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Item#: 6075
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to the ephemeral nature of SCP-6075 and the general elusiveness of SCP-6075-1 instances, full containment has been deemed currently unfeasible. Containment efforts are currently to be focused on the capture of SCP-6075-1 instances and on finding a consistent method of containing said individuals past expiration, self-induced or otherwise. Efforts to locate the source of the SCP-6075 phenomena are ongoing.

Due to SCP-6075-1 instances' ability to remotely communicate with each other and non-afflicted individual through a variety of anomalous means, and their seeming ability to spontaneously lead to the expiration of their current body, they are always to be considered as high-threat containment breech candidates.

Additionally, due to the involvement of SCP-6075-1 instances with several Groups of Interest and their propensity of hindering (passively or actively) the Foundation's efforts at maintaining the status-quo and in other seditious activity, such individuals are to be considered enemy combatants until proven otherwise and treated as such in accordance to Policy-1254-A. SCP-6075-1 instances currently under the employment or protection of Foundation-affiliated organizations or those protected under other clauses are considered under the jurisdiction of the Foundation Diplomatic Service (FDS) unless otherwise specified by O5-Command.

For a full list of known SCP-6075-1 instances, see Document 6075-A1.

Description: SCP-6075, colloquially known as Gandalf Syndrome or Reincarnation Sickness, is a phenomena which causes a person's memory, personality and sense of self to, following the death of said person's body, re-manifest themselves in a different body elsewhere in the world. SCP-6075 works persistently- once an individual has been afflicted, their personality will always re-manifest in another body postmortem. This process leads to the functional immortality of such individuals, as all memories and personality traits are maintained with the transfer to a new body. Persons afflicted by SCP-6075 are henceforth referred to as SCP-6075-1.

The exact mechanics of SCP-6075 induced this form of "reincarnation" remain largely unexplored, due to the difficulty of maintaining contact with SCP-6075 carries following the death of their current corporal body. On those instances where such contact was maintained (due to cooperation on part of an SCP-6075-1 individual), results have been largely inconclusive.

In some instances SCP-6075-1 will re-manifest as newborn children and will require their bodies to regrow past a certain point to retain their original identity. Such children are born to unknowing parents, the result of pregnancies which began long before the original body of the SCP-6075-1 instance expired. It is currently unknown if the personality of the SCP-6075-1 instance "superimposes" itself on that of the newborn or if the newborn acts as a sort of empty vessel for it, having been prepared in advance in some manner to contain the external personality.

In other instances SCP-6075-1 will re-manifest as fully grown adults. In these instances the new body containing the SCP-6075-1's personality will have no prior record or identity, and their point of origin is currently unknown, other than their propensity of emerging from large bodies of water or other liquids. In these cases the personality of the SCP-6075 afflicted individual reasserts itself instantaneously.

Notably, the new bodies of SCP-6075-1s will often have no similarity to their old ones- new bodies may vary in race, sex, gender, physical aptitude and wellness and any other variables. It is currently unknown if SCP-6075-1 instances have any control over the traits of their new bodies.

To enable the maintenance of a constant reference point for SCP-6075-1 instances following body exchanges, each subject has been given a two-part alias in addition to a numerical designation (Yellow Goose, Green Ox, White Scorpion, etc.).

Addendum 6075-A: The following is a recording of a meeting between two suspected SCP-6075-1 instances, designated Red Doe (6075-426) and Brown Deer (6075-082). The meeting took place at the ████████ tea house in, ███████████, Istanbul. Subject Red Doe arrives first, inhabiting the body of a late 80s man of Asian descent. Brown Deer arrives 23 minutes later, inhabiting the body of a mid-20s woman of suspected Levantine descent. Brown Deer approaches the table Red Doe has been occupying and orders arak. The two begin conversing in Turkish.

<Begin Log>

Red Doe: Late again, are we?

Brown Deer: Well obviously. I don't know why you need to phrase that as a question.

Red Doe: And isn't it a bit early in the day to drink?

Brown Deer: Probably. [downs drink, orders another]

Red Doe: I'm not screwing around here, I need you clear-headed for this, [REDACTED?].

Brown Deer: Could you, like, not use that name? You know how I get with that name.

Red Doe: … it's your name, the one you were given by your parents. You know, your real parents, not the cuckoos. How can you just give it up like that?

Brown Deer: Cuckoos is a bit demeaning, isn't it? I happen to like some of my rebirth parents, you know. Poor sods. As for the name, it's not who I am anymore. Hell, you know better than basically anyone that it wasn't really who I ever was. You know what to call me.

