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Item#: 6070
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-163 Ernest Silva Dr. H. Bliss MTF Mu-13 ("Ghost Busters")

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6070-A is to be kept in a vehicle storage unit at Site-207. Under no circumstance is the movement of SCP-6070-A to be allowed. SCP-6070-A's fuel tank should remain empty at all times.

In the event that SCP-6070 enters an unwanted vehicle, the latter is to be destroyed. Utmost precaution should be taken when doing so to avoid the possible containment breach of SCP-6070. Additionally, an automobile is to be placed near SCP-6070-A to recontain the entity. No other vehicles are to be in proximity to SCP-6070 during this time.

Description: SCP-6070 is a dark, humanoid entity. Its height and build are consistent with those of the average adult human male. The entity possesses no distinguishable facial features or body markings.

SCP-6070 possesses the ability to enter any type of vehicle which can be manually controlled1. This new vehicle is subsequently designated as SCP-6070-A. SCP-6070 enters vehicles by spontaneously relocating into them from its previous vehicle. When doing so, both of the involved vehicles will appear as if under shade until the entity has fully relocated. If presented with a choice at the time of spontaneously relocating, SCP-6070 will always defer to the vehicle capable of causing the most damage in a collision. SCP-6070 can only spontaneously relocate into vehicles within 1km of its current location.

SCP-6070 will actively attempt to destroy or otherwise heavily damage its host vehicle through vehicular collisions. These collisions appear to be designed to maximize civilian casualties. Upon destruction of SCP-6070-A, SCP-6070 will spontaneously relocate to the nearest vehicle capable of causing the most damage in a vehicular collision, taking control of it. The entity is able to completely control the functions of vehicles at its will; human interaction is not a viable deterrent to stop its actions.

SCP-6070 is capable of speech and is fluent in American English. Its voice is that of an adult human male.

Discovery: SCP-6070 was discovered on 25/05/2018 after a string of multiple severe car accidents were reported in Miami, Florida, United States. These reports were usually accompanied by mentions of a "shadowy figure" being present at the scene, usually in the driver's seat of one of the involved vehicles.

Addendum 6070.1: Mission report, investigation and identification of SCP-6070.

Addendum 6070.2: On 04/06/2018, a multi-vehicle collision was reported in Miami. Florida. The "shadowy figure" was also mentioned in eyewitness testimonies. Below is a transcription of an interview conducted to eyewitness Steve ████████. (Audio and video recorded through the use of body cameras)

Interviewed: Steve ████████

Interviewer(s): Agent Mark Conner, Agent June Rodríguez


June Rodríguez: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, sir.

Steve ████████: No problem.

Mark Conner: Mhmm. So, what is it you saw back there?

Steve ████████: Alright, so I was just about to go into my building, it was like nine p.m and I was very tired. All of a sudden I heard this bang right behind me, I turned around and I saw two cars that had crashed head-on. I rushed over to see what was happening when three more cars came crashing down.

June Rodríguez: Alright, is there any other crucial piece of information you could gi-

Mark Conner: Did you see anything weird on the scene? Maybe something that shouldn't have been there? Like… apart from the crash?

(June turns to stare at Mark in annoyance and shoulders him lightly)

June Rodríguez: (Whispering) Follow protocol, Mark, stick to the script.

Mark Conner: Alright, alright, I'm sorry.

(June and Mark turn back to Steve, who is thinking about their question)

Steve ████████: Hmm… anything weird…. I'm trying to remember. Umm, oh yeah! I saw this weird sort of shadow? If you could call it that.

(June raises an eyebrow at Steve)

June Rodríguez: Could you elaborate?

Steve ████████: Well, as soon as the crash happened, the first car, you know, the one that started the whole thing, it kinda like… got darker? Like there was a sort of figure in the driver's seat and as soon as the crash happened the figure disappeared and a sort of shadow covered one of the crashed cars.

Mark Conner: Now that's weird.

June Rodríguez: Did you perhaps see if the shadow went anywhere?

Steve ████████: Umm… went anywhere? Well I mean, there was another car close by that also seemed to get darker, dunno if that's what you mean though.

Mark Conner: Hmm… did you see which car it was, mate?

