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Item#: 6050
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SCP-6050 at its locus.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents and researchers embedded in the National Park Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency are to operate the functions of Lake Telaga Warna National Park to monitor any potential storms or extreme weather around the park's vicinity.

In the events of SCP-6050-A activation, a perimeter of 5 kilometers from the Lake Telaga Warna National Park's center known as the Alpha Zone are to be established and civilians are to be prevented from entering, with bad weather conditions as a cover story. Embedded Foundation personnel within the Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency must broadcast the weather conditions in the SCP-6050 area, emphasizing heavy rain and lightning strikes in its reports.

Any traditional ritual and ceremonies local to SCP-6050's area must not be conducted in the SCP-6050 area regardless of how significant the event is. Any unauthorized access into SCP-6050 must be stopped by any means, including termination by lethal force.

Description: SCP-6050 is Foundation designation for Telaga Warna, a freshwater lake located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The lake has a surface area of 2.68km² and a maximum depth of 13.5 meters. SCP-6050 is known for changing its coloration periodically by the public.

The changing of Lake Telaga Warna's color (hereby referred to as SCP-6050-B) is indicative of SCP-6050's active state. Tests have shown that SCP-6050-B is not caused by organic matters (such as phytoplankton, sediment, silt, algae, or corals that absorb light wavelengths), but rather an anomalous state that forms a cycle.

SCP-6050-B follows a cycle noted in Table 1A.

Table 1A - The Cycle of SCP-6050-B
Cycle Period Coloration Additional Notes
1st Cycle 1st January - 5th March Deep Sky Blue color Water temperature 8-15 degrees Celsius, slight breeze around the vicinity.
2nd Cycle 6th March - 25th November Spring Green color Water temperature 18.8-24.5 degrees Celsius. No wind.
3rd Cycle 26th November - 30th December Venetian Red color Water temperature 33.5 - 45 degrees Celcius. Noticeable high rate of wind.
4th Cycle 31st December Black Russian color Extreme rate of wind and waves on the lake.

SCP-6050-A and SCP-6050-C are the manifestations of anomalous weather patterns in the SCP-6050's area. An active state of SCP-6050-A or SCP-6050-C will usually be indicated by an instantaneous change of cycle to the 4th Cycle of SCP-6050-B, the formation of large cumulonimbus clouds, followed by heavy rain and large quantities of lightning strikes, with an exception of the activation of both events and its cataclysm.

SCP-6050-A is an anomalous event that occurs annually on 31st December. The exact nature and magnitude of these weather phenomena have varied throughout the years. Despite the unusually high rate of the storm, SCP-6050-A has yet to cause harm to human beings.

SCP-6050-C is an event similar to SCP-6050-A that will occur should certain activities are conducted in the lake's area, with the most noticeable example being rituals conducted by civilians (See Discovery Log and Addendum-B for a theorized explanation). The annual SCP-6050-A event does not occur after an SCP-6050-C event. As carelessly triggering SCP-6050-C activation may result in a wide-scale catastrophe, rituals are prohibited from being performed on SCP-6050's grounds.

Discovery: SCP-6050 was discovered in 1968 by the Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency. The Agency noticed the anomalous annual weather pattern it had observed for 20 years and reported it to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1972, the SCP-6050-C event was activated, triggered by a ritual performed by the locals in Lake Telaga Warna's area. A rapid change of weather patterns caused heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, and flooding in the city of Bogor. This results in 17 dead, 59 injured, and 3 destroyed buildings.

In response, the Ministry of Agriculture and Foundation representatives lobbied to establish Lake Telaga Warna and its surrounding area as a national park to ease SCP-6050's containment efforts. As a result, Telaga Warna National Park was formed.

Currently, the existence of SCP-6050 is known by the public. Due to the 1972 incident, locals linked the SCP-6050-C activation event with SCP-60501. This can be attributed to the locals being aware of the SCP-6050-C activation event, although the awareness of SCP-6050-C being anomalous has been suppressed by the Foundation. This has led the public to refer to the SCP-6050 as "Telaga Warna" (Lake of Colors in Indonesian). SCP-6050 has become a major tourist attraction in Indonesia, featured in news, entertainment, and travel media due to the "Legends of Lake of Colors" caused by SCP-6050-C and the coloration cycle caused by SCP-6050-B.

Addendum-A: Documented Attempts of SCP-6050-C Activation

Although highly debated, the purpose of testing SCP-6050-C activation events was to push the boundary of what is considered as a ritual that affected the event. Ethics Committee ruling found that these testing are necessary to be done, but the Foundation must make reparation to civilians affected by SCP-6050-C activation events testings.

