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Image captured of an explosion caused by SCP-6057.

Item #: SCP-6057

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6057 is contained in a steel-reinforced concrete vault in Site-55's Keter wing, and is to be furnished with standard humanoid object items. Personnel interacting with SCP-6057 are not to make any sudden movements and are to speak to it in a slow, calm manner.

SCP-6057 is currently scheduled for biweekly therapy sessions with Dr. Li, which are to be carried out every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM.

Description: SCP-6057 is an automaton made of polypropylene plastic resembling a cartoon stylization of a bomb. SCP-6057 is capable of exploding with a force of up to 14 kilotons. The explosions caused by SCP-6057 do not produce sounds typical of large explosions, but instead produce a loud popping sound, followed by what has been identified as a party blower. Additionally, explosions leave behind a large amount of confetti, the source of which is unknown. SCP-6057 is capable of reforming itself following explosions and does not appear to suffer damage as a result of exploding.

SCP-6057 suffers from extreme anxiety and is prone to exploding when agitated or upset.

Addendum 6057.01: Note found upon discovery

The following note was found taped to the back of SCP-6057 upon discovery by Foundation agents. SCP-6057 was discovered following a string of unusual explosions in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

Hi, kids! Now you are the proud owner of Señor Boom, who is the Tiny Señor line of Professor Funtastic! Try to collect all the fun for hours!
Let your señors here for fun! Pick up all the señors, super fun! Fun for you! Fun of your friends!

Addendum 6057.02: Audio log from recent therapy session

The following is a recorded dialogue between Dr. Li and SCP-6057 during its most recent therapy session.

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