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by J Dune

Item#: 6062
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SCP-6062, taken during an intelligence experiment involving a maze

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Area-179 Dir. Joseph Barrow Researcher Angela Starse N/A


Brandy, Pennsylvania

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6062 is to be kept in a modified containment cell located in Secure Facility Area-179. A plexiglass divider and intercom system have been installed for communication.

SCP-6062's containment chamber is to be cleaned once a week, and all waste is to be transported to Area-179's biology department, where it is to be either incinerated or distributed to other Foundation research institutions for study purposes at the discretion of the department head. All personnel making physical contact with SCP-6062, including weekly cleaning, are to wear Foundation-issued insulated HAZMAT suits.

Description: SCP-6062 is an entity composed of a collection of 13 intertwined Rattus norvegicus (Brown Rat) specimens, bound together at the tail by an unidentified, adhesive substance.1

While most specimens making up SCP-6062 are, bar anomalous effects, indistinct from their ordinary counterparts, several rats are afflicted with injuries or ailments. Broken bones, heavily mutilated facial features, and missing limbs have been observed, though these conditions do not impair functionality of the entity. It is hypothesized that these specimens share a collective consciousness that aids in mobility, sustainability, and cognitive capabilities. SCP-6062's movement is composed of each specimen acting in tandem to move in a certain direction. On occasion, mobility can become unrefined, as if each specimen is pulling the entity in separate directions.

SCP-6062 is capable of speech, despite possessing none of the organs required, and demonstrates an understanding of the English language. When SCP-6062 speaks, it uses the mouth of each specimen making up its whole to do so, allowing for amplification. Its voice has been described as "shrill" and "high-pitched", while its personality is delusional, contemptuous, and vulgar. SCP-6062 self-identifies as "King Ratthew Splondis XVIII".

SCP-6062 has been found to harbor, at the time of writing, 82 different infectious diseases2 and is capable of acting as a vector for zoonotic3 transmission of infectious pathogens. While SCP-6062 may demonstrate mild signs and symptoms of the diseases it carries, the entity is immune to any lethal effects. SCP-6062 has been observed to harbor malaria, Lyme disease, West Nile, several manifestations of Plague, salmonella, smallpox, and over 30 unidentified viral pathogens estimated to be prehistoric in age. While pathogens carried by SCP-6062 are conventional in nature, they are considerably more potent than would be expected, resulting in a higher chance of transmission. Pathogens within SCP-6062 continue to be discovered at an irregular rate.

Addendum.6062.1: Discovery

SCP-6062 was discovered on 2018/4/17 in Brandy, Pennsylvania — a small suburban development — after the town had contracted an outbreak of leprosy. The Foundation was notified of this incident, and promptly dispatched an assessment detail. A vaccination sourced from SCP-███ was utilized to cure affected residents.

The following is an audiovisual transcript of a recording taken by Dr. Amy Vebber and Researcher Angela Starse during the Brandy containment effort. The pair were searching a storm drain for irregularities as part of the routine search of the area.


Dr. Vebber and Researcher Starse, dressed in protective HAZMAT suits, navigate the narrow, subterranean area on their hands and feet. They crawl single-file, unable to fit otherwise. Vebber leads, with a flashlight attached to her head to offer faint illumination. Beneath them is a small stream of clouded, brown water.

Dr. Vebber: (Coughs) Stinks down here.

Researcher Starse: It’s a sewer, Amy.

Dr. Vebber: Would it kill them to put an air freshener out? Maybe light a few candles?

Researcher Starse: You should pitch it to the water company.

A sponge-like, brown cluster is seen growing on the lower-right corner of the pipe.

Dr. Vebber: The hell? Looks like a tumor. Let me just grab a sample, and…

SCP-6062: (From afar) Halt!

Researcher Starse: (Shouting) Hello? We’re with the CDC, we’re taking samples.

SCP-6062 scurries into view, moving in an uncontrolled, indecisive manner, darting from one side to the next.

Dr. Vebber: A… rat king?

Researcher Starse: That certainly is odd. I'll send a message to command quick, let them know we have an entity.