Steve ████████: Yeah, it was a white sedan…

(Steve's eyes dart to the left)

Steve ████████: In fact, there it is!

(Steve points left to a vehicle in a nearby parking lot)

(June and Mark turn to look at the vehicle, before turning back and ending the interview)

June Rodríguez: Alright. That will be all, thank you for your cooperation.

Steve ████████: Any time!

(June and Mark walk away from Steve. Mark turns to look at June)

Mark Conner: Well, what do we do now?

June Rodríguez: Well, investigate the car, it's the best lead we have.

Mark Conner: Good idea, partner.

(June and Mark approach the vehicle)

Mark Conner: Think we'll find something?

June Rodríguez: We'll see soon enough.

(June and Mark reach the vehicle, Mark leans to see through the front left window)

Mark Conner: Hmm… I don't really see anything.

June Rodríguez: Let me take a look.

(June leans to look through the window as Mark gets out of the way)

June Rodríguez: Yeah… I don't see anything eit- woah! Did you see that!?

(June is startled, jumping back a little before regaining her composure)

Mark Conner: What?

June Rodríguez: I- I swear I just saw some movement! It was like a… shadow - but I swear I saw something move!

Mark Conner: A shadow? Couldn't it just have been… our shadow?

(June looks in annoyance at Mark, who was an incredulous look on his face)

June Rodríguez: Ugh, I mean like… like, not a shadow, but a dark figure.

Mark Conner: Eh, seems kinda sketchy to me. You think we should check out the car from the inside?

June Rodríguez: Definitely!

(Mark looks around, seemingly unconvinced)

Mark Conner: Alright, I guess…

(Mark manages to open the vehicle's front left door)

June Rodríguez: Woah! How'd you do that? Oh, and, don't we need a permit for this?

Mark Conner: One, experience, and two, no. Well, I mean, we do need a permit, but if there is something in there then we could be about to make a discovery! I don't think anyone would really get mad for this.

(June looks apprehensive for a moment, before approaching the vehicle once again)

June Rodríguez: Hmph… alright, let me check this out.

(A dark figure is briefly seen turning towards the agents)

SCP-6070: Hmph… who are you?

(June and Mark yelp as they both jump back a little before re-approaching the vehicle)

Mark Conner: Crikey!

June Rodríguez: Oh, uhmmuh, we're uh, agents, we're investigating a nearby crash.

(Mark leans towards June)

Mark Conner: (Whispering) What the fuck, what do we do?

June Rodríguez: (Whispering) Shhh… just follow my lead.

Mark Conner: Gulp… okay.

SCP-6070: Hmm… what do you want, agents?

June Rodríguez: We would like to ask you some questions, we need you to come with us.

(SCP-6070 chuckles)

SCP-6070: Hmph… very well.


Addendum 6070.3 - Incident Report 6070.1: During the transport of the vehicle in which SCP-6070 was located, the entity managed to dislodge SCP-6070-A from its restraints, subsequently crashing it repeatedly until the vehicle was rendered nonfunctional. SCP-6070 subsequently demanifested.

Below is a transcription of the recorded audio and video of the events. (Audio and video recorded through the use of body cameras)


(June and Mark enter a trailer truck)

June Rodríguez: Alright! Car's secured, let's go!

Mark Conner: Nice, great job, partner.

(June and Mark begin driving)

June Rodríguez: We have the convoy following us now.

Mark Conner: Cool, we'll get there with no problems.

[Several minutes of extraneous conversation have been omitted for brevity]

(SCP-6070 accelerates SCP-6070-A, dislodging the vehicle from its restraints, SCP-6070-A subsequently crashes against the side of the container carrying it, allowing the entity to relocate)

Mark Conner: Crikey! You hear that?

(Mark turns to look back at the shipping container)

June Rodríguez: Shit. He's crashed into something!

(Mark turns back to look at June with a panicked look on his face)

Mark Conner: What? Did he manage to release the car?

June Rodríguez: Yes, I think so. He must've crashed it against the container walls.

Mark Conner: Shit shit shit, we need to find him again then.

June Rodríguez: I'll stop the truck. Come on, let's get out!

