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ITEM #: SCP-6077


SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Any additional instances of SCP-6077 are to be expunged from the public record. Failure to do so will require a misinformation campaign under the guise of a mundane radio anomaly.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6077 are a series of identical transmissions, received via a previously undiscovered tachyon-based method from at least several dozen star systems of origin. The first instance of SCP-6077 was received on 15/08/1977, and was dubbed the "Wow! Signal" due to the exclamation the presiding astronomer, Jerry R. Ehman, transcribed on the printout.

SCP-6077 was the focus of a major Foundation initiative from the years of 1978 to 2022, as additional copies of the transmission were received and a more clear version could be interpolated. Following extensive research and effort by Foundation astronomers, cryptographers, and linguists, SCP-6077 were confirmed to be collectively transmitting the following message:

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