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Item#: 6051
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-6051's abilities and the remoteness of its current location, containment is, though theoretically possible, far too costly and is unnecessary. All attempts to do so are to be postponed indefinitely. SCP-6051's movements are to be observed via satellite, while Foundation monitoring stations within Siberia are to monitor for any abnormally low-temperature shifts in the region.

In the event SCP-6051 is observed moving towards a populated area, MTF-Epsilon 6 "Village Idiots" are to intercept and draw SCP-6051 back into a more sparsely populated area. In the event, this fails, and SCP-6051 does enter a populated area, MTF Epsilon-9 "Fire Eater" and MTF Pi-1 "City Slickers" are to be deployed to force SCP-6051 to flee. All witnesses are to be amnesticized and a cover story regarding freak snowstorms is to be circulated through the media.

Description: SCP-6051 is a humanoid entity formerly known as Senior Sergeant Viktor Kuznetsov of the 3rd Guards Rifle Division. The entity is 6ft3 in height and suffers from severe albinism. Despite being born in 1911, SCP-6051 has not shown any visible signs of ageing since 1941. SCP-6051 possesses potent cryokinetic abilities. SCP-6051's internal body temperature has been recorded to be as low as −5°C.1 SCP-6051 is capable of lowering the temperature of its immediate surroundings to −50°C.2 With concentration, this effect can be amplified to being able to almost instantly freeze an object or individual within one mile and when within SCP-6051's line of sight.

SCP-6051 effects can be hampered and even completely stopped with high temperatures. According to GRU-P testing, temperatures of 600-800°C3 or less did little to impede SCP-6051's capabilities. Temperatures of 1000°C4 were shown to be effective as slowing down SCP-6051, though this could be overcome given enough time and concentration on the part of SCP-6051. Only temperatures of 2204°C5 and above were capable of completely stopping SCP-6051 in its tracks.

Addendum-6051-1: History and Origin of SCP-6051

Below is a collection of GRU-P6 documents that were provided by the GRU-P during the initial containment efforts of SCP-6051. These documents outline the history of Project: Red Flea, which created SCP-6051, though most of what was related to the creation of SCP-6051 was destroyed in 1948.

SIGNED .................. S
RESPONSIBLE PERSONNEL: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.7
DETAIL: OSI "SILENT NIGHT" is the designation of a previously unknown Vila8, which has been frequently sighted and documented by both high and low ranking military personnel over the last century. The most notable characteristic of "SILENT NIGHT" is its endothermic properties, causing the severity of winters to increase near it.

First recorded officially by Grande Armée and Imperial Russian forces in 1812 during the French retreat from Russia. Precise physical characteristics vary from each account, the only three consistencies between all are as follows:

  • The body of "SILENT NIGHT" emitted no heat whatsoever, only cold.
  • Being blindingly white, only noticeable during the winter due to its frequent movements and the amount of smoke and dust in the air thrown up by combat.
  • "SILENT NIGHT" was recorded as emitting faint 'giggling' noises.

Its presence at major battles has been theorised to be due to 'excitement' over observing the combat involved, providing a possible explanation for the noises emitted by "SILENT NIGHT". Its effects on its surroundings are theorized to be unintentional.

"SILENT NIGHT" was successfully restrained by the use of a pagan binding ritual, as all efforts at physical restraining have failed. "SILENT NIGHT" is currently bound to a large granite rock at the secure site codenamed "VERA" until long term holding can be established.

Proposed uses:
(i) Agricultural Improvements - REJECTED - Assuming that control or cooperation is possible. "SILENT NIGHT" could be used to improve farming conditions in Siberia and in turn increased agricultural output, as it may be capable of redirecting colder temperatures away from our farmlands. As well as shifting our main food source from Ukraine to further East, where it would be safer in the event of war. Concealment of this is considered too costly, along with long-term ecological ramifications of such a radical environmental shift. And there is nothing to indicate "SILENT NIGHT" is capable of absorbing the cold, only causing it.
(ii) Military Usage (Large Scale) - APPROVED - "SILENT NIGHT" has been shown capable of driving back entire armies when 'excited'. If such excitement could be focused, we should cause sudden shifts in the weather and harsher winters, thereby slowing down any invading army if not outright stopping them in their tracks.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

05.V.1938 D.NR:08-X-1939
SENDER: Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
RECIPIENT: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.
DETAIL: With the rising tensions in Europe, it is the belief of the General Secretary that the military potential of "SILENT NIGHT" must be further considered.

