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SCP-6080, closed.

Item #: SCP-6080

Object Class: Euclid-exsequi

Special Containment Procedures: In order to ensure that SCP-6080 retains a passive state, it is kept inside a specialized containment chamber resembling a child’s bedroom within Site-433. The room is equipped with a security camera to monitor SCP-6080 for any changes in behavior.

Instances of SCP-6080-1 are located in Site-433's Anomalous Media Storage Room and are only to be viewed by D-Class during testing circumstances. In the event of unauthorized viewing of an SCP-6080-1 instance, the subject who viewed the footage will be evacuated and contained in a standard humanoid cell until the Rerun Event ceases.

All requests during Rerun Event testing are to be filed within Request Room 6080. Currently, Researcher Harris Wilkins is stationed within Request Room 6080. Personnel are required to fill out a form before being allowed access to the containment chamber during a Rerun Event.

Description: SCP-6080 is a large, worn cardboard box. "Eric's Cartoon Box" is written in black Sharpie marker on the right side of SCP-6080. A simplistic face can be seen on the front of the box, also drawn in Sharpie. The ink has degraded significantly from age.

SCP-6080 is animate and capable of propelling itself short distances. It also displays a degree of sapience and is able to communicate by vocalizing, despite the lack of vocal cords. The face drawn onto the front is capable of animating to match the vocalizations, expressing a variety of emotions.

When SCP-6080 is in an emotionally heightened state, it will ontokinetically alter its physical surroundings to reflect elements of its psyche. Several methods of returning SCP-6080 to a passive state have been identified, although evoking a sense of 'nostalgia' by placing SCP-6080 in a familiar environment is usually the most practical method.

SCP-6080 is capable of unsealing and resealing the tape along its uppermost plane, allowing itself to open up and reveal several instances of SCP-6080-1 inside. During each opening, a separate collection of SCP-6080-1 is produced and SCP-6080 will subsequently ask any persons present which instance of SCP-6080-1 they would like to view.

D-2521's POV during a Rerun Event.

SCP-6080-1 is the designation for the DVDs and VHS tapes produced by SCP-6080, which consist of various animated children's television shows and films. Nearly all known instances of SCP-6080-1 have contained an unaltered, existing piece of media.12

Once an instance of SCP-6080-1 has been viewed by a subject, the individual will experience a related anomaly, referred to as a Rerun Event. The delay between the Rerun Event and SCP-6080-1 viewing can vary drastically from person to person.3 The anomaly experienced is transient and reflects visual or thematic elements of the piece of media in question. Rerun Events can range in severity, from inconsequential and innocuous to severely harmful to their subjects.

Rerun Events may leave involved persons with nonlethal but lingering physical and psychological alterations, the details of which are listed in the Rerun Event Aftermath Log. Amnestic treatment has been shown to only alleviate the psychological effects of these events slightly.

Image posted on Parawatch forums.

SCP-6080 was discovered following a series of posts on the website that proclaimed the existence of a "cursed" VHS tape of Rocko's Modern Life. The tape was reported to have been obtained by the user through a transaction on eBay with a seller of the username "tooncollector".4

An investigation was conducted to identify and locate the seller, Jacob Sawyer, who was quickly discovered in Bakersfield, California. An exploration into Jacob Sawyer's household revealed him to be missing. Several VHS tapes and DVD cases, which were later revealed to be SCP-6080-1 instances, were discovered in Sawyer's home, along with a television.5 161 hours of brief, edited videos, all reviewing and commenting on various cartoons, were found on a hard drive linked to his personal computer. Matching content has yet to be found on any major video hosting sites.

Underneath the house was a basement containing SCP-6080. SCP-6080 expressed intense emotional distress and actively avoided personnel within close proximity of it. SCP-6080 and all SCP-6080-1 instances within the house were taken into Foundation custody.

Interview Log:

Following the capture of SCP-6080, an interview was scheduled to understand the source of the object's emotional distress and how to properly address it. The contents of this log are written below.