SCP-6062: Bite your tongue, peasant, for I am the Rat King, and you have entered my domain!

SCP-6062 walks into a wall before reorienting itself.

Dr. Vebber: Starse? You’re the PR gal. You wanna take this one?

Vebber positions herself to the side of the pipe, allowing Starse to lean forward and offer SCP-6062 a better view of her. Vebber devotes her attention to observing the brown growth, preparing for collection.

Researcher Starse: Of course. Er— How do you prefer us address you?

SCP-6062: Ah, let’s see, “Your majesty”, “your highness”, “your sexcellency”, and “M’Lord” work as honorifics in day-to-day conversation. For formal titles, I usually go by “Bearer of Bad Flus”, “The Scourge of Society”, “Ratman”, “The Er*rat*icator of Wellness”, “String Cheese”, and “Clint Rat-Eastwood”. Yes, those are my favorite titles. And what shall I call such… finely crafted examples of your crude species?

Researcher Starse: Okay! My name’s Angela, and this is Amy. We’re here with—

SCP-6062: Ooh, such foul, exotic names. As to be expected from your kind, yes. I do not remember inviting lesser-vermin concubines to my chambers but if you insist on copulating with me, you may undress now. Your suits of armor may be strong, but nothing is impenetrable, m’ladies.

Dr. Vebber: (Turns away) Excuse me?

Researcher Starse: Ah, I believe you’re mistaken, your majesty. You didn’t send for u—

A SCP-6062 specimen begins coughing, and after a prolonged effort, regurgitates a webbed, green piece of phlegm.

SCP-6062: Apologies, cont—

A second SCP-6062 specimen coughs, wheezing and gasping for air. It regurgitates a stream of blood.

SCP-6062: Continue.

Dr. Vebber: Better collect that too.

Researcher Starse: N-No worries. We’re here collecting samples for scientific research. Is this your home?

SCP-6062: Why, my domain is wherever my large, iron-clad boots tread! This is my kingdom, and also over there, and over here as well! I have assimilated many lands into my empire, but I am a fair monarch. I shall allow you lesser-vermin passage into my realm under the pretenses that you agree to dedicate the rest of your years in servitude to me as rats.

Researcher Starse: I’m afraid we can’t do that, your highness. You see—

SCP-6062: Then there will be no such pleasantries, ape.

SCP-6062 lunges forward and attempts to bite Starse’s facial area, but is hindered by the HAZMAT suit’s helmet. The entity scurries, squealing and clawing at the pair as they attempt to reposition themselves to move out of the tunnel. The two begin crawling in the opposite direction they came, but SCP-6062 continues its assault, attempting to chew through the right leg of Vebber’s suit to little effect. Vebber voice activates her bluetooth ear-piece communicator and connects to topside command.

Command: Dr. Vebber, you are now connected to SCP F—

Dr. Vebber: Yo, can you get a containment specialist over here when we get up in a few minutes? Maybe a cage or something? There’s a weird fuckin’ mouse thing and it’s trying to either kill or fuck us. We have suits, so it’s not a— Hey!

SCP-6062 crawls up Vebber’s back and onto her face covering. Four specimens defecate onto Vebber, while two others simultaneously regurgitate an unknown, black pus.

SCP-6062: I am a rat! A rat!

Dr. Vebber: Little bastard—

Vebber grabs SCP-6062 and swats it away, causing it to scurry ahead to Starse. SCP-6062 latches onto her left thigh and begins coughing.

Command: Uh, yeah. Sure. We’ll have someone there.


Following containment at Area-179, Dr. Vebber and Researcher Starse were examined. Despite wearing protective covering, they had both contracted a strain of Rubella. Both had been vaccinated against the disease as children. Using the medicine distributed during the Brandy effort, they were quickly cured. Shortly after, an interview with SCP-6062 was conducted. Researcher Starse was chosen due to her specialization in psychology and past record of successful communication with anomalous entities.