(The trailer truck is stopped and June and Mark exit the vehicle, the accompanying convoy stops soon after)

Mark Conner: C'mon! Let's open the container.

(June and Mark struggle for a few seconds, before opening the container transporting SCP-6070-A)

June Rodríguez: Where is he?

Mark Conner: Fuck, I don't see him!

June Rodríguez: SCP-6070, are you there?

(No response is heard)

(June and Mark enter the container, looking around frantically for signs of the entity)

June Rodríguez: I repeat, SCP-6070, are you there? State your presence!

(No response is heard)

(Mark puts his hands on his head, pacing around the container)

Mark Conner: Fuck. He's gone! Argh… shit, what are we gonna do?

June Rodríguez: Damn it! We need to track him down again, he can't be far away.

(A Foundation agent enters the container, carrying a confused look on his face)

Unidentified Foundation Agent: Um… agents? Where is the anomaly?

(Mark puts his hands down as he and June exit the container, both agents walk towards the truck once again)

Mark Conner: It's disappeared, mate, come on, get the convoy ready, we need to find him again.


Addendum 6070.4: On 06/06/2018, SCP-6070 was successfully located inhabiting a trucking rig, below is the transcript of an interview conducted to SCP-6070, as well as a description of the events that followed. (Audio and video recorded through the use of body cameras)

Interviewed: SCP-6070

Interviewer(s): Agent Mark Conner, Agent June Rodríguez


June Rodríguez: May you please state your name?

SCP-6070: Hmph… Charles Mason.

Mark Conner: Huh?

(Mark turns towards June)

June Rodríguez: This isn't the time to be playing games 6070, you already breached containment once, I suggest you cooperate.

(SCP-6070 is visibly irritated, assuming a defensive posture)

SCP-6070: I gave you my name, agents. Now get off my case!

(Mark turns back towards SCP-6070)

Mark Conner: So, Charles? Where'd you get that from?

SCP-6070: It's my name, idiot.

(June stares in annoyance at the entity, a stern look on her face)

June Rodríguez: Fine.

Mark Conner: Can I call you Charlie?

(June turns towards Mark)

June Rodríguez: (Whispering) This is serious Mark. Behave!

Mark Conner: (Whispering) Alright, I just thought this'd help us communicate better, ya know?

June Rodríguez: Sigh, fine.

(June and Mark turn back to face SCP-6070)

SCP-6070: Sure agent.

June Rodríguez: Alright then, Charles, now we need you to answer the following questions. What made you think escaping would be a good idea?

(SCP-6070 looks intently at June)

SCP-6070: I couldn't remain in that "containment" of yours. There are things I must do.

(Mark turns to June, raising an eyebrow at her)

(Mark looks back at SCP-6070)

Mark Conner: So… what's the stuff you gotta do?

SCP-6070: I need to find peace.

Mark Conner: Pretty cliché. How are you planning on doing that?

(The entity turns towards Mark, seemingly annoyed by his remark)

SCP-6070: I need to rid myself of hate. To move on.

Mark Conner: Who do ya hate? Or what?

(SCP-6070 disregards Mark's comment, turning to face both agents simultaneously)

SCP-6070: Look, agents. You are wasting my time.

(June looks sternly at SCP-6070)

June Rodríguez: No, he is not. Either way you have to come with us, so I suggest you answer the questions, it'll make your life a whole lot easier.

(Mark nods at June before turning back towards the entity)

Mark Conner: Can you tell me what you hate then? It'll get your more time out here before you go to a containment cell.

(SCP-6070 stays quiet for a few seconds before answering, seemingly annoyed at the situation)

SCP-6070: Hmph, alright. I lost my life to an accident years ago. The driver didn't even stop to look back at me, they just left. And I was left there in the dark of the night, nobody came to help.

June Rodríguez: Alright, I believe that's enough info. Let's go now.

(June looks down to stop the recording, but is interrupted by Mark before she can finish)

Mark Conner: Oh… so, you go around causing car accidents because you died in one? Isn't that counterintuitive? You said you needed to let go, I don't think this is helping, mate.

SCP-6070: Hmph… it has to help, agent. I do not know what else I can do.