June 15th, 1976 Activation Event
Ritual Used Sesajen2 was performed for this activation event.
C Event Black thunderclouds immediately manifested as soon as the ritual started. Rain began to precipitate, followed by a hurricane.
Summary The activation event lasted throughout a whole day and a small-scale flood began to inundate the city of Bogor. Several local infrastructures are damaged and destroyed due to high wind pressure.
March 5th, 1979 Activation Event
Ritual Used Mappadendang3 was performed for this activation event.
C Event Storm clouds began to form, emitting lightning strikes at an unusually high rate one minute since the ritual started. D-Classes were instructed to continue performing the ritual process.
Summary The group of D-Class performing the ritual died from a lightning strike in the middle of the ritual. It is estimated that the rate of lightning strikes in the SCP-6050 vicinity was 100 lightning strikes per minute.
October 10th, 1984 Activation Event
Ritual Used Tabur Bunga4 was performed for this activation event.
C Event No weather patterns an indication of SCP-6050-B 4th Cycle were noticed throughout the whole day.
Summary The ritual may not have any significance or relevancy to the SCP-6050-C activation event.
July 1st, 1986 Activation Event
Ritual Used Mapag Sri5 was performed for this activation event. A dozen of D-Classes were instructed to perform the ritual.
C Event Wind speed around SCP-6050 began to increase exponentially. Hurricanes and vortex were formed at SCP-6050's vicinity. Storm clouds began to form throughout the city of Bogor. Meanwhile, a seismic pattern was detected at Mount Salak at the time of the activation event.
Summary The activation event lasted for two days. A large flood and hurricanes caused 13 vital infrastructures to be destroyed along the process. A total of 20 deaths and 94 injuries were caused by this activation event.

Addendum-B: Office of Tactical Theology Report



Subject: Lake Telaga Warna
Date: November 17th, 1990
Site: Reliquary Area-105
Report: Investigation by the Office of Tactical Theology has discovered that Sri Ahni is a goddess within the Sundanese and Javanese tradition, major tribes and ethnicities in West Java. In the Lake Telaga Warna mythology, Sri Ahni is a goddess of harvest and agriculture in the Kingdom of Kuta Tanggeuhan, once a prosperous Kingdom that resides in the vicinity of Telaga Warna Lake. Sri Ahni had been described as a deceased deity that inhabits Lake Telaga Warna as her final resting place.

The following poem is a myth of the mythology, transcribed to English:

Hear me out, for what I’ll tell,
Learn what you need from this tale.
May you listen very well,
As I will tell you how a village could fell.

Once a long time ago,
A village tale was told.
The villagers drown in sorrow,
Because crops won’t grow.

Rain won’t come,
Long time they have gone.
Fear approach some,
Can they keep living on?

God may hear their prayer,
As the star foretold, rain began to form
The cause of that? May due a child was born.
Who’s none other than the king’s daughter.

As the king’s and queen’s daughter grow,
Prosperity hastily follows.
Celebration began to be thrown,
For the new goddess, they have to bow.

As goddess as they claim,
A mere human she the same.
How the fortune keeps came,
Is something she never tame.

I am a man close to her,
Often there when she's in somber.
The responsibility, that never hers to begin with, kept pressing harder.
Normal life is never.

Years go on, in another circle of stars.
Another celebration won’t be afar.
It’s the 17th birthday is indeed a charm,
But for her is none but the largest scars

To rule the village is her destiny,
After her adolescence, such is the certainty.
And the villager claims to foresee
The glory brought by the divinity.

This all too much for her,
All the crops and all the golds,
She can’t take it no more.
And she ran for sure.

I followed her as the others,
Yet I was too late for her.
Lying lifeless, everything went blur,
Such death is what she prefers.

Sadness surrounds the villagers,
The prosperity may come no more.
By god, that all they care for.
Such is the hidden corrupt on power.

They knew ill fate will come,
They do anything so the rain won’t gone.
O I wish they known,
Such things should never be done.

Let her rest,
Let her rest,
Please it for her best.
Is simply burying her too much to request?

I tried to find the king,
Yet he has no longer been.
I can’t believe what I have seen.
Their bloodline end here.

Rain began to form,
Has the villager succeeded on?
Only when the storm came upon,
I knew everything will be gone.

For long the rain pouring down,
Death comes all around.
From the crop up to the crown,
Everything already drowns.

I knew this will come,
As the rain pouring on,
I took the boat and sat upon.
There I was watching on.

Your funeral may not what we hope to be,
But at least you are now free.
Goodbye Ahni.
Or as I and you would like it to be,

Gilang Rukmini.

Furthermore, during SCP-6050-A and SCP-6050-C activation events, a huge spike of Akiva radiation was detected during the latest SCP-6050-C activation event in 1986 by the Office of Tactical Theology. This suggests that a divine entity was present at the event.

It is a recommendation from the Office of Tactical Theology that further testing regarding SCP-SCP-6050-C is to be ceased and all efforts should be put to prevent future events due to its cataclysmic effects. Additionally, no type of traditional rituals or ceremonies is to be held in the vicinity of SCP-6050 as it may cause SCP-6050-C activation event.

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