Researcher Starse enters the containment chamber. Reinforced plexiglass, outfitted with an intercom system, separates SCP-6062's cell from the interrogation room, which has been decorated with shavings, tubes, and platforms. Inside, SCP-6062 is attempting to jump onto a platform, though it keeps faltering backwards and ramming a portion of its heads into a wall. Phlegm and unidentified, viscous substances coat the walls and surfaces.

Researcher Starse: Your highness.

Starse curtsies before sitting at the intercom table. SCP-6062 scurries to the microphone connected to its cell.

SCP-6062: Release me at once! I do enjoy the amenities but not when I'm being quartered by odorous, incestuous apes! Confound those platforms, why do they compel me to climb?

Researcher Starse: You are entertained though. Oh, can you state your name for the record? It's just a thing I have to do.

SCP-6062: My name? You wouldn't ask Jesus Rat-Christ that, would you?

Researcher Starse: It's for—

SCP-6062: King Ratthew Splondis XVIII, ruler of all rats and bringer of death.

An SCP-6062 specimen with a mutilated face makes a distressed vocalization and regurgitates a small, unidentified insect, covered in blue phlegm. After a period of time, the insect reanimates itself and walks away.4

Researcher Starse: Thanks. Now, I've been meaning to ask, and there's going to be no punishment for being honest, so please be truthful with me. What were you doing in Brandy, in those sewers where we found you?

SCP-6062: Worry not, worry not. A king is always honest! I was there to conquer, of course! To bring war upon the lesser vermin as I have so many times prior. So many plagues! So many pandemics! All orchestrated by me and carried out by my underlings! I believe this instance was a bout of leopardseed, wasn't it? All according to my plan.

Researcher Starse: Leprosy, but yes. Are you aware of what Leprosy does?

SCP-6062: (Squeals) Of course! Leprosy does… very bad things that are not good so it can hurt the ape-men by making them die until they are killed! I think it's splendid!

Researcher Starse: Okay, okay. And what about the part where they turn into sheep?

SCP-6062: That's… that's why I adore it! That's my favorite part! I sit back and I watch them become as white and hairy as a snow creature! They crawl on the ground, writhing in pain, going "baaaah". A jolly good show indeed!

Research Starse: Leprosy doesn't turn people into sheep, your sexcellency. I made that up to see if you knew what you were talking about.

SCP-6062: Then I shall toss you in the moat to let the mud monster nip at your toes for centuries on end. Wait. Haugh—

A large, red boil appears on a specimen of SCP-6062. It swells in size before reaching a third of SCP-6062's mass. The boil pops, spraying the containment chamber in an off-white, hardening pus.

SCP-6062: Ah, that was good.

Researcher Starse: Okay, so you know you can cause disease, correct?

SCP-6062: Many of them.

Researcher Starse: But you don't know what they do. We've discovered a lot of strange things in your genetic makeup. Can you explain?

SCP-6062: I am the king of the rats.

Researcher Starse: (Pause) Sounds… alright. Why do you dislike humans?

SCP-6062: It was a human who disfigured me so! When 'me' was just 'we', he tied me up and made 'they' into 'I'. Do not be aghast, as it was this turn of events that inspired me to seek revenge on the lesser-vermin of the surface world. Yes, it was a good thing that this happened. A rat may slay another rat in comb-rat, but will a rat challenge a rat who is many rats? Now you see how my power came to be!

Researcher Starse: That sounds horrible, sir. Do you know who made you like this?

SCP-6062: An Italian. Out of all varieties of lesser-vermin, I despise that flavor the most.

Researcher Starse: Mm?

SCP-6062: That's all I recall. You all surface-skimmers look so similar. Many names on my mind, but only ones worth remembering.

Researcher Starse: That's okay, thanks for sharing that with me. You mentioned having… underlings. Are there more of you?

SCP-6062: Many more, harlot. Many more. My legion of followers numbers in the -illions! There are more of us than you, and inside me is a connection to every rat on this ape-infested planet! I've already sent word. They will bring pestilence! They will bring this-ease and that-ease! All of the eases! They will rescue me from a grisly fate at the hands of your magic-men, and then I will rule! The year of the rat will come, and swiftly so! Do you stand in opposition to be devoured by the sickness, or will you take my claw in marriage? I would not offer such a divine kindness to most of your kind.

