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Item#: 6084
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6084 instances are to be stored in Safe Storage Container 24 at Site-272, as are any additional instances recovered going forward. All currently contained instances have Class-C GPS tags attached to their individual components for ease of identification and location in the event they are misplaced.

Advertising materials featuring SCP-6084 are to be incinerated, deleted, or otherwise removed. Civilians found in possession of SCP-6084 instances are to be questioned regarding their acquisition and given Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-6084 is a line of Wondertainment-brand musical instruments that neither reflect nor absorb light in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared wavelengths, rendering them functionally invisible. Despite this, they are still fully tangible and operational. SCP-6084's electrical components have associated power switches but do not require external power sources to function.

There are currently four such instruments in containment.

  • SCP-6084-1 - A wireless microphone, an adjustable microphone stand, and two wireless speakers.
  • SCP-6084-2 - An electric guitar, a 1/4-inch jack connector with a 3m cord, and an amplifier.
  • SCP-6084-3 - An electric bass, a 1/4-inch jack connector with a 3m cord, and an amplifier.
  • SCP-6084-4 - A drum kit that includes an adjustable drum throne, two drumsticks, a brush, a bass drum, a snare drum, three tom drums, a set of hi-hat cymbals, two crash cymbals, and accompanying stands.

The instruments were acquired during a Foundation raid on a suspected anomalous research and development facility in Broken Cliff, MO, USA. The building was found to be abandoned when Foundation personnel arrived, with SCP-6084 being the only anomalous objects inside1.

The following script was located among other in-development marketing material found on-site.


Ever wanted to lay down some tasty licks or sick beats with your friends but could never find the time to actually learn how to play? Dr. Wondertainment™ has you covered, and thanks to his newly patented2 SEENOMORE™ technology, your instruments will never get in the way of how awesome you'll look doing it!

Dr. Wondertainment's Acoustically Astounding Air Band™ has an instrument for everyone!

The AWESOMETASTIC AIR GUITAR™! Thrill as you fill the air with rocking rhythms, straight from your fingertips to your audience's ears!

The ULTRASONIC UNSEEN BASS™! Blow everyone away with the chest-thumping reverberations of this hard-working instrument!

The MELODIOUSLY MASKED MIC™! Take center stage and sing your heart out, loud and proud!

The UNDENYABLY UNOBSERVABLE DRUM SET™! This precision percussive instrument will have everyone stomping their feet to the beat!

The INCREDIBLY INDISCERNIBLE KEYTAR™! No band is truly complete without the inclusion of a keytar, don't let anybody tell you different! (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT)

The ENTIRELY ETHEREAL TAMBOURINE™! Check out this enthusiastic placeholder text! (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT)

So come on down and buy one today! DR. WONDERTAINMENT'S ACOUSTICALLY ASTOUNDING AIR BAND™! Guaranteed 110% safe for children of all ages!

Addendum 6084-001: Individual testing with subjects of varying degrees of skill with each instrument has shown that SCP-6084 instances have the ability to improve the quality of music performed. With subjects of high skill, this improvement is generally imperceptible, while the alterations made to musical output of low skill users is more obvious. Randomly strumming on the strings of SCP-6084-2 or -3 will still produce harmonic if uninspired rhythms even without the user touching the fretboard, for example, and speaking into SCP-6084-1 using a monotone voice or by screaming incoherently will result in the subject's voice emitting from the speakers with an autotune overlay.

The mechanisms by which this improvement is determined and applied are currently unknown.

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