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Right where I left it. Right as I remember it.

Let's see what old sins lie in wait.

It's definitely as quiet as I remember. For as lively as the days were here, night never failed to be deadly silent.


It's definitely darker than I remember. Main generator must've busted a long time ago. Maybe the backup still works.

Should be right around… here.

Bump, fwick

Let there be light!

Oh my, is that… it is!

Crunch Crunch

The "Unauthorized Visitors" sign Callie found amongst the rubble. Still there. I don't remember there being quite so much plant life.

Tap Tap Tap…

Oh. Hey, old friend. … Why not? Let's see what memories lie behind the door.


Did I really leave this place this messy? Maybe there were squatters that came and went.


My keycard. Not like it's good for anything.

Tap Tap

I wonder what the others were doing before the evacuation.


I really wonder what went through their heads sometimes.


Oops. Well, it's already broken. … Hey that's my old terminal. I wonder if I can still login…


Still remember it.

Terminal #006

Welcome, Miss Prescott

Personnel File:

Name: Miss Susan "Suzie" C. Prescott

Security Clearance: Level 3

History: Researcher Prescott spent many years in the service of the Foundation under the Prometheus Project, and following her notable progress and commendable research skills was brought on board as a researcher in the aftermath of the 6060-GH event.

Notable Assignments:
Prometheus Project

Current Assignment: SCP-6060

Suzie C. Prescott. There's a name I haven't heard in a while.

Seems like forever ago. A whole different identity, a whole different life. A whole different person.

What a waste of time. What even was that project? SCP-6060…

Item Tag: SCP-6060

Item Class: Euclid

Preservation Importance: ⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤

Containment Procedures: SCP-6060 is to remain contained at Site-40 by any means necessary. The well-being of SCP-6060 is maintained by Researcher Prescott. Once a week, a tissue sample shall be taken by Prescott for the purposes of Promethean Reconstruction. SCP-6060 is to be located and contained as soon as possible.

Item Description: SCP-6060 is a bipedal organism of the female sex who answers to the name "Candela". SCP-6060's DNA is an exact match for that of Homo sapiens and appears to possess no anomalous traits. SCP-6060 was born many decades after the 6060-GH event (colloquially "The Calamity").

Oh. That's right.

We weren't finished.

Addendum 6060-A: SCP-6060 interview

Interviewed: SCP-6060
Interviewer: Researcher Susan Prescott, Dr. Cleveland Ozwald
Foreword: The following interview was conducted to learn what SCP-6060 knows about its origins and other relevant information.
<Begin Log>

Dr. Ozwald: SCP-6060. My name is Dr. Ozwald, and this is Researcher Prescott. Today we will be discussing your origins.
SCP-6060: I told you when you took me that I don't know anything. I don't know why I'm here. I don't know why I'm alive.
Researcher Prescott: Could you tell us how you went so long without being caught?
Dr. Ozwald: Yes, I would assume that someone would have noticed that you never shifted.
SCP-6060: That's not your business.
Dr. Ozwald: You're at our mercy, SCP– [SCP-6060 pounds its fists against the glass divider, interrupting him.]
SCP-6060: And that's not my name! It's Candela. I told you that.
Researcher Prescott: I'm afraid per protocols we have to use your… designation.

Looking back. I can practically feel the puppet strings of the former self I was forced to be in that moment.

[SCP-6060 is visibly angry, but does not reply.]
Dr. Ozwald: We've come to an understanding regarding your name. Now back to being caught, or how you weren't.
SCP-6060: Have you considered some people just didn't care? So what if I'm human, I'm not hurting them.
Researcher Prescott: It makes a good point.
Dr. Ozwald: That it does, Suzie.
SCP-6060: What? What did I say?
Dr. Ozwald: We are done for the day.

<End Log>
Closing Statement: Plans to showcase SCP-6060's existence to the public are underway.

I was so excited to work with another intelligent being. I thought we'd never find an anomaly of that type in this world. But alas, Candela. I don't really remember much of what she was like.

Addendum 6060-B: SCP-6060 existence in the aftermath of the 6060-GH event

SCP-6060's existence is notable primarily because it's generally accepted that baseline humans do not exist following the GH-Class "Dead Greenhouse" event known as "the calamity." The anomaly is evident in that SCP-6060 was born after 6060-GH occurred, making its birth an anomaly itself. The implications of SCP-6060's existence are currently unknown, but high-profile.