To this end, additional military funding is to be granted. Furthermore, all "SILENT NIGHT" research staff are to be reassigned to a new project. Its official designation is to be "PROJECT: RED FLEA." The aim of this project is to assess and fully utilise the military capabilities of "SILENT NIGHT". Any additional research must be with the aim of furthering this goal, any research efforts that are not outlined in Appendix A must be approved by GRU-P command and/or the General Secretary.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

08.IV.1940 D.NR:08-IV-1940
SENDER: Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
RECIPIENT: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.
DETAIL: The following is a response to a recent update on "PROJECT: RED FLEA" by Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.

At this moment, all efforts at communication and cooperation appear to be impossible. If "SILENT NIGHT" is capable of verbal or written communication, it does not have any interest in doing so. As outlined in earlier research notes, the only discernable reaction that can be truly observed is excitement when combat and warfare are near. The reason behind this is unknown. Two solutions have been proposed.

Proposed solutions:
(i) Improve Communication Efforts - REJECTED - If we can figure out precisely how "SILENT NIGHT" communicates then perhaps we can convince it to work with the GRU-P. The fact nothing has come from nearly two years of research makes it clear this is an act of futility.
(ii) Binding "SILENT NIGHT" to a Human - APPROVED - Several of the staff have proposed a radical, but possibly effective solution. As it has been proved that "SILENT NIGHT" can be bound to a physical object and can affect the temperature of and the area surrounding said object, it has been theorized that binding it to a human would allow the usage of its abilities. Before we can begin the binding ritual, a physically fit and ideologically loyal individual must be selected as the host. No records of this being attempted in the past have been found, so the risk is great. But we will take every precaution necessary to ensure its success.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

20.X.1940 D.NR:20-X-1940
Attached is an extract from the transcript of an interview with Candidate 22 for "PROJECT: RED FLEA", Senior Sergeant Viktor Kuznetsov. Interviewer is agent "MAXIM"."

M: State your name, age and date of birth.
VK: Senior Sergeant Viktor Kuznetsov. I am 29 years old, born on 23rd April 1911.
M: And the date please?
VK: 20th October 1940.
M: This interview is being conducted to determine if you are psychologically fit for this project. I want you to answer these questions honestly, giving false information will be met with severe consequences. Do you understand?
VK: Yes sir.
M: Good. Why did you accept the invitation to be a candidate for this project?
VK: Two main reasons sir. The first is that I want to contribute more to the Soviet Union and comrade Stalin than just being another rifleman on the frontlines. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
M: And the second reason?
VK: Because I was asked to.
M: What do you know of this project?
VK: Rumours mostly, I know it's top-secret but that's all I know for certain. I've heard it's a super-soldier program. But I've also heard it's about designing new tanks, even heard it was about creating Babayaga or a Vodyanoy.9 Utter rubbish I tell you, must have gotten drunk when they came up with that.
M: And you haven't been curious about this project?
VK: Maybe a little but if I get accepted my questions will be answered. So I can wait.
M: Good, would you kill an unarmed man?
VK: If he was an enemy of the state yes.
M: What if he was not?
VK: …In all honesty?
M: Yes.
VK: Probably not.
M: Would you disobey a superior officer to save any soldiers under your command?
VK: No, my superiors are no doubt planning for the long run.
M: What if your superiors had ordered you to execute an unarmed man, who as far as you knew was not an enemy of the state?
VK: …I would, though not without some hesitation.
M: Understandable, that much is reflected in your handling of Basmachis in Turkestan. Well I have everything I need, thank you for your time Senior Sergeant Viktor Kuznetsov.
Candidate 22 has shown commitment to the ideals of Communism, as well as matching the physical requirements for "PROJECT: RED FLEA". While I understand it is not my place to choose who is accepted, but I personally recommend Candidate 22. I hope this can at least be taken into account.

12.IV.1941 D.NR:12-IV-1941
SENDER: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.
RECIPIENT: Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
DETAIL: By all accounts, the binding ritual was successfully performed on the 12th Feburary 1941. "SILENT NIGHT" was successfully bound to Senior Sergeant Viktor Kuznetsov who will henseforth be designated as "RED FLEA".

"RED FLEA" has shown extensive control over its newfound capabilities, despite the physical and emotional stress of the procedure. The only noted physical difference to "RED FLEA"'s body following the procedure is a change in hair colour and pigmentation into that of an Albino. "RED FLEA" has also been shown to be able to direct its effects towards specific targets. Capable of completely freezing a T-26 tank within minutes.