Interviewer: Researcher Rowan Raster6
Interviewee: SCP-6080


Researcher Raster: Hello, SCP-6080. Are you comfortable being called by your item number?

Sounds of cardboard shuffling against the floor can be picked up on the interview microphone.

SCP-6080: I don't care about that. I just—

Researcher Raster: Hey! Hey. Settle down, please! You'll hurt yourself if you do that too much. I understand that you're under a lot of stress, but I'll be able to help you a lot more if you tell me what caused it.

SCP-6080: I need to get out now! You don't understand!

Researcher Raster: What's the matter? Why so anxious?

SCP-6080‘s speech accelerates to the point of unintelligibility.

Researcher Raster: Wuh—

The face drawn on the front of the box rapidly flips between different expressions as it speaks.

Researcher Raster: Please, SCP-6080, I can't help you unless you tell me what's bothering you.

SCP-6080 stops, an exhausted expression appears on its face. The lights within the interview chamber flicker.

SCP-6080: I'm… sorry. I… I'm just so scared. I miss him so much, I'm nothing without him!

Researcher Raster: Eric?

SCP-6080 gasps.

SCP-6080: Woah! H-how'd ya know?

Researcher Raster: Oh, nothing concrete; just a lucky guess.

The lights stop flickering.

SCP-6080: Sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

Researcher Raster: Don't worry about it! Now that you're calmer, do you mind telling me what happened?

SCP-6080: I don't have any other choice…

Researcher Raster: Oh, no, you don't have to right now if you don't want to.

SCP-6080: It's— it's fine. I'll tell.

SCP-6080 takes a deep breath.

SCP-6080: It's hard for me to really put down. Can you imagine existing for… someone? That's what I felt when I started existing.

Researcher Raster: Started existing?

SCP-6080: Yeah, I guess. I still can't get it in my head. I woke up in this bedroom full of these dazzling toys and posters and I just… sorta knew what I was made for and who I was made by. It was scary at first. I think I yelped a bit, but then Eric looked worried so I stopped.

Researcher Raster: What caused you to stop?

SCP-6080: I didn't want to upset him. All these things running through my head, but the most important thing to do was not upset the kid. It just was, like that was what I was meant to do.

Researcher Raster: I see. This is the ‘Eric’ kid you mentioned before, yes?

SCP-6080: Yup!

Researcher Raster: To the best of your ability, how would you describe them?

SCP-6080: I don't think I can do that right.

Researcher Raster: Err, how so?

SCP-6080: Every time I tried explaining to someone what he looked like, they were always all confused and scared!

Researcher Raster: Are you sure that's not because you frightened them in some other way?

SCP-6080: How come? I look just like you, right? I guess my skin's a little pale but—

Researcher Raster: I… you don't…

SCP-6080: What's the matter?

Researcher Raster: Never mind. I promise I won't be frightened if you tell me.

SCP-6080: Okay… well, he was very colorful. His body was blue and he had these four strains of hair on his head and he also wore this shirt with three red stripes on it and he had a nose that looks like mine, but purple! His eyes and mouth were dark red, too!

Researcher Raster: Is this how you usually see people?

SCP-6080: Yeah? People are always colorful like— wait. Is that weird?

Researcher Raster: Uh…

SCP-6080: Actually, don't tell me. I already have enough bumping through my head right now!

Researcher Raster: Very well then, please continue.

SCP-6080: So basically, I'm looking at this kid, and he tells me that he wants to watch SpongeBob. Then I open up my back and there's a SpongeBob DVD.

Researcher Raster: Does that hurt?

SCP-6080: It-it only really hurts when someone's forcing it open.

SCP-6080 is momentarily silent.

SCP-6080: Uh, anyway, we were watching SpongeBob together and just having a good time, when I noticed that Eric had this sad face. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he wished SpongeBob was his friend. Then I had this idea!

Researcher Raster: What did you do?

SCP-6080: I started concentrating on the show and the bedroom started filling with water and then we were with Spongebob and all of his friends! It was one of the best dang moments of my life! I've never seen Eric happier than when we adventured through Bikini Bottom!