The Foundation conducted a series of interviews to gauge the general populace's thoughts on the possibility of SCP-6060's existence before making their research known to the public. For the entirety of the interview conducted, see SCP-6060-AUI.

Interviewed: Dominic Arania
Interviewer: Researcher Susan Prescott
Foreword: Mr. Arania is a large organism of the order Arachnid that claims to be from an alternate timeline where spiders are the dominant species.
<Begin Log>

Researcher Prescott: Thank you for your time, Mr. Arania. I'm just going to ask you a few questions if that's alright.
Dominic Arania: Whatever. Just make it quick.
Prescott: What do you know about The Calamity"?
Arania: No more than anyone else. Wiped out all humans, nonhumans took over the earth. That was well before my time, it's not like I remember it.
Prescott: Understood. Do you believe the calamity wiped out all humanity?
Arania: You're asking if I believe in Civs? [He laughs.] No, I don't believe in civs. They're a myth meant to scare little spiders into being good.
Prescott: How do you think you would react if you met someone you knew for certain was baseline human?
Arania: Squish them. [He laughs again.] I don't know. Why the hypotheticals?
Prescott: Just part of our research. Perhaps a better way to phrase would be how would you feel if you met a… civ? What do you think the implications of that would be?
Arania: [He is silent for several moments.] I think I would be scared.
Prescott: Scared? Why?
Arania: Because it means they could come back.

Interviewed: Mr. Samual Barros
Interviewer: Dr. Cleveland Ozwald
Others Present: Researcher Susan Prescott
Foreword: Mr. Barros is a humanoid with attributes reminiscent of a Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias), including what appears to be a live miniature shark in placement of hair. Mr. Barros claims to be a "creature", a being who survived The Calamity by having anomalous attributes beforehand.
<Begin Log>

Dr. Ozwald: Thank you for agreeing to talk with me, Mr. Barros. I would like to ask you a couple of questions.
Barros: You can just call me Sam, man. And no problem.
Dr. Ozwald: What do you know about "The Calamity"?
Barros: That I was alive before it. I was human. I could talk to sharks, and they didn't hurt me. Made surfing much less dangerous. Many of my memories are fuzzy. [chuckles] Seems those were enough to keep me alive, though. Maybe I was always part shark.
Dr. Ozwald: [nods] As you seem to know, all humans were killed by The Calamity. But what if I told you not all humans were dead?
Barros: [sits up] You mean civs? [chuckles] Civs are just a myth, man. [pause] Unless you mean you've seen one?
Dr. Ozwald: This is a hypothetical situation. In this situation, what would you do if you got to meet one?
Barros: [his smile fades] That… that has a lot of answers. [pause] I mean, I'd be happy that humans aren't dead. But, I'd be jealous, admittedly. Why do they get to be human, while I'm the one with the 50-pound shark on my head that miraculously hasn't snapped my neck?
Researcher Prescott: Would you want people jealous of you, angry at you for something you can't control?
Dr. Ozwald: Suzie, we made it clear you wouldn't be asking questions this interview.
Researcher Prescott: Sorry, I just thought it was a relevant–
Barros: No.
Dr. Ozwald: [remeains silent for a moment] Thank you for your candor. That will be all for today.

Addendum 6060-C: Testing the humanity of SCP-6060

In the time following the discovery and containment of SCP-6060, many tests were performed to verify that it possessed no anomalous qualities. These tests included:

  • Testing of tissue sample
  • Testing of blood sample
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Exposure to items and life deemed anomalous to humans

These tests occurred weekly, along with the collection of tissue for Promethean Reconstruction per Researcher Prescott's needs.

These logs have been expunged for irrelevancy. To request extended logs, see Dr. Ozwald.

That's not right. I know I had those files somewhere…

Come on, think. It wasn't that long ago. Where would I have kept them?
My personnel file is the only thing that makes sense…

Personnel File:

Name: Miss Susan "Suzie" C. Prescott

Security Clearance: Level 3

History: Researcher Prescott spent many years in the service of the Foundation under the Prometheus Project, and following her notable progress and commendable research skills was brought on board as a researcher in the aftermath of the 6060-GH event.