Red Doe: [sighs audibly] Fine. I need you to be clear-headed for this, "Saturn".

Brown Deer: Better. Ah, my drink! teşekkür ederim, garson!

Red Doe: Ugh, now I remember why we're not together anymore.

Brown Deer: Thought that was because of the whole "boo hoo, being hung to death doesn't fit with the lifestyle I had envisioned of our marriage" deal.

Red Doe: Being hung to death is not a lifestyle? It's a… deathstyle or something. Sounds like something out of a bad 2000s metal song.

Brown Deer: WINK.

Red Doe: Why are you shouting "Wink"- you know what, nevermind. If I keep questioning everything you do we'll never get anywhere. God knows I tried that for two hundred or so years. So, the reason I asked you to come here for.

Brown Deer: Lay it on me, toots.

Red Doe: You're the one in the… I'm eighty-five- gah! Look, just… just stop, will you?

Brown Deer: What, with the 50s stereotypical name-calling?

Red Doe: With everything you do! That's what I called you here for! You have to stop!

Brown Deer: I don't follow.

Red Doe: Don't play dumb. I know what you've been up to. How long do you think you can do your whole text messing nonsense without them finding a way to counteract it, hm? How long before they can use it to trace you, or, and far more relevant to me, because I don't give a fuck as to what happens to you, to me or one of the others?

Brown Deer: C'mon, I think those guys have bigger things to worry about than little ol' me, don't you?

Red Doe: No, I don't. You should know by now that they're anal as all hell- they're not going to let you mess around with their documents like it's no big deal. I'm sure they're after you already- hell, they're probably listening to this right now!

Brown Deer: Hi guys!

Red Doe: Not fucking funny. I need you to promise me you'll stop. Promise me, if only for what we used to be.

Brown Deer: Fine. I promise not to have any more fun ever again, ever. I'll just sit around in some boring scriptorium writing holier-than-thou rubbish like that doctor of yours, that make you happy?

Red Doe: He's just my doctor, despite what you're implying. Not that it's any of your business. And I want a real promise. Swear to me.

Brown Deer: Whatever. Fine, I swear I won't mess around with the trigger-happy murder guys anymore. Either group of those.

Red Doe: And…?

Brown Deer: [sighs audibly] and the rest of the weirdos too.

Red Doe: Good. I'm trusting you on this. Don't let me down. Again.

Brown Deer: I won't. I promise, alright?

[End Log]

Addendum 6075-B: New developments regarding the research of SCP-6075 (see Incident Log 6075-A/34D) indicate that instances of SCP-6075-1 posses additional traits other than those specified above:

  • SCP-6075-1 instances often exhibit anomalous communicative abilities of one kind or another. These vary greatly by individual but are consistent in that they relate in one manner or another to a governing personality trait of said individual- for example, an ego-driven SCP-6075-1 may possess the ability to sense whenever their name is mentioned and communicate with those who did so via text. For a full list of known abilities related to SCP-6075, see document 6075-C2. Some instances of SCP-6075-1 has shown the ability to affect text beyond simple communication, including Foundation correspondence and documentation. Countermeasures are currently in development.
  • SCP-6075-1s are capable of spontaneous, near instantaneous self-termination. Much like the other phenomena associated with SCP-6075, the physical nature of said capability is not fully understood. Examination of SCP-6075-1 instances in captivity suggest that they do not possess full control over this ability, though this may vary between individual SCP-6075-1s.
  • SCP-6075-1s often display extreme personality traits, sometimes bordering on (or qualifying as) personality disorders. These traits vary as some SCP-6075-1 instances exhibit megalomania, excessive narcissism and similar personality types, while others lean towards altruism, self-flagellation and martyrdom complex. Regardless of extreme trait, all known SCP-6075 inflicted individuals exhibit an inordinate capacity of capturing the attention of various chronicling-related bodies- journalistic publications, historians, law-enforcement agencies and scientific institutions most often.

These traits makes instances of SCP-6075-1 inordinately dangerous to the Foundation's prime directive, as information concerning them has a high tendency of arriving into the hands of likely distributors. Due to the likely age of SCP-6075, some of this information proliferated prior to the creation of the Foundation and has reached critical mass in public perception and can no longer be safely redacted. Efforts are instead focused on obscuring the anomalous nature of the documented SCP-6075-1 instances chronicled in said documentation.

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