We are currently in the process of testing the limits of "RED FLEA"'s capabilities. "RED FLEA" is estimated to be ready for large scare military operations by March 1942.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

28.IX.1941 D.NR:28-IX-1941
SENDER: Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
RECIPIENT: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.
DETAIL: As this update is free of the obligations of propaganda, I will be stark and clear. With the loss of Kyiv, the Red Army is finding it increasingly difficult to stem the tide of the Nazi horde. The Stavka10 estimates that the Wehrmacht will reach Moscow within weeks. If we are to achieve victory and preserve the Soviet Union, "RED FLEA" must be deployed as soon as possible.

The General Secretary is officially ordering the process of training be sped up, "RED FLEA" is to be deployed by Winter of this year. If you cannot deliver this, the General Secretary will find someone who can.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

20.VIII.1944 D.NR:20-VIII-1944
SENDER: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.т.н.
RECIPIENT: Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
DETAIL: With the recent victories over the Wehrmacht I believe it would be best to go over a brief outline of "RED FLEA"'s effectiveness over these past three years. Especially as we advance towards Germany itself.

"RED FLEA"'s capabilities have been found capable of greatly affecting the weather much like "SILENT NIGHT." The most notable example being the Battle of Stalingrad, during this operation "RED FLEA" used its capabilities to cause, what has since been identified, as the coldest winter in 100 years. Unfortunately, this extreme winter was also a hamper for our own forces, grounding the majority of the Soviet Air Force that was to take part in operations to encircle and destroy Wehrmacht forces in Stalingrad.

Furthermore, "RED FLEA" has shown an increasing detachment from its fellow soldiers often being distant and cold. Many of our own personnel are afraid to make physical contact with "RED FLEA" out of fear of frostbite. "RED FLEA" makes little comment on this, even when asked. Further examples of this detachment can be seen in the attached post-operation interview transcript. Nevertheless, "RED FLEA" has played a decisive role in several major operations, both offensive and defensive. I recommend we maintain close observation of "RED FLEA" however, as its shifting behaviour means its loyalty may waver in the future.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

24.V.1942 D.NR:24-IV-1943
Attached is an extract from the transcript of an interview with "RED FLEA". Interview took place following the end of the Moscow Strategic Offensive Operation. Interviewer is agent "MAXIM", who had helped "RED FLEA" in its training prior to and immediately after the ritual.

M: State your name for the record please.
RF: Senior Sergeant Viktor Kuznetsov, code-named Red Flea.
M: And the date please?
RF: 24th May 1942.
M: Excellent, your mental capacity remains intact.
RF: Is something the matter?
M: No, this is just a simple after mission report. You are by no means an ordinary soldier, after all, so we want to make sure everything is going well.
RF: Of course.
M: During your most recent operation, you were assigned to take out a German Panzer Brigade, a simple feat for you. Is this correct?
RF: Yes.
M: During this operation, you were attacked by Alaric11 agents, they attempted to bind you to a pocket watch in a similar fashion to the ritual we performed on you. Is this correct?
RF: Yes.
M: And in response you froze two of these three Alaric agents solid. Correct?
RF: Yes.
M: Care to explain what happened to the third agent?
RF: I only froze his leg, so he would not be able to escape. That way he could be interrogated
M: That would be the case, if not for the fact you killed him before we had a chance to bring him in for interrogation. You froze his head solid, by all accounts it was a slow and brutal process. Are these accounts accurate?
RF: Yes.
M: And what of the soldiers who were attempting to apprehend that agent? They were frozen as well. Is that correct?
RF: Yes.
M: What did they do?
RF: They got in the way. Do you expect an artillery piece to cease firing just because a couple of friendly soldiers were in the way?
M: So why did you do freeze the agent in the first place?
RF: It was my understanding that the Germans had to suffer. After what they did to Russia.
M: An understandable reaction, but this is not the first incident like this reported, each one was justified with similar excuses. Why did you feel the need to justify these events with a desire for interrogation or anything else along those lines?
RF: Revenge doesn't look good on official reports.
Despite this notable change in behaviour, it is appropriate for effective wartime combat. As it aids in the dehumanisation of the Germans. Therefore, we need not take action.

18.XII.1948 D.NR:18-XII-1948
SENDER: Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
RECIPIENT: Mefodiy Kuzmin к.б.н.
DETAIL: As of the 18th of December, 1948 "PROJECT: RED FLEA" is to be cancelled and disbanded, effective immediately, under the direct order of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

This cancellation has been ordered following the incident on the 15th of December, 1948. During which "RED FLEA" escaped secure facility "VERA". The precise cause of this incident is currently under investigation but the consequences of it are clear. "RED FLEA" is currently wandering the wastes of Siberia as it is a perfect environment for it to thrive in. At present, all GRU-P personnel who attempted to locate and/or apprehend "RED FLEA" during and immediately after its escape have been killed.