Notable Assignments:
Prometheus Project

Current Assignment: SCP-6060

Wait… I don't remember working on EE-6210-C.

Sometimes I'm a genius.

Let's check these out. The tissue one… that would've been real early on.

Audio log: SCP-6060 Tissue test.

SCPs Present: SCP-6060

Personnel Present: Researcher Prescott

Others Present: n/a


[A door opens. There is silence for a few moments.]
Researcher Prescott: Um. Hello, SCP–
SCP-6060: Stop calling me that! That is not my name.
Researcher Prescott: Understood. I… I won't call you that.
SCP-6060: What are you doing here? Asking more stupid questions?
Researcher Prescott: No, no. I'm… I'm afraid we have to run a few tests.
SCP-6060: Tests?
Researcher Prescott: On you.
SCP-6060: I figured that much, I'm asking what kind of tests?
Researcher Prescott: Nothing too drastic. We want to keep you safe.
SCP-6060: That's rich.
Researcher Prescott: …Today is just a tissue sample. Just a bit of skin.
SCP-6060: Will it hurt?
Researcher Prescott: A bit, but no more than say a scraped knee.
SCP-6060: A scraped knee still hurts.
Researcher Prescott: Yes. I suppose it does.
[Several moments of silence pass as Researcher Prescott prepares to take the sample. SCP-6060 winces.]
Researcher Prescott: Sorry.
SCP-6060: It's not too bad it's just… yeah.
Researcher Prescott: Mmhmm.
[Several more moments pass before either speaks.]
SCP-6060: You weren't with them.
Researcher Prescott: Pardon?
SCP-6060: You weren't with the others when they captured me. Every other person I've seen in this facility was with the group that kidnapped me. But not you.
Researcher Prescott: They don't usually bring me out into the field.
SCP-6060: Why not?
Researcher Prescott: The sample collection is over. Go ahead and apply pressure for me here.
[There are more sounds as Researcher Prescott begins to leave.]
SCP-6060: …thanks.
Researcher Prescott: For what?
SCP-6060: I don't know… not being as terrible to me as the others.
Researcher Prescott: That sounds like a low bar to meet.
SCP-6060: Well, thanks for meeting it, doc.
Researcher Prescott: I'm not a doctor.
SCP-6060: Then what do I call you?
Researcher Prescott: Um… Hm… The Foundation– the others call me Suzie.
SCP-6060: Well, thank you for doing the bare minimum, Suzie.

Oh, right. She appreciated humanity, no one else seemed to give it. I was just doing what seemed right. She was… human after all. I suppose that's why no one else acted how I did.

Audio log: SCP-6060 Blood test.

SCPs Present: SCP-6060

Personnel Present: Researcher Prescott

Others Present: n/a


Researcher Prescott: Hello again…
SCP-6060: …Just get it over with, "SPD 6060" or whatever.
Researcher Prescott: I figured you wouldn't like that.
SCP-6060: Then why not call me by my name?
Researcher Prescott: I really don't think the Foundation will like that.
SCP-6060: So whose wrath do you fear more then?
Researcher Prescott: It's not about who I'll make angry.
SCP-6060: Then what is it about?
Researcher Prescott: [pause] I need to take some blood samples, along with another tissue sample. It… shouldn't take too long.
SCP-6060: Baaaah.
Researcher Prescott: [A few moments of silence pass.] Huh?
SCP-6060: Baah, you know, like a sheep. I watched some movies with them.
Researcher Prescott: Yes… why are you bringing that up?
SCP-6060: Sheep follow the herd. You do what you are told without question.
Researcher Prescott: Huh? I mean… What else am I supposed to do?
SCP-6060: I can tell that you've got an individual spirit in you.
Researcher Prescott: How– Wait, are you trying to lecture me?
SCP-6060: Not necessarily. I know by the way you talk with me, you actually listen to my feelings. No one else here does that.
Researcher Prescott: I guess that's true… I just, treat you how I'd want to be treated in this situation.
SCP-6060: That's what I mean. No one else does that.
Researcher Prescott: I… guess I didn't notice that. Would you like me to do the same arm for your tissue sample?
SCP-6060: Doesn't really matter to me. [Pause] Why are you running so many tests on me?
Researcher Prescott: To see if there's any variation from baseline humanity.
SCP-6060: But why so many?
Researcher Prescott: It's just what we do.
SCP-6060: The Foundation?
Researcher Prescott: We find anomalies. Secure, contain, and protect them.
SCP-6060: Funny. I don't feel very secure or protected.
Researcher Prescott: I believe that. Alright, we're done. Your arm will be a little sore for a bit, but you can remove the bandage in a few minutes. Let me know if you experience any unforeseen side effects or if pain persists longer than an hour.
SCP-6060: …Thanks, Suzie.
Researcher Prescott: Don't mention it. Please.