Either way, I can't go back to your containment. I will not get what I want that way. I must go.

(SCP-6070 begins driving SCP-6070-A)

(June is startled for a few seconds before quickly returning to action)

June Rodríguez: Hey! SCP-6070, this isn't what we agreed! Come back here!

Mark Conner: Shit! Not again. C'mon, June, let's go after him!

(Mark rushes to the convoy)

Mark Conner: Hey! The anomaly is escaping, follow lead.

Unidentified Foundation Agent: Understood.

(June and Mark rush to enter the trailer truck)

June Rodríguez: Damn it! Where's he going?

Mark Conner: I don't know! I see the truck though, let's just follow him, he'll have to stop eventually!

June Rodríguez: Alright.

[Several minutes of extraneous conversation have been omitted for brevity]

Mark Conner: Where's he taking us?

(June looks past the trucking rig, towards the structure in the background)

June Rodríguez: Hmm… wait, is that, oh no, the airport!

Mark Conner: Shit, you're right! If he gets there he can cause a massive crash!

June Rodríguez: (Sarcastically) A truly riveting discovery, Mark.

(Mark smirks)

Mark Conner: Oh come on. Cut me some slack. Either way, we need to stop him.

(June chuckles)

[Several seconds of extraneous conversation have been omitted for brevity]

June Rodríguez: … shit! He's pulling onto the road to the airport, we don't have much time!

Mark Conner: Step on it!

June Rodríguez: I'm going as fast as I can, Mark!

(SCP-6070 reaches the airport parking lot)

June Rodríguez: God damn it! He's already there!

Mark Conner: C'mon, hop out! We can still catch him!

(June and Mark exit the trailer truck and reach SCP-6070-A, which is currently parked outside the parking lot)

June Rodríguez: SCP-6070, stop. This is an order!

SCP-6070: No. This- this is something I have to do.

Mark Conner: It's not, Charlie, this won't help at all on whatever you're trying to do! You're putting peoples' lives in danger!

SCP-6070: You don't understand, agents. Now leave.

Mark Conner: No! We won't let you harm these people, what do you want to achieve through this?

SCP-6070: What I've already told you.

(SCP-6070 accelerates SCP-6070-A, crashing it into multiple unoccupied cars, SCP-6070 does not stop its rampage until SCP-6070-A is no longer functional)

June Rodríguez: Shit! He's crashing into the cars!

Mark Conner: (Sarcastically) Wow! What a riveting discovery, June.

(June looks at Mark with an annoyed look on her face)

June Rodríguez: Now's not the time! C'mon, we have to get the people out of the parking lot before he hurts anyone! The cars were empty, but the rest of the airport isn't.

Mark Conner: On it!

(Mark runs to the convoy)

(Mark reaches an armored vehicle, knocking on the front left window to get the driver's attention)

Mark Conner: Hey, we need you to evacuate the parking lot, get everyone to safety, we'll go find the anomaly.

Unidentified Foundation Agent: Got it.

(Mark returns to June, who is evacuating bystanders in the parking lot)

Mark Conner: The convoy's informed, they're starting the rest of the evacuation.

June Rodríguez: Great. Let's finish getting the people here out.

Mark Conner: On it.

(June and Mark turn to face the crowd that has now formed)

June Rodríguez: Everyone, there is an out-of-control truck in the parking lot. Stay away from this place.

Mark Conner: We need you to evacuate. Get out until the threat has passed.

(Several more Foundation agents can be heard evacuating bystanders)

(SCP-6070-A comes to a stop)

Mark Conner: Phew! He's stopped now.

(Mark takes a deep breath)

June Rodríguez: Yeah, but it's not over yet. C'mon! We need to contain him!

(June and Mark begin running towards SCP-6070-A, however Mark stops, looking perplexed)

Mark Conner: Wait! If he's crashed, doesn't that mean he's gone to another vehicle?

June Rodríguez: Shit, you're right. Where's he now then?

Mark Conner: Well, he always tries to cause as much death as possible right? What is the most deadly vehicle here?

(June and Mark both look around the premises of the airport, searching for possible vehicles, before looking at each other with a shocked expression)

June and Mark simultaneously: The planes!