Therefore, until "RED FLEA" has been returned to GRU-P control, "PROJECT: RED FLEA" and all research not related to the reacquirement of "RED FLEA" are to be halted until further notice.

For this specific project, we ask that you:

  • Destroy any and all documentation related to both "SILENT NIGHT" and "RED FLEA", unless ordered to do otherwise by the Office of the General Secretariat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
  • Suppress any reported sighting of "RED FLEA" by either military personnel or civilians.

All personnel associated with "PROJECT: RED FLEA" are to be redirected into locating and recapturing "RED FLEA"". Patrols of "RED FLEA"'s last known location are to be organised immediately. If "RED FLEA" is located, the binding ritual is to be attempted, the item "RED FLEA" is to be bound will be left at your discretion.

Long Live the Soviet Union.

This is the last known document related to SCP-6051 in GRU-P archives. Following this incident, SCP-6051 remained in Siberia, the GRU-P attempted to recapture it several times to no avail.

SCP-6051 entered the knowledge of the Foundation on the 15th of September 1987. With the collapse of the Soviet Union imminent, the GRU-P contacted the Foundation in order to hand over the responsibility of SCP-6051 to them as they lacked the funding and resources for further recapture efforts. The GRU-P offered to hand over all documents related to SCP-6051 that had not been destroyed, in exchange, the Foundation would provide them short-term financial aid. These terms were agreed to and the Foundation immediately moved in to attempt to contain SCP-6051, all containment attempts failed.

Below is a transcript of the last containment effort prior to the introduction of the current containment procedures.

Video Log Transcript, Containment Attempt 5

Date: 26/11/1989

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-9 "Fire Eater"

Target: SCP-6051

Team Lead: EP-9 Daniels

Team Members: EP-9 Walker / EP-9 Pushkin / EP-9 Dallas / EP-9 Rayne

Additional Notes: At the beginning of the log, MTF Epsilon-9 were travelling to SCP-6051's last recorded position. The transport was fitted with a, at the time, prototype video and audio recording system. While the members of MTF Epsilon-9 were equipped with heated suits and incendiary weapons to help combat SCP-6051 in the event of violent confrontation.


EP-9 Daniels: Radios are on, can everyone hear me?

EP-9 Walker: Check.

EP-9 Pushkin: Check.

EP-9 Dallas: Check.

EP-9 Rayne: Reading you loud and clear.

EP-9 Daniels: Overwatch Command, do you copy?

Overwatch Command: This is Command, we read you.

EP-9 Daniels: Roger Command, we are approaching the estimated location of SCP-6051, ETA three minutes.

EP-9 Dallas: So we're the best the Foundation could do? Five MTFs in an APC? Don't we have helicopters or something?

EP-9 Pushkin: Yes but they already tried that. Didn't go well.

EP-9 Walker: You sure these suits will keep us safe?

EP-9 Rayne: Labcoats certainly seem to think so, and I trust their opinion.

EP-9 Walker: Not sure how I feel, I mean, there were 5 attempts prior to this. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Not sure why we're even trying to talk to it at this point.

EP-9 Rayne: As far as we can tell, it has never attacked without being provoked. This means it must still be capable of reason, it's the humane thing to do.

At this point, the transport immediately stops moving.

EP-9 Daniels: Dallas, status report!

EP-9 Dallas: I don't know what's happened. The truck just stopped moving, the wheel won't even budge.

EP-9 Daniels: Command, this is Daniels. The transport is stuck, I've sending Dallas and Walker out to investigate. Pushkin and I will remain inside the transport. Confirm?

Overwatch Command: Confirmed. Make any repairs as quickly as you can, don't want to get caught out in the open.

EP-9 Daniels: Alright then, like I said Dallas, Walker, head out and take a look.

Both EP-9 Dallas and EP-9 Walter leave the transport, investigating the vehicle's engine.

EP-9 Daniels: Walker, any chance we can get this vehicle moving?

EP-9 Walker: Errm…not really. It's frozen.

EP-9 Daniels: How frozen?

EP-9 Walker: Solid.

EP-9 Pushkin: I thought the engine was heated to stop it from freezing.

EP-9 Walker: It is.

EP-9 Pushkin: Now imagine if this had happened while we were high up in the sky.

EP-9 Dallas: Touché.

EP-9 Daniels: Command, SCP-6051 has disabled our vehicle, we are likely to encounter it momentarily. We are estimated to be located five miles away from its last known location, we'll try to make it back but…I cannot promise that we will.