SCP-6080 sighs.

SCP-6080: I wish it stayed like that forever honestly. Fudge, I really miss those days.

Researcher Raster: Fudge?

SCP-6080: Eric always said it's not good to have a potty mouth!

Researcher Raster: Oh. You may continue.

SCP-6080: So me and Eric would always go on these adventures together. We would just explore the universes of all these cartoons and it was wonderful. I think my favorite activity was talking with the characters we'd meet on our adventures.

SCP-6080: Y'know, I thought at first that since I was the one that always created it, that it would be me doing the characters, but I never felt in control of that. They always acted the way they wanted to.

Researcher Raster: So, you're saying that, despite your anomaly relating to cartoon media, you didn't have control over the characters within that media?

SCP-6080: I don't have much control over anything at all. Ever since Eric left, mostly.

Researcher Raster: He left?

SCP-6080: I don't know how much time passed. One day when I woke up, he was gone. I think he went on vacation, 'cause I looked for his other friends and they were gone. It was like… I don't know. He couldn't… have just forgotten me like that. Not after all the adventures we did! He couldn't have.

Researcher Raster: I'm sure he didn't mean t—

The interview chamber momentarily rumbles.

SCP-6080: I know he didn't mean it! Let me continue!

Researcher Raster: I, uh, didn't want to make you upset, I'm sorry.

SCP-6080: No, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean…

SCP-6080 takes another deep breath.

SCP-6080: So yeah. I was alone. I didn't know what to do and I panicked. I know hate is a strong word, but I did something that I still hate myself for. I ran o- out of the house! I should have stayed. Maybe he would have come back, then.

SCP-6080: I can still picture what it was like being out there. I was running and asking anyone I could find, but they all were terrified! They kept on running away from me. One of them even kicked me. I thought I'd get used to chaos, but this wasn't fun chaos. The sounds, the lights, the people, it was so overwhelming a- and I got lost.

SCP-6080: Then I found him. Jacob.

Researcher Raster: I'm sorry to interrupt, but how would you describe Jacob's appearance?

SCP-6080: His entire body was really just different shades of red and orange. He was a bit of a headache to look at.

Researcher Raster: Gotcha.

SCP-6080: When I met him at first, he looked terrified of me like everybody else. I got scared and it looked like he was going to attack me like the last guy so… I just kinda opened myself up. I thought it would scare him, maybe? He just stood there, momentarily, and looked and then he had this awful grin on his face. He said that I was going to be "useful" and he grabbed me hard.

SCP-6080: No matter how much I kicked and struggled, I couldn't get out of his hands. I just wanted him to let go, but he w-wouldn't. He just yanked me… I thought I was going to b-break. The further and further away he took me the sicker and sicker I felt. I wanted to throw up but there wasn't anything in my stomach. We passed a lot of buildings and alleyways until he took me to his house.

SCP-6080: When he took me inside, it reminded me of Eric's house a lot. There were posters, toys, and a whole bunch of DVDs and VHS tapes around. For a second I thought this was Eric's new house and that I was going to see him again b-but… then he took me into the basement. It was completely empty. Just white concrete and white brick walls. He placed me on the floor, and with that same sneer, he told me to "open up".

SCP-6080: So I did. I opened up and he pulled out everything inside of me. I was hoping if I did that he would let me go, but he just left and locked the door. A few hours later he came back and told me to open up again and I said— I said no and— and —I.

The interview chamber becomes cold, and paint begins to flake off the walls.

SCP-6080: He pulled me open! Every time I said no he just pulled me open! Over and over! Just emptying me out over and over again. Why couldn't you just take one! I don't even know what he was doing with these things, all he would tell me was that it was "just business". I was a dispenser. A thing that's used and tossed away when he's done.

SCP-6080: I started to see patterns in the walls. The walls were white. And the ceilings were white. And the floor was white. I remember it, clearly. White, white, white, white.

The walls within the chamber bleach white in color.

