The only available photo of SCP-6072, taken on 09/12/2035, moments before the entity's demanifestation.

Item #: SCP-6072

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6072 currently remains uncontained. Its proper localization and anchoring using Scranton Reality Anchors in cooperation with Site-88 personnel due to their experience with humanoid anomalies is to be considered top priority for Site-120 personnel. All potential manifestation reports are to be immediately investigated.

All Foundation personnel matching SCP-6072's manifestation criteria are to be placed within anti-ontokinetic spaces for the duration of their potential death, preventing the entity's manifestation.

Description: SCP-6072 is a predatory entity with no consistent form nor appearance, emitting a constant output of Level 4 TRE (Tartarean Radiation Energy) and minor amounts of Akiva Radiation, similar to that of a non-worshipped diety.1 SCP-6072 displays predatory behavior, only targetting individuals exhibiting one or more of the following traits due to hunting ease:

  • age above 60,
  • severe loneliness,
  • life in relative poverty,
  • highly unstable life,
  • bad health condition, both physical and mental,
  • lack of many truly close relatives or friends to rely on for potential protection,
  • inability to maintain romantic relationships.

All individuals near which SCP-6072 manifests are found dead within two to five minutes of exposure; in 100% of cases, the cause of death was determined to be a disease previously undiagnosed in an extreme state. The entity will never leave its prey until it's confirmed dead, always awaiting near it until the disease kills the subject, not infrequently checking for life signs on people it hunts. How SCP-6072 is able to manifest them within the organism of its prey in such an advanced state remains unknown.

SCP-6072 possesses virtually unlimited teleportation and shapeshifting capabilities, enabling it to manifest at any location in any form. Despite this, the entity utilizes this ability solely to manifest near its prey, which it hunts constantly; it has never been noted to appear anywhere else other than near individuals it wishes to eliminate. Most manifestations follow the formula of the entity taking the form of standard humans within the area it manifests in, frequently choosing the form of a close relative of the person it wishes to hunt. Upon detecting a potential victim, the entity will stop at nothing to achieve its goal — it has even been noted to bypass previously thought to be impenetrable anti-ontokinetic spaces.

Current hypothesis hold the entity is a pain-consuming Tartarean, prolonging its life through the murder of others. Though this theory is backed up by examples of pre-modern era civilizations interacting with it,2 whether it's true remains unknown.

Discovery and Historical Context: SCP-6072 had been known to the Foundation in one form or another ever since its founding in 1870. Initially suspected to be numerous other anomalies, following over 150 years of continued appearance, it had been fully researched and classified as SCP-6072. However, despite the Foundation only possessing data about it for 165 years, research has revealed numerous records taken from all around the world throughout numerous centuries regarding the world's cultures and their interactions with the entity. The following is a select few of the most important ones.3

Timeframe of Manifestations Location of manifestations Manifestation Details
Unknown, most likely ~ 1800-1700 B.C. Egypt Due to the extremely poor state of most of society at the time, SCP-6072 was able to claim extreme amounts of victims. Directly responsible for the belief in Resheph, a god of disease spawning it wherever he came.
Unknown, most likely ~ 400-300 B.C. Mesopotamia Due to the highly politically unstable timeframe of its manifestation, SCP-6072 was able to exploit it to hunt numerous victims before being noticed. Inspired the myth of Erra; a god of war and disease, coming for the weak to take them to the kingdom of the dead.
Unknown, most likely ~ 400-700 Central and Eastern Europe SCP-6072's numerous manifestations most likely inspired the Masurian myth of "white peoples;" a gnome-like race of demons responsible for human diseases, bringing them upon the weak and old.
The Edo period (1603-1867) Japan Despite the relative peace and economical stability of the era, SCP-6072 was still noted to manifest due to the chaos and instability of the era directly before it causing many poorer regions (though the manifestations were visibly less and less frequent as the era went on). Most likely inspired the Japanese myth of the Shinigami (death gods bringing weak humans death and carrying their souls to the afterlife).
1890-1923 Siberia Due to the highly unstable health and physical wealth of the Ket people in that region caused by numerous attempts at russification by the Russian authorities of the time, SCP-6072 was able to hunt much more frequently within the area. Further research regarding the culture suggests the entity was responsible for the myth of the Chośadam goddess; a deity responsible for cursing humans with diseases and "devouring their souls" afterwards.

Addendum 6072-2: The following log is the only available recording of SCP-6072 interacting with any of its victims as well as the only manifestation event which the Foundation was able to witness.

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