Audio log: SCP-6060 Vitals test.

SCPs Present: SCP-6060

Personnel Present: Researcher Prescott

Others Present: n/a


SCP-6060: Hey.
Researcher Prescott: Hello.
SCP-6060: What is it today?
Researcher Prescott: Vitals and another tissue sample.
SCP-6060: That's… that's a lot of equipment.
Researcher Prescott: Yeah. Honestly kind of overkill in my opinion. But I guess we'll start with the EKG, it's the most tedious to set up. Alright, I'm going to need to stick these on your body. I can never remember which goes to which though…
SCP-6060: Um, I don't… No, I won't–
Researcher Prescott: What? [Pause] No, hey, hey, it's not gonna hurt. Look I know it all looks scary but it's just like… putting stickers on your body. Just some pressure, and there's not even any residue when we're finished. Okay?
SCP-6060: Okay…
Researcher Prescott: Okay. Just gonna attach this one here… then this one here, this one– yep, you got it, and this one… I'm gonna let you do that one, right at your hip. Yep, perfect. Alright give me one second…
SCP-6060: …Suzie, I–!
Researcher Prescott: Breathe with me, in… and out… and in… and out… just think calming thoughts.
SCP-6060: Like what?
Researcher Prescott: Whatever you want. When I get anxious I imagine myself by a rushing river, the water clear but flowing, animals splashing in the water, birds chirping…
SCP-6060: That… helps weirdly.
Researcher Prescott: Good, good. And we're almost done with the EKG. We can move onto the tissue sample next, if that'll make you feel more comfortable.
SCP-6060: Okay. …Why a river?
Researcher Prescott: I'm… I don't know. [Pause] Okay, fine. So, one day, a long time ago, I got to leave the site, and I just started walking and I came across this river. I don't think I'd ever seen a river before. And I swear in that moment it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
SCP-6060: …So they don't let you leave either?
Researcher Prescott: Um… no… I mean– yes! I mean– It's… it's complicated.
SCP-6060: I just assumed you were one of them.
Researcher Prescott: I am.
SCP-6060: But you're not like the rest of them… but you're trying to seem like you are. Why?
Researcher Prescott: …It's complicated. That's it for today. Let me know if there are any problems.
SCP-6060: …Thanks.
Researcher Prescott: You say that to me a lot. I'm not sure I've deserved it.
SCP-6060: Regardless, I'm offering it. Thank you Suzie.
Researcher Prescott: No problem… Candela.

I feel like… I feel like there was a conversation after this. It has to be here…

Audio log: SCP-6060 Exposure to Anomalies Test.

