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Item#: 6049
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Special Containment Procedures: Suspected cases of SCP-6049 are to be monitored to prevent outbreaks. In the event that an SCP-6049 outbreak occurs in a populated area, MTF-Chi-7 ‘Plague Tamers’ is to be deployed in order to quarantine the affected area. All affected individuals should be treated with antiviral medication and placed under observation. When the area has been cleared, affected individuals are to be administered Class-C amnestics and released. Misinformation about a "highly contagious pathogen outbreak" should be disseminated. A sample of SCP-6049 is to be stored in Biological Research Area-12. Controlled exposure to SCP-6049 is allowed with authorization from a researcher with level 3 clearance.

Description: SCP-6049 is a highly contagious strand of the Influenza A Virus. SCP-6049 displays an elevated infection rate in non-human hosts, although it displays no anomalous characteristics otherwise. The virus follows a similar incubation period to that of its non-anomalous counterpart, with symptoms starting to affect the subject 1-2 days after initial exposure. Once the infection has progressed past the incubation stage, SCP-6049’s anomalous properties become apparent.

SCP-6049 infections target the occipital lobe of the brain, which processes visual input. SCP-6049 is able to cause mild but constant hallucinations that manifest as advertisements on the subject’s field of vision. So far, no instances have matched a real product, which has led to the conclusion that SCP-6049 is unable to transmit information, approximating what is viewed as an advertisement rather than a detailed picture. This has also led to the consensus that SCP-6049 is not sentient, since it lacks the intelligence to accurately replicate or generate a clear image.

SCP-6049 can be treated with conventional antivirals, and it is considered low-risk due to the absence of common symptoms associated with its non-anomalous counterpart. However, untreated exposure to SCP-6049 over the course of several weeks deteriorates the brain and increases the intensity of these hallucinations, culminating in death at around three weeks after initial exposure due to overstimulation. Due to the very noticeable nature of the hallucinations produced by SCP-6049, a subsection of MTF Chi-7 has been assigned to quickly treat SCP-6049 outbreaks.

SCP-6049 in its original form is believed to have been engineered by known parapharmacologist and Person of Interest “dado” as part of an agreement with Group of Interest “Marshall, Carter, & Dark”. For more information on this partnership, refer to Addendum-6049-A. A second strain, designated SCP-6049-1, was developed and manufactured by MC&D using the base sequence found in the original version of SCP-6049. This strain is capable of producing clear, distinct images, and has a much shorter incubation period than the original. The production of this strain was completed and a demonstration was conducted in New York City, NY on ██/█/████, leading to a widespread outbreak of SCP-6049-1, known as Incident-6049-N. Foundation agents were deployed and although the outbreak was successfully contained, due to unforeseen circumstances, widespread amnestization efforts were needed to reestablish normalcy. All casualties were given appropriate cover stories, and the scene was successfully contained. Deemed a security risk after Incident-6049-N, Foundation agents embedded in MC&D conducted a full-scale retrieval operation on ██/█/████, resulting in the neutralization of SCP-6049-1 and its variants. For documents retrieved during the raid, refer to Addendum-6049-B. For information concerning Incident-6049-N, consult Incident-6049-N.

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