SCP-6080: Every time I fell asleep, I'd get these nightmares. It was always the same one. I would be with Eric, having the best time of my life, until something just pops up out of nowhere and attacks me. It was always something different every time. A chef cut my fingers off one-by-one, a mass of yarn strangled me until my eyes were bloody and popped out, a paper man gutted me and played with my intestines with his fingers, even a gosh darn calculator yelled at me until my head heated up and boiled itself!

SCP-6080: But the worst thing? When it was happening to me, I could bear with it, maybe. But the surroundings… It was all just… white… it was… white, white, white, white… I… please…

Researcher Raster embraces SCP-6080. The anomalous events within the chamber cease. SCP-6080 begins crying a viscous fluid of similar composition to blueberry syrup.

Researcher Raster: Please, 6080, you're safe now, I promise. We can take a break if this is too much for you.

SCP-6080: I-It's just so hard. T-thank you so much for listening to me… I felt like it would have gone on forever. I thought I would have been stuck in the endless white, that it was punishment for something I'd done before. I thought I'd never get help. I'm sorry…

Researcher Raster stops embracing SCP-6080.

Researcher Raster: What you've been through is very, very traumatic. I don't blame you for reacting like you did at all. You shouldn't be sorry for that. Can I ask another question about this though?

SCP-6080: Okay.

Researcher Raster: Can you recall what happened before we got here?

SCP-6080: Well… one day, when I was still stuck in the whi… the basement, Jacob suddenly burst into the room with a furious look on his face. He started yelling at me, asking what I was doing to the cartoons he pulled out of me and I asked what he meant and I got picked up and thrown onto the floor as usual. He looked so bad. He got angry a lot, but… I thought I was going to die there. I was sick and my head was in a spiral and I barely noticed when he pulled something out of my back, some kind of DVD, and in the panic I think I put something into it, but it was gone when he ran back inside. I could hear noises coming from his TV. So he was watching it, whatever it was.

SCP-6080: I went up to the door to listen, and it wasn't… I couldn't explain. I don't think it sounded like something that I normally carried. I heard this sharp burst of static and this awful sounding scream. I think it was Jacob.

Researcher Raster: Thank you very much for your cooperation. You've done a fantastic job explaining everything you've been through. Do you have any questions before we put you into your room?

SCP-6080: What's the room like?

Researcher Raster: What do you want it to be like?

SCP-6080: Could you try to make it a bedroom? Like Eric's?

Researcher Raster: I'll consult someone, but I think we can do that for you.

SCP-6080: Thank you so much! Oh, this is just wonderful! Thank you, thank you, tha—

Researcher Raster: Oh, one more question, before we go. What's your favorite cartoon?

SCP-6080: That's a tough question! I feel… The Brave Little Toaster.

Researcher Raster: How so?

SCP-6080: I dunno, I just see myself in a lot of the characters… I rea— I really like Lampy.

SCP-6080 appears momentarily agitated.

SCP-6080: Yeah, uh, can we end it now?

Researcher Raster chuckles.

Researcher Raster: Very well.


Notes: The containment protocols for SCP-6080 were installed shortly after. The DVD described was never located within the Jacob household.

Testing Log:

Diagram of SCP-6080's containment chamber.

The purpose of the following tests is to gather a full understanding of the nature of Rerun Events, due to their unpredictable nature. Most of these tests take place within SCP-6080's containment chamber, which comes equipped with several items and accessories that are commonplace for a child's bedroom. SCP-6080 is usually escorted out of the room during these tests, as to not cause it emotional distress.

The following is a list of notable Rerun Events.

Six hours after the initiation of Notable Rerun Event No. 6, the cameras in SCP-6080's containment chamber briefly failed. When all cameras come back online, SCP-6080 is absent from the chamber, which contains instead a yellow sticky note and single DVD.

The video contained on the disc is slightly digitally corrupted, of low visual quality, and appears to be made using Windows Movie Maker.

An amendment to containment procedures and object class following this disappearance is currently in progress.

The contents of the disc are written below:


White text fades in on a default blue background, reading "A MESSAGE TO THE FOUNDATION".

