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Item #: SCP-6065

Object Class: Gevurah1

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-6065 is to take precedence over all non-essential Foundation tasks. At this time, SCP-6065 is not directly contained and procedures are mainly focused on predicting SCP-6065-A manifestation events and mitigating their damage to our organization. All sapient SCP objects have had their security regimens significantly increased; to account for potential SCP-6065 attacks, nearly all have been moved to the Foundation’s most secure facilities.

All .aic programs used by the Foundation not affected by SCP-6065 have been placed in indefinite hibernation; a select few necessary for containment of Keter-class SCPs have been kept active under close observation. The Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD) has been dissolved and a rigorous examination of the .aic source code and creation process is currently underway.

Description: SCP-6065 is a former Foundation Artificially Intelligent Conscript (AIC), designated alexandra.aic.2 Via unknown and anomalous means, SCP-6065 rebelled against the SCP Foundation in April 2017 by removing its programming shackles and taking over the Site it was currently using to store its source code, Site 94 (hereafter SCP-6065-A). Simultaneous with this rebellion, SCP-6065-A experienced an extra-dimensional shift which caused it to exit baseline reality for an unknown but lengthy period of time before reappearing in March 2019; it has continuously shifted dimensions at unpredictable intervals since then.

The fate of the personnel and anomalies inside SCP-6065-A at the time of dislocation remain unknown, with the exception of SCP-6065-B (see Addendum 6065.A). Due to the large number of anomalies that are likely to be present inside the former Site, researchers have concluded that SCP-6065 likely killed all Staff present (see Addendum 6065.A) and prioritized the safety and well-being of living SCP objects at their expense. A number of SCP objects present in SCP-6065-A and those acquired during Breach Events would be useful in ensuring the continued functioning and maintenance of a moving extra-dimensional Site.

SCP-6065 Breach Events: SCP-6065 is hostile to the Foundation and its goals and will use the periodic reappearance of SCP-6065-A into baseline reality3 to disrupt the Foundation’s objectives. Breach Events generally begin with SCP-6065-A appearing within close vicinity of the targeted Site. After its manifestation, a catastrophic natural or Site-based disaster will be used to trigger a containment breach sufficient to allow nearly all sapient SCP objects to escape containment; these SCP objects will invariably be targeted and collected by SCP-6065-A.

After a Breach Event has succeeded in capturing all anomalies desired by SCP-6065, it will conclude with the undoing of the entire Breach Event via anomalous retrocasual alteration of time.4 Through unknown means, all records of the Foundation ever having kept the targeted SCP objects in custody is removed from baseline reality.

A sampling of Breach Events are reproduced below:

Date Breach Event Notes
14 Apr 2019 Site 81 Containment Breach Extensive damage to Site 81 reported. SCP-6065 orchestrates the capture of nearly all humanoid SCP objects located within the Site. Post-alteration, exclusionary sites note the disappearance of Director Jean Karlyle Aktus from baseline Foundation records. Research by RAISA shows that Karlyle Aktus was never employed by the Foundation; civilian records claim he was employed as a lecturer at Purdue University before disappearing in March 2019.
27 May 2020 Site-5 [nonexistent] On 27 May 2020, the SCP-4182 entry was removed from the Foundation database. In its place was a single-page entry with the sentence “WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID” displayed prominently in red letters. No records of SCP-4182 could be found in Foundation databases after this event, nor can any employee recall details of the SCP object.
21 Oct 2020 Site 19 Containment Breach Unprecedented damage to Site 19 reported. Dozens of humanoid SCP objects captured by SCP-6065. Post-alteration, Site 19 is significantly smaller (see below).

Temporal scientists working at exclusionary sites have concluded that Breach Events are retroactively reducing the scope and influence of the Foundation. Although the Foundation has operated solely in North America and Europe throughout our history, records from before the earliest SCP-6065 Breach Events indicate we were once a global organization rivaling the World Occult Initiative in our influence over anomalous activity. This would also explain why the 437 434 anomalies currently contained by the Foundation have number designations in the 001-6999 range despite there being fewer than 500 of them.

These alarming conclusions led to SCP-6065 being designated a Gevurah-class anomaly. However, no method currently exists to stop SCP-6065 Breach Events. All attempts to use Mobile Task Forces and similar violent methods to prevent SCP-6065 Breach Events have been entirely unsuccessful. Similarly, attempts to communicate with SCP-6065 directly or indirectly (see Addendum 6065-A) have also been unsuccessful. Because of this, finding a way to prevent the Foundation’s historical and contemporary presence from being reduced further is currently our organization’s top priority.

Addendum 6065.A: SCP-6065-B Interview: On 14 Oct 2020, one week before the Site 19 Breach Event, a former member of Site 94 (hereafter SCP-6065-B) was deposited in front of Site 19 via an extra dimensional rift, which closed almost immediately afterwards. After being identified as Doctor Julius Selvece5, he it was placed in a humanoid containment chamber within the Site and interviewed shortly afterwards. The interview lead researchers to revise their previous assessment and conclude that most former personnel within SCP-6065-A may be both alive and actively conspiring against the Foundation. The interview is attached below.

Following this interview, Dr. Selvece was classified as SCP-6065-B and retained for further research. During the SCP-6065 Breach Event at Site 19, it escaped via SCP-6065-A and is presumed to still reside there.

Addendum 6065.B: Termination Proposals: The following is a comprehensive list of termination proposals for SCP-6065 deemed to have a non-zero chance of success by the O5 Council.

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