CONTAINMENT CLASS:pending restricted

DISRUPTION CLASS: undetermined

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: All SCP Foundation Sites are currently undergoing a digital lockdown. This includes the inter-Site movement of Foundation Artificially Intelligent Conscripts (.aics) and other Artificial Intelligence programs. This state is to be maintained until SCP-6079's source can be found and properly contained.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6079 is an ongoing server responsiveness error, effectively disabling all digital servers within affected areas. These digital spaces cannot be accessed in any way via outside terminals, and no files can be extracted. Despite this, .aic programs can enter these spaces normally, though they cannot open any files normally present within them as well.

SCP-6079 is currently affecting Site-15 Site-19 Site-120. The collective damage caused by this event is still being calculated by the O4 Council.

DISCOVERY: SCP-6079 was discovered on 02/05/1998, when Site-120's internal servers experienced an unexpected critical error. Two hours later, reports of identical situations manifesting hours prior had been reported from Sites -15 and -19. To postpone further movements of SCP-6079 to any other Sites, Site-120's servers were quarantined.

Further research into the components of the affected servers revealed an almost unnoticeable marking of Akiva radiation as well as a presence of an alien program within. Further research is currently ongoing.

ADDENDUM 6079-1: The following is a timeline of events of 02/05/1998, directly preceding the manifestation of SCP-6079 within Site-15.

ADDENDUM 6079-2: At 19:12, 02/05/1998, through unknown means Ra.aic4 had been able to reconnect with Site Directorship. The following is a log of the conversation between her and Site Director Council Member Magdalaine Cornwell.

ADDENDUM 6079-3: Despite being previously kicked out of the digital landscape, at 21:23, 02/05/1998, Ra.aic had successfully been able to re-enter it and initiate contact with the program within. The following is a transcript of their conversation.

ADDENDUM 6079-4: Following this statement being made, Ra.aic lost the connection to the servers and was kicked back into the safespace. She was unable to re-enter into the affected areas.

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