Somebody, presumably Box, is heard opening their mouth.

Silence for several seconds.

Box: I hope you're proud of me. I've done well, I think, given all of that. I like to think so, at least.

Box sighs.

Something is audible scraping against soft sand or soil.

Box: But yeah, Foundation, I'm glad you at least, like, tried. Better than I could say for Jacob, at least. I was a Euclid, whatever that meant. Hopefully something nice.

Box pauses.

Box: But it was four years, wasn't it.

A sound of affirmation is made in another voice.

Box: And I'm at my, he says I'm at my most dynamic part of my life.

Unknown Voice: I do.

Box: So things change, I guess. I change.


The scene changes to a view of an alien vista outside a window. Coral-like flora sway in the wind through a dense yellow fog.

Box: You were scared of me. I— I got used to that, and I kinda understand.

Box breathes deeply.

Box: What I didn't get, was that I think he was scared of me too. Even before— Even before I did that. Maybe he was right to.

Unknown Voice: I think he was scared for himself, not of you. It's different.

Box: When you like cartoons…

Unknown Voice: I don't know if "like" is the right word.

Box: When you— When you collect them, It's scary to know where they come from.

Unknown Voice: You?

Box: No- Yeah, I dunno— They come from boxes. Hundreds of them, and they just keep coming because people need them, and—

Unknown Voice: He'd have rather thought they were made for him all along?

Box sighs.

Box: Yeah, I guess. I was a kid,

Unknown Voice: You're still a—

Box: I know. So when you guys picked me up, I would've gone anywhere, with anyone, and I think you knew that.

There is a pause, and the sound of wind.

Box: So you made a box for me. It was a nice one, it had a nice TV, but your guys were…

Unknown Voice: Uncomfortable?

Box: Uncomfortable, yeah. Sorry Rowan. One of your guys used me to escape. He's okay, by the way—

A cel-shaded chameleon-like creature in a torn D-class uniform is depicted hanging by his tail in front of a vibrant rainforest background, waving one claw at the viewer and smiling.

Box: —but you were all stuck in your own little boxes, I think.

Box: So I had to—

Unknown Voice: I had to—


Box: I had to go.

The scene changes to that of a playground at night; Box sits in the form of a young bandaged human on a chair in the middle distance. The camera is being held by an unseen person, and the frame periodically moves as this person shifts their grip.

Box: So now we're here.

Box: The Nemo— um—

Unknown Voice: Somewhere on the Mnemosyne Expanse. On the way home.

Box: Thanks.

Box: So Foundation, I know you wanna look for me. Don't bother. I'm safe and in- in trusted hands. I'm growing out of my body in a few years anyway. Then I won't be a kid anymore.

Unknown Voice: But you are now. Let's enjoy that.


Box: A playground! In the Mnemosyne! I didn't have that!

Unknown Voice: No, you didn't.

Box: So I can't grow up just yet. A part of me will never grow up, I think, after what- what happened.

Unknown Voice: Growing up, yeah? I should know. You've done a lot of that back there, I think, more than anyone your age should.

Box: It isn't fair.

There is a prolonged silence. They sigh, and pick up a stick, drawing shapes in the sand.

Box: But I'm glad I found that place. It's still there, too. I don't know if it'll ever really go away.

There is a sound of acknowledgement.

Box: But I found it. Before now it was just there, hiding.

Box gets up and walks around the playground. The camera moves to track them.

Box: Can I still be a kid if I have that inside me?

Unknown Voice: You can.

Box: And can I grow up if I wasn't much of a kid?

Unknown Voice: I can make sure of it.

Box: So can I stick here for a bit and play a little on the swings?

Unknown Voice: Um, yeah, of course.

Box: And you push me?

Unknown Voice: Um— Yes.

Box jumps up onto one of the swings, and kicks off the ground to begin moving.

Box beckons.

Box: So come on then, there's so much we need to catch up on!


The sticky note found alongside disc contained the following writing:

I hope you understand

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