Researcher Starse: Oh, uh, I'm already married. Apologies. Are you okay with just remaining friends, your highness?

All specimens of SCP-6062 begin secreting a yellow fluid from their eyes. The entity makes a sound equivalent to human sobbing. This continues for two minutes, escalating in volume and intensity as time goes on. Eventually, SCP-6062 begins coughing up large globules of phlegm.

SCP-6062: Y-Yes.

Researcher Starse: I really am sorry. I'm just here to do my job. Would you like me to get you something? Do you like cheese?

SCP-6062: Oh, because I'm a rat, I like cheese, huh?

Researcher Starse: No! That's not at all what I was insinuating! Uh, I, the cafeteria was serving one of those big cheese plates today! It has absolutely nothing to do with you being—

SCP-6062: A cheese plate? Splendid! Bring me the entire dish, I do love a good cheese.


Researcher Starse: I'll… check with my supervisor, okay?

SCP-6062: You either retrieve the cheese now, or I will consume nothing but my own waste until you do, topsider.


Upon directorial review, SCP-6062 was granted access to a balanced diet of natural foods safe for consumption. Since containment, a number of undocumented behaviors have been observed in SCP-6062, and have been listed below.

  • SCP-6062 frequently consumes its own waste and excess. When asked about this, it claims it is "Keeping the royal bloodline pure".
  • SCP-6062 takes pleasure in the Foundation's collection of its excess to be used for testing and research purposes. It has stated that it enjoys the idea of others being exposed to its "greatness" and wishes they contract the diseases carried by the material.
  • SCP-6062 will sleep for extended periods of time5, but will deny doing so. SCP-6062 claims it has no need for rest, and that it is "contacting the rodent brethren through meditation" during these periods.
  • SCP-6062 has shown an affinity for Researcher Starse, and will frequently discuss her with other personnel. The entity has shown interest in Starse's husband, and will often ask about the status of her marriage. Researcher Starse has been ineffective in diverting the conversation to a new subject when it arises. Starse has declined reassignment to a different anomaly.
  • SCP-6062 will chase after itself, spinning in a circle, for recreational purposes. When asked about this action, SCP-6062 claimed it is practicing a dance for a "royal rat-ball".
  • SCP-6062 is sensitive to music, and becomes noticeably lethargic and susceptible to suggestion while it is playing. As the entity has shown distress following the playing of music, doing so in the presence of SCP-6062 has been prohibited

In order to test the veracity of SCP-6062's claims in regards to communication with other members of its species, an experiment was held.


Subject-12812, used in this experiment

SCP-6062 is placed in an empty containment chamber with one Rattus norvegicus (Brown Rat).

SCP-6062: Quite brave of you to place me so near to a member of my court!

The rat moves around the chamber idly. It does not seem to notice SCP-6062. The entity moves closer to the rat.

SCP-6062: Yes, I need you to send a message. Oh, your name is Maurice? How charming! Maurice, my good sir, tell my generals to focus all war efforts onto Italy and Italians throughout the land. Why yes, I do believe General Rat-Patton is the best man to carry out such a pogrom!

The rat moves away from SCP-6062, walking to the other side of the chamber. It is suddenly distracted by its own tail, which it begins to observe.

SCP-6062: M-Maurice, come back here! There are things to be discussed! Very important things! I bestow upon you my blessing, go forth and complete your quest in the name of your glorious king! Say it with me, Maurice! All hail King Ratthew Splondis XVIII, may his many-headed body stay seated on the throne of malady forever! Death to all lesser-vermin! I can't hear you say it, Maurice!

The rat playfully claws at the chambers walls, attempting to climb them by placing its claws between the interstices of the tiles.

Researcher's Note: SCP-6062 has proven useful in the collection of bacterial samples to study and sell. I don't believe we have anything to worry about in regards to its supposed telepathic abilities. - Researcher Starse

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