-2 ends, they will be unable to escape in any way until SCP-6085 is unobserved and resets itself. When SCP-6085 resets, there is a possibility that the lost readers will appear within the new events leading up to the motorcycle race and the race itself. The probability of this seems to increase if the lost reader has strong connections to one or more other readers who accompanied them into SCP-6085-1 prior to the reset, and those readers are the first to observe SCP-6085 after the reset. So far, there are █ documented cases of lost readers surviving and appearing in the next iteration. In all cases, the lost reader's recollection of events within SCP-6085-1 abruptly ends upon lack of observation of SCP-6085 and begins again at the start of the events beginning on page one of the new iteration of SCP-6085, with nothing in-between.

So far, tests and autopsies conducted on SCP-6085-A and SCP-6085-B instances that have successfully manifested in our reality have shown them to be non-anomalous baseline humans. Their DNA did not match that of any currently or previously existing humans on Earth, showing them to be completely unique individuals seemingly created by SCP-6085 itself.

Addendum: Interview Log conducted during Exploration 6085-2025-49 during Dr. Kerttren's own 10-minute-long extended remix of the original Take on Me song combined with the Literal Video Version.

Interviewed: SCP-6085-A-1019

Interviewer: Dr. Thomas Kerttren

Foreword: Interview was largely conducted while Dr. Kerttren and SCP-6085-A-1019 danced together and evaded the SCP-6085-B instances.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Kerttren: I hope you don't mind if we keep this brief, Instance 1019. My remix might be long, but it's still not that long.

SCP-6085-A-1019: Oh, you scientists, always so formal! Just call me Bailey, silly!

(SCP-6085-A-1019 giggles and playfully winks at Dr. Kerttren.)

Dr. Kerttren: Heh, okay, but only if you call me Tom.

SCP-6085-A-1019: I was going to do that anyway.

(Two SCP-6085-B instances approach Dr. Kerttren, and two M.T.F. Б-8 field agents move to intercept.)

Dr. Kerttren: Darn it, here come those ruffians, again!

(Agent Б-8-Two punches one instance across the jaw with his brass knuckles.)

SCP-6085-A-1019: Yeah, come on, I know a short-cut!

(SCP-6085-A-1019 grabs Dr. Kerttren's coat sleeve and begins leading him down a hallway.)

Dr. Kerttren: Keep holding them off, guys!

Agent Б-8-One: That's our job, Doctor! Let us do it while you do yours!

(Agent Б-8-One grunts as he tackles the other SCP-6085-B instance.)

Dr. Kerttren: Why must they always come at us like that?!

SCP-6085-A-1019: I guess some don't like it when we pull in people from your side?

Dr. Kerttren: Maybe. How long has your side existed?

SCP-6085-A-1019: That's a silly question! Probably always. As long as I can remember.

Dr. Kerttren: And how long is that? Can you remember your childhood?

SCP-6085-A-1019: Yeah, in bits and pieces, just like everyone else.

(SCP-6085-A-1019 stops at a dead end, let's go of Dr. Kerttren's sleeve, and starts dancing again.)

SCP-6085-A-1019: But let's not dwell on the past. Come on, dance with me!

(Dr. Kerttren chuckles and joins in her dance.)

Dr. Kerttren: Hold on, I love this part! "I'm gonna kick some ass with my own pipe wrench!"

(SCP-6085-A-1019 awkwardly laughs.)

SCP-6085-A-1019: What a ridiculous thing to put in a song! And you said this was a parody?

Dr. Kerttren: Yes, it's a very funny parody, at least to me.

(Dr. Kerttren turns to look down the hallway as some distant exertion noises echo down it.)

Dr. Kerttren: Speaking of which, I hope my bodyguards are actually kicking ass right now.

SCP-6085-A-1019: I'm just glad we lost them.

Dr. Kerttren: I hope we don't find them again.

SCP-6085-A-1019: Don't worry, this place is pretty big.

Dr. Kerttren: Just how big?

SCP-6085-A-1019: Freaking huge!

Dr. Kerttren: If it's that big, where do you go when you aren't watching the motorcycle races?

SCP-6085-A-1019: Out to the beach, of course!

Dr. Kerttren: Whoa, this place has a beach?! Okay, you've got to show me that.

SCP-6085-A-1019: Sure!

(SCP-6085-A-1019 tears open a hole in the wall and gestures for Dr. Kerttren to jump through it.)

Dr. Kerttren: Okay, here goes nothing!

(Dr. Kerttren lands on a sandy beach overlooking and ocean with a hand-drawn sunset on the horizon.)

Dr. Kerttren: Wow, you weren't kidding!

(SCP-6085-A-1019 lands next to him, stands up, and hops along the sand.)

SCP-6085-A-1019: Why would I lie about a place as fun as this?

Dr. Kerttren: Just look at that horizon. More than can be explored in a simple music video.

(Dr. Kerttren stands up and wades into the ocean water as a wave crests just below his knees.)

Dr. Kerttren: I'll never get over how trippy it is that this feels just like ocean water, but looks like a drawing.

SCP-6085-A-1019: Heh, it looks pretty normal to me. If you ask me, your world looks weird, but in a good way.

Dr. Kerttren: I guess different perspectives and all that.

(Dr. Kerttren stops as he hears a particular verse, and checks his watch.)

Dr. Kerttren: Damn, time really flies when you're having fun. I'll have to make an hour-long remix next.

Agent Б-8-One: (Panting.) I wouldn't… recommend that…

(Agent Б-8-One stands in front of them, blood dripping off the pipe wrench he's holding.)

Agent Б-8-Two: Holy shit, a freaking beach! This place gets more bizarre with each visit.

Dr. Kerttren: Oh good, there you two are! Glad you could follow us.

Agent Б-8-One: Again, it's our job.

(Distant screaming from another SCP-6085-B instance running down the beach with a baseball bat.)

Agent Б-8-One: (Sighs.) I'm-a go bash his skull in with my pipe wrench.

Agent Б-8-Two: We almost done here, Doc? As cool as this beach is, more'll probably come running down it soon.

Dr. Kerttren: Yes, I suppose you're right. Luckily, we're about done. 3 minutes.

Agent Б-8-Two: Good, 'cause here comes another one. I got this one!

(Dr. Kerttren looks around and spots the looking glass up on the boardwalk.)

Dr. Kerttren: Oh good, the portal followed us here.

SCP-6085-A-1019: Oh, poo! Must you really leave?

Dr. Kerttren: Sorry, but my song's coming to an end. Still, I'm going to test something on the other side, so hopefully we can meet again.

SCP-6085-A-1019: I hope so too! I really like your dance moves!

Dr. Kerttren: Heh, thanks. Been working on them lately.

(Dr. Kerttren walks up the dune bridge.)


(Dr. Kerttren turns back and winks at SCP-6085-A-1019.)

Dr. Kerttren: Until the next song.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Kerttren and the two Б-8 members successfully exited SCP-6085-1 with a minute to spare. By staying focused on SCP-6085-A-1019 for the day in which SCP-6085 resided in its storage, it was observed that an SCP-6085-A instance very similar to 1019 appeared in the story of the next iteration of SCP-6085, but it has yet to be confirmed if they are the same instance.

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