Overwatch Command: Copy. Set up a perimeter around the transport and keep an eye out for SCP-6051. Good luck.

EP-9 Daniels: Thank you, Command. EP-9 Daniels, Walker and Pushkin do as instructed, forming a perimeter around the transport as EP-9 Dallas attempts repairs. Dallas, can you heat it up? Melt the ice?

EP-9 Dallas: If I use a fire maybe. But that will take time and I doubt the engine will work after being frozen like this.

EP-9 Walker: Daniels! Movement two o'clock!"

All MTF Epsilon-9 members look at the direction EP-9 Walker was facing. SCP-6051 is seen approaching them. All MTF Epsilon-9 members assumed defensive positions, maintaining focus on SCP-6051

EP-9 Daniels: Command, SCP-6051 has been sighted, proceeding as ordered.

Command: Copy.

EP-9 Daniels: Pushkin, you're up.

EP-9 Pushkin: (In Russian) Viktor Kuznetsov! We are from the SCP Foundation and would like to offer you safety and peace with our organisation. Please submit to containment and no one needs to be harmed.

SCP-6051: (In Russian) Leave me.

EP-9 Pushkin: (In Russian) I'm sorry?

SCP-6051: (In Russian) Why do your superiors send so many of you? I do not belong near the world of man, but nor do I belong in a cell. If you leave now, no one has to die.

EP-9 Pushkin: (In Russian) We cannot simply let you roam around, trust us. You can be a lot safer with the Foundation.

SCP-6051: At this point SCP-6051 begins speaking in English…Have you ever heard of the Theatre of Cruelty?

EP-9 Pushkin: I'm sorry?

SCP-6051: I read about it once; it was supposed to shock audiences and disrupt the relationship between them and the actors. Break down those barriers and reveal what you truly are. Let's find out if it applied to you as well. Don't forget; I asked you to leave.

Upon finishing this sentence, SCP-6051 watched as both EP-9 Walker and EP-9 Dallas are killed instantly. Analysis of the footage indicated they died of frostbite. EP-9 Daniels and Pushkin open fire upon SCP-6051 with limited effect. EP-9 Pushkin throws a Thermite grenade which detonates and causes SCP-6051 to flee.

EP-9 Daniels: That should keep him at bay. Got a plan, Pushkin?

EP-9 Pushkin: If we're quick, maybe we can make a break for it.

EP-9 Daniels: Into Siberia?

EP-9 Pushkin: Got a better idea?

EP-9 Daniels: Ready when you are.

Before this plan could be executed, SCP-6051 returned and activated its anomalous properties, killing EP-9 Pushkin and gravely wounding EP-9 Daniels with his death only averted due to the timely burning of Thermite.

SCP-6051: That will not last long, we should talk before it runs out. There is not much else we can do while we wait.

EP-9 Daniels: You don't have to do this. You'll be safe with us.

SCP-6051: I gave you a chance to leave, but you did not take it. Regardless, being locked up in a room for the rest of my existence? I have no intention of being sealed away again. Not that you can but this saves us all time and manpower.

EP-9 Daniels: If you want to be left alone, why are you attacking us? You can just as easily force us to leave.

SCP-6051: Why does fire burn? Or water drown? Simply a side effect of too much of it. I cannot control that.

EP-9 Daniels: Then what do you want?

SCP-6051: Your Foundation wants to put me in a box because they fear I will turn into a monster and plot world domination. I have no such grand plans. At this point SCP-6051 changes its gaze and looks towards the camera on the transport. I'm sure you have read up on Red Flea. I did not storm the Kremlin or the White House. I do not belong anywhere but here. You can continue to try and contain me, costing you greatly in money and men. Or you can simply allow me to remain where I belong, and I promise not to take one step in any of man's cities. If I break this promise, you may deploy all the Napalm you want on me.

EP-9 Daniels: So what? You want to be left alone?! That's it?!

SCP-6051: In short? Yes. I see that Thermite is almost gone, this was delightful, I don't often manage full conversations. It is a shame we cannot keep talking. I bid you, прощание.12

As the cold weather intensifies, the recorder's view is blocked by the snow until the footage cuts out.


Closing Statement: While it is in theory possible to eventually secure SCP-6051, given the manpower and financial costs of failed attempts to do so, along with the fact it is effectively self-contained within the Siberian wilderness, this has been deemed unnecessary. It is ruled that containment protocols would be updated to observe SCP-6051 rather than attempt to capture, through direct intervention is to remain an option if containment were to be breached. - Dr Vasily Kuzmin, head of SCP-6051 research.

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