(Mark puts his hands on his head, as a worried look forms across his face)

Mark Conner: Shit, if he gets hold of one, we're fucked!

(June snaps her fingers to get Mark's attention)

June Rodríguez: C'mon! We need to find him. Let's split up, I'll go for the planes on the left of the airport, you go for the ones on the right.

Mark Conner: Sounds like a plan.

(June and Mark start to go in different directions, however Mark turns around and yells)

Mark Conner: Wait! We have to report this to command first.

June Rodríguez: Oh shit, that's right. On it.

(June takes out her radio, beginning a transmission)

June Rodríguez: This is agent June Rodríguez, SCP-6070 team, we have an imminent threat of a plane getting destroyed. We request immediate backup - ████ Airport. Over.

(June puts her radio away, finishing the transmission)

Mark Conner: Alright, that's done, now let's go.

June Rodríguez: On it.

(June and Mark split up)

(June and Mark reach separate runways)

(June rushes across a runway, approaching a plane awaiting takeoff)

June Rodríguez: Oh God, pray he hasn't gone into one of these.

(June enters attempts to enter the airplane, but is interrupted by a flight attendant)

June Rodríguez: Ummuh, hello, ma'am. Please, I need to enter immediately.

Unknown Flight Attendant: Uh, sorry, the plane's about to take off, you aren't allowed to enter.

June Rodríguez: I know, ma'am, but we have an emergency, we had an incident a few minutes ago, there was an attack, I need to check the cockpit.

Unknown Flight Attendant: An attack? Oh uh, I'll get the pilot then.

June Rodríguez: Thank you very much, ma'am.

(June's expression calms as the airplane's pilot walks in)

June Rodríguez: Thank you for coming out, sir, now, if you may, I need to-

Unknown Pilot: I was told you had had an incident a few minutes ago? What is it about? If I may ask.

(June is startled for a second, before continuing the conversation)

June Rodríguez: I'm sorry, sir, there's very little time, I need to check the cockpit immediately.

Unknown Pilot: Oh, uh, su-

June Rodríguez: Alright, thank you very much.

(June rushes into the cockpit, going past several flight attendants on the way. As she enters the cockpit, she starts frantically looking around in all the seats)

June Rodríguez: C'mon, c'mon. Charles! Charles! Are you here!?

(No response is heard)

June Rodríguez: Ugh… he must not be here. We're running out of time!

(June looks around in a stressful manner, right as her radio turns on. She scrambles to get the radio out as the message comes through)

Mark Conner: June! June! Do you copy? Over.

June Rodríguez: Yes, I hear you, Mark, where are you? Over.

Mark Conner: I found him! I'm on Flight 3186, ████████ Airlines, farthest runway to the right, come quick! Over.

(June's body relaxes as she receives the news)

June Rodríguez: Phew! Thank God you found him. I'm going as fast as I can. Over.

(Radio communication is cut. June puts her radio away as she leaves the cockpit)

Unknown Pilot: Did you find the threat, ma'am?

(June turns to look at the pilot)

June Rodríguez: I checked the whole cockpit, sir, the plane is safe.

Unknown Pilot: Oh! Alright, thank you for checkin-

(June interrupts the pilot, moving past him to exit the airplane)

June Rodríguez: Sorry, sir, but I have to go immediately.

(June exits the airplane as she looks back at the pilot. She then starts a sprint towards Mark's location)

[Several seconds of footage have been omitted for brevity]

(June reaches Flight 3186 and attempts to enter the airplane, panting as she goes up to the emergency exit)

Unknown Flight Attendant: Ma'am, you aren't allowed to enter, we're on the runway, the plane's about to take off.

June Rodríguez: Oh, um, ma'am, there's a-

(Mark appears in the emergency exit, tapping the flight attendant on her shoulder to get her attention)

Mark Conner: She's with me, get in, quick!

Unknown Flight Attendant: Oh, sorry, come right in, ma'am.

(The flight attendant makes way for June to enter)

June Rodríguez: Thank you.

(June enters the airplane)

(Mark takes June by the hand and rushes her into the cockpit)

June Rodríguez: Alright, what's the deal, is he here?