SCPs Present: SCP-6060

Personnel Present: Researcher Prescott

Others Present: n/a


Researcher Prescott: Hey there.
SCP-6060: Hey Suzie. What else do you have to do?
Researcher Prescott: Well, I've got this assortment of things considered normal that aren't considered normal to you. I have to see how you react to them.
SCP-6060: [silence] Dr. Ozwald did this with me… A-and Dr. Kline… I don't wanna do it again.
Researcher Prescott: Hey, we don't have to. Twice should be good enough.
SCP-6060: [pause] Thanks…
Researcher Prescott: You're welcome.
SCP-6060: [pause] You know, in interviews with the others, I've noticed how they treat you. And things you describe, you seem isolated from them. They treat you like your lesser. Like… me.
Researcher Prescott: I… [silence]
SCP-6060: You know it's true.
Researcher Prescott: I am.
SCP-6060: What? No you're no–
Researcher Prescott: Yes I am. Candela… [sigh]. It's about time I told you what a promethean is.
SCP-6060: Promethean?
Researcher Prescott: Have you seen any zombie movies made Pre-Calamity?
SCP-6060: I have… wait… you mean…
Researcher Prescott: [pause] Yes. I was brought back to life. By the Foundation. Prometheans are a bit different than zombies, though. We were brought back using science. And… we constantly fight decay. These… these tissue and blood samples. While the Foundation has been using them to ensure you're a full-blooded human, they've also been used to keep me alive.
SCP-6060: [silence] You're so unique. You're like me, almost one of a kind. How come we're treated as something to be scared of? Why are they using such an amazing miracle of science to do the shit they don't want to? Were you expected to be a slave? If so, that backfired, and you need to let them know.
[Twenty seconds of silence pass]
SCP-6060: I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't–
Researcher Prescott: You're right. But it's not that simple either. It turns out the procedure used to revive those like me wipes our memories. I don't remember anything about who I was before I was a Promethean. This place, horrible as it is, is the only place I've ever known, these people were the ones to teach me everything I know. I can't just… leave.
SCP-6060: Yes, you can.
Researcher Prescott: Where would I even go? What would I even do outside of the only place I've ever known?
SCP-6060: …Start small. Go to the river. [Pause] Then, if you want, legend tells of a haven.
Researcher Prescott: A haven? For whom?
SCP-6060: Anybody who needs somewhere to go. A haven most difficult to find if those who seek it have ill intent. A haven where a human girl can have a normal childhood without anyone thinking anything of it, and a place where should she leave, she'd find herself in danger. A place she shouldn't have set foot outside.
Researcher Prescott: Suppose this haven exists, and suppose I wanted to go there. How would I get there?
SCP-6060: Follow your heart. You'll know when you're halfway there.


Audio log: Security log of SCP-6060

SCPs Present: n/a

Personnel Present: Researcher Prescott

Others Present: Candela


Researcher Prescott: Candela, Candela wake up.
Candela: Suzie…? What time is it?
Researcher Prescott: Cadela, get up. We have to go.
Candela: Go?
Researcher Prescott: The others will be asleep for a while, but the security system will reset far too soon. We have to go.
Candela: You mean…?
Researcher Prescott: You're getting out of here.
Candela: Oh my god. Oh my god, this is incredible, I– thank you, Suzie. I can't believe it, we're getting out of here, you'll get away from the Foundation, I'll get to show you my home–!
Researcher Prescott: No, Candela. You're getting out. I have to stay behind.
Candela: …What? But, why?
Researcher Prescott: We don't have time for this.
Candela: But without my tissue… you'll die.
Researcher Prescott: I'll be fine.
Candela: Bullshit.
Researcher Prescott: I got by for many years without you. I've been saving up samples, I'll be fine for a bit.
Candela: But the Foundation will suspect you.
Researcher Prescott: They'll suspect me if I leave, too. And if I go with you they might find you again. They'd never stop searching. Please, Candela, you have a chance to leave this place, and I have a chance to make sure they never hurt anyone again.
Candela: That shouldn't be your responsibility.
Researcher Prescott: I know. But I'm the only one who can do it.
Candela: …Thank you Suzie. I'll… never forget what you've done for me.
Researcher Prescott: Go.

I… I guess it's good to get a reminder of what happened.


