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SCP-6055 being investigated by MTF Gamma-6.

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ‘Deep Feeders’ are to oversee protection of the ocean located above SCP-6055. A defensive perimeter of Foundation craft should be maintained 1 mile around SCP-6055’s current borders at all times. Civilians wishing to enter the waters surrounding SCP-6055 should be told that the area contains undetonated undersea mines left over from the Second World War. Requests to enter SCP-6055 must first be approved by at least two (2) Level 4 researchers.

If species resembling SCP-6055-2 are discovered between the months of August and November, a Cetacea Event should be declared.

During a Cetacea Event, a small fleet of Foundation-operated military ships should accompany the SCP-6055-2 instance(s) for the duration of their pilgrimage to SCP-6055. Civilians are to be told that this is a routine military training exercise. Unauthorised persons who view SCP-6055-2 instances should be administered amnestics accordingly. Interaction with SCP-6055-2 instances during this event are prohibited.

Description: SCP-6055 is an extradimensional space located within the Baltic Sea, 50 miles off the coast of Stockholm, Sweden. The space is known to be extremely large within, despite not being able to logically fit with the geometry of local surroundings.

The only known entrance into SCP-6055 is a small cave opening that is currently 4 metres in diameter though is shrinking at an exponential rate. At the time of its discovery, the gap was approximately 95 metres in diameter and has been slowly getting smaller. The space is known to contain an area noted as having ‘extreme natural beauty’ with abundant corals, aquatic flora and an extremely high density of marine animal life.


The lake in which the first recorded SCP-6055-2 manifested.

SCP-6055-2 are anomalous creatures that have manifested during a Cetacea Event. Yearly,1 5% of Earth’s ocean life begins to migrate towards SCP-6055, designated a Cetacea Event. During this time, affected fauna will gather in large shoals. These consist of species that would normally never interact with one another and predatory creatures will display no requirement for sustenance (Though strictly herbivorous creatures continue to consume plant matter). All fauna present will circle around SCP-6055 for 2-3 days, though none have been observed to enter the space.

Additionally, a small number of undiscovered species will manifest from unknown locations and join other creatures influenced by a Cetacea Event. These species will be similar in some way to an already known species, though typically have features including drastically altered size, proportions or some biological feature that makes them divergent from a non-anomalous creature and in most cases display bioluminescence.

It is currently unknown how long SCP-6055 has been present in baseline reality, though descriptions of ‘sea monsters’ fitting descriptions of SCP-6055-2 characteristics worldwide indicate that Cetacea Events may have occurred as long as 500-600 years ago. A small engraving in modern Swedish can be found above the direct entrance to SCP-6055, reading Här är vi, skickade till våra gravar, begravda under havsvågor. (See Exploration Log 6055-1). The significance of the text is unknown.

Addendum 6055.1: POI Interview

On 12/03/1995, Brodie Campbell, a 46 year old Scottish fisherman was discovered to have posted a thread2 on an online fishing forum about his experiences with SCP-6055-2 instances in the past. It was discovered that he had known of of the SCP-6055-2 longer than the Foundation had been aware of the anomaly’s existence. An interview was swiftly arranged by Foundation personnel.

Addendum 6055.2: Discovery

SCP-6055 was discovered following the first documented Cetacea Event in the Autumn of 1987.

Three humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) displaying unusually large size (approximately 60 metres in length), near black colouration and large amounts of moss, kelp and flora along their backs manifested in a large lake leading to the North Baltic Sea. The lake was a popular local destination, meaning that numerous reports were filed to agents embedded in local law enforcement regarding the creatures. This lead to Foundation intervention. The creatures were followed using small fishing craft for 205 miles.

During this journey, a school of fish and other marine life had amassed over 3 million entities, with the SCP-6055-2 whales leading the group. After 26 hours, the instances reached SCP-6055 which at the time was approximately 95 metres in diameter. All creatures present began what was described as ‘like a huge underwater dance’, circling around SCP-6055 in a manner of patterns and forms. At this point, a wider Foundation force was called to the scene and the Swedish government sectioned off the area. It was noted that the SCP-6055-2 whales caused instantaneous growth of kelp, moss, algae and even undiscovered species of aquatic fungi to manifest in the immediate area.

Two days later, all creatures had fled the area, and the SCP-6055-2 whales begun to rapidly descend into the Baltic Sea before seemingly disappearing once out of line of sight of Foundation personnel.

Following this, a search of SCP-6055 was conducted by MTF Gamma-6 ‘Deep Feeders’. (See Exploration Log 6055-1).

Addendum 6055.3: Exploration Logs

Despite SCP-6055’s remote location, attempts have taken place to explore the extradimensional space, though many were conducted via ROV4. The following are all manned explorations to date.

Following these events, divers attempted to swim upwards within SCP-6055, as sunlight is visible. Despite visually being a short distance from below, the swim took teams 3 hours. Even though divers were seemingly travelling at a constant speed, they appeared to be moving excessively slowly. When teams emerged, they found themselves in a vast expanse of water with no land in the visible distance. The journey back took only 3 minutes.

Addendum 6055.4: Interviews With Anomalous Intelligence

On 06/07/1988, during the second manned expedition into SCP-6055, a golden sphere was discovered that displayed heightened intellect, capable of maintaining conversations. MTF Gamma-6’s commander organised an interview attempt with it, 32 hours after the object’s discovery. Their conversation can be found in Interview Log 6055-1.

Sidenote: After the conclusion of this interview, G6-5 and G6-6 returned from their submersible expedition. They travelled 83 miles north from SCP-6055’s entrance before returning. The pair noted that a pod of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) accompanied them for the duration of their journey. They noted that SCP-6055 was on a large hill or undersea mountain.

Upon making it to the bottom of a large slope that SCP-6055 seems to be located upon, the team discovered the remains of a large urban area in the far distance. The area seemed to resemble the modern city of Stockholm, though showing heavy decay. Notably, this slope is not present in the local area within baseline reality.

Divers exited the area following this discovery, though Ubi expressed a desire for them to remain in its proximity.

Addendum 6055.5: Chamber Analysis

The contents of the walls within this chamber were photographed and examined by Foundation specialists after their discovery. Due to their nature, it was determined that they were intended to be read in a similar manner to those found in ancient tombs, and some outside help was acquired to ascertain their meaning. The following is the results of heavy analysis of the chamber’s walls.

Addendum 6055.6: Update (06/05/2021)

SCP-6055’s entrance is now at a width where it has become increasingly difficult to send divers into the space, and due to the size of ROVs, it is now challenging to explore the area further. There has been a direct correlation between SCP-6055’s closing and oceanic pollution, and funding has been sent to organisations dealing with the ocean’s health. This endeavour, and rising public awareness of oceanic corruption has significantly lowered the rate of SCP-6055’s closing. Despite these endeavours, research must be put on hold as SCP-6055’s entrance has closed drastically.

In response to the Mauritius oil spill in the Indian Ocean, SCP-6055’s entrance closed a further 3 metres. 12 days later, during a Foundation assisted mass cleanup operation, a radio signal believed to originate from Anomalous Intelligence UF-11 ‘Ubi’ was broadcast from SCP-6055. This was intercepted by a patrol ship, the message reads as follows:

No further communication has been attempted at the order of O5-4.

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