SCP-6070: I am.

(June turns rapidly to stare at the place where the voice came from)

June Rodríguez: Shit! That scared me.

(Mark turns to look at SCP-6070)

Mark Conner: Look, Charlie. You have to stop this, come on, exit the plane. We can talk this out, there's no need to do this.

SCP-6070: I- I will not.

(June straightens herself as she approaches the entity)

June Rodríguez: Charles, I suggest you comply, you know you won't achieve anything through this, so why do it? Listen to Mark, for your own good.

(SCP-6070 hesitates for a moment before continuing his actions)

SCP-6070: I do not care about your opinions, you don't know anything about me. This will finally help me.

(Mark stares in frustration at SCP-6070)

Mark Conner: How will it help you though?

SCP-6070: I will find peace. I will deal with my problems. I will move on.

June Rodríguez: By killing hundreds of innocent people!?

(SCP-6070 disregards June's comment, continuing with its plan)

SCP-6070: Hmph… I suggest you exit the airplane, agents. You have little time.

(Mark turns to face June as he points towards the cabin)

Mark Conner: June, start evacuating the passengers, I'll negotiate.

June Rodríguez: Alright, I'm on it.

(June turns around and exits the cockpit, leaving Mark and SCP-6070)

(Mark turns back to face the entity)

Mark Conner: Look, Charlie, this, all you've done, this hasn't helped you.

SCP-6070: How would you know?

(SCP-6070 shows a defensive posture)

Mark Conner: Trust me, how has any of this helped you "move on" or "deal with your grief"? You're just hurting innocent people.

(June can be heard evacuating the passengers in the background)

(SCP-6070 tenses, looking around the cockpit)

SCP-6070: What are you trying to do, agent?

Mark Conner: I'm trying to help you. Why don't you get that?

(SCP-6070 resumes its defensive posture, focusing on Mark)

SCP-6070: No. You don't know me. I have to do this.

(SCP-6070 remains in silence for approximately 10 seconds before taking hold of the controls and starting to accelerate the airplane)

(Mark takes a sharp breath as he looks outside the airplane through a window, the view getting blurry as the airplane gains speed)

(Mark turns back to look at SCP-6070, attempting to stay calm)

Mark Conner: Look, mate, you're right, I don't know you - but I'm trying to help you. Please, stop this.

What will you get out of this? Regret for killing all these people? Shame? Even more pain? This is not the way to deal with your problems.

(June re-enters the cockpit, turning to look at Mark)

June Rodríguez: Everyone's been evacuated and a team is set to arrive soon.

Mark Conner: Great.

(Mark turns back towards SCP-6070)

Mark Conner: Now, Charlie, you have to come with us, this plane will be stopped by the Foundation in mere minutes if you don't comply.

SCP-6070: Please, agents, you- you don't get it. I-


I just don't know what to do anymore.

(Mark looks in sympathy at the entity)

Mark Conner: You can come with us. Let go. You have to.

(SCP-6070 relaxes, taking what is presumed to be a deep breath)

SCP-6070: I- I do.

(SCP-6070 halts the acceleration of the airplane right as June's radio turns on)

(June turns away from Mark and SCP-6070 as she takes out the device)

Unidentified Foundation Agent: Agent, we have sights on the target. Give the signal when ready. Over.

(June looks back towards the entity, hesitating for a moment before responding)

June Rodríguez: Not yet. Over.

(June turns back towards the agents, putting away her radio)

June Rodríguez: Look, I know you have problems you need to figure out. But this isn't the way. It'll just end badly for everyone.

(Mark looks at SCP-6070 with a pleading look on his face)

Mark Conner: Listen to her, please.

(SCP-6070 is going to respond, before hesitating and pausing for a few seconds)

SCP-6070: I- you're right.


I just didn't know what to do. All of this, this pain, this grief - has been nothing but my own doing. I'm sorry for what I've done, this should have never gotten this far.

I have nothing but respect for what you have done, and I'm sorry it ever got to this point.

(SCP-6070 remains in silence for approximately 10 seconds)

Thank you, agents.

(SCP-6070 begins glowing, the entity subsequently dissipates)




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