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Zhokhov Island landsat image. Entrance to SCP-6068 circled in red.

Item #: SCP-6068

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the harsh local climate, permanent patrol of SCP-6068 is not advised. The SCPS Shurale will remain stationed in the vicinity of the De Long Islands in the event of perimeter sensors signalling unauthorized entry.

Though attempts to fill SCP-6068's entrance with concrete have failed for unknown reasons, this course of action is to be continued until the site can be confirmed fully inaccessible. Whether or not the end result of said operation will be confirmable is currently unknown.

Description: SCP-6068 is a subterranean complex whose entrance is located on Zhokhov Island1 in the East Siberian Sea. Due to an unknown phenomenon, concepts related to or contained within SCP-6068 are extremely difficult to fully understand. This phenomenon is also believed to be responsible for heavy interference and distortion of audio and visual signals sent from inside the complex by exploration teams.

The date or purpose of SCP-6068's construction, as well as who constructed it, is currently not known. The full extent of SCP-6068's interior is also unknown, and all exploration teams sent into it are presumed lost and unrecoverable. If previous logs are to be believed, no living being has ever been encountered within SCP-6068.

The MEET device was found 07/06/2021 in the command center located on board the SCPS Shurale. Transported along with it were the above recordings and Alpha's dog tags. No sign exists that any member of the team survived the operation.

Addendum 6068.02

Update 08/06/2021: Per O5 command9, future exploration of SCP-6068 is discontinued.

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