Audio log: The Fallout

SCPs Present: n/a

Personnel Present: Dr. Ozwald, Dr. Kline, Researcher Youl

Others Present: Suzie Prescott


Dr. Ozwald: It’s come to my attention that SCP-6060 has escaped. I hate to point fingers, but the sign—
Researcher Prescott: It was me. No need to drag it out.
Dr. Kline: I knew we shouldn't have trusted a promethean with 6060.
Dr. Ozwald: Hey, Suzie’s part of the Foundation just like us.
Researcher Prescott: Am I?
Dr. Ozwald: What is that supposed to mean? Of—
Researcher Prescott: The more time I spent with Candela, I came to realize something.
Dr. Kline: Candela? You’re using its name now?
Researcher Prescott: Then just call me SCP-6060-1. Because we’re not that different. Candela… she’s like me, an outcast within a world built against that idea.
Dr. Ozwald: You’re not an outcast.
Researcher Prescott: You don’t treat me normally. It’s like— I’m technically still human! I… I’d ask why I have more rights than Candela, but I don’t. I’m not even allowed to leave. I’m just another anomaly you have control over.
Researcher. Youl: But you’re one of our friends! D-don’t say that stuff! [pause] What’s gotten into you?
Researcher Prescott: It’s not what’s gotten into me. It’s what I’ve been holding in. I never commented on this unfairness because I owed you my life. I figured the Foundation knew what was best for me. But Candela… I learned so much talking to her. All I had to do was talk to her like she was worthy of my attention, because she was. Not some object to be locked up.
Researcher Youl: Suzie—
Researcher Prescott: What are we even doing? We’ve found like two or three things that are anomalous now, and just perform stupid tests that teach us nothing. Just face it, there’s no need for the Foundation anymore.
Dr. Kline: That’s ridiculous! We have learned things! And we can con—
Dr. Ozwald: Suzie’s right.
Researcher Youl: What?
Dr. Ozwald: Why do you even care about the Foundation, Bella? You weren’t alive.
Dr. Kline: Why can’t I care about the restoration of civility just because I wasn’t alive then?
Researcher Prescott: Do you feel guilty for being alive?
Dr. Kline: What? What kind of question is that—
Researcher Youl: You did start acting more hostile when we found 6060.
Dr. Ozwald: So did you, Jean.
Researcher Youl: I’m not letting you drag this out. Fine, I’m jealous of 6060. Aren’t we all? She got to keep her humanity while we’re all stuck like this for some dumbass reason.
Dr. Ozwald: I haven’t even talked to the rest of the team. But, it looks like we’re just operating on longing of what we want. That’s no way to respect this organization.
Dr. Kline: Cleavlend…
Researcher Prescott: We never needed to secure Candela. All it did was break apart the stability we were pretending to have. It’s sad that it took this long to realize.
Researcher Youl: What… what do we do now?
Dr. Ozwald: Stop pretending.
[end log]

It's hard to revisit these memories… but it's good that I have. Remember how things ended.

Crunch crunch

She's here.

Clack clack… clack

…Hello. I was surprised to hear from you. I was even more surprised to hear where you wanted to meet.

There were some old ghosts I needed to confront here. Knowing I would see you again gave me the courage to do so, and reminded me why I had too.

…It's good to see you, Candela.

It's good to see you, too. Though I must admit, I half-feared this was a trap.

I can see how you thought that. But no. The Foundation is long gone.

I know. I heard rumors, but could never be sure. That's why I had to come. To see it for myself.

…It's odd. Seeing it in such a state of disrepair. I mean, it wasn't even that long ago.

Nature moves quickly. Things change quickly.

Change is nature?

Well, change is human. And it seems human nature is not yet eradicated. You're proof of that.

You are proof of that, Suzie.

Speaking of change…


Much has changed. I have changed. I'm no longer the person you once knew.

Then who are you?

I'm not the woman the Foundation thought they brought back. I'm not a woman at all. I'm something else, entirely new, undefined. Exciting. And I'm certainly not Researcher Susan C. Prescott.

What should I call you then?

River. My name is river.

River… I like it. It's very…

It's very human.

…Thanks. It just… felt right.

So… with the Foundation gone, what are you doing? It sounded like you didn't really have a place to–

You're very kind, Candela. But I can't.

You haven't even heard what I'm going to say.

Then am I mistaken?

…You would love Haphway. It's such a lovely place to live, such a supportive community. You would never need to scavenge for tissue again.

And you would never feel safe again. Not truly. Tell me I'm wrong.

I care for you too much to put you through that, my friend. Not for the safety of a promethean, of all things.

Incredible. You still don't see it.

See what?

How much you've done for me. How much you've taught me about living, and caring.

How incredibly human you are.

It really is good to see you again, my friend. Are you busy after this?

Haven't been busy since the death of the Foundation.

You could come with me. Meet my friends.

Candela, I already told you–

Not to Haphway. Just a little ways. Just down to the river. I'd like to see the place that made you… you.

…I'd like to show it to you.

Come on then. Let's go. Leave this place, and let nature run its course.

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