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A bloom of SCP-6047 outside the perimeter of Zone-SCP-6047.

Item #: SCP-6047

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6047 is contained within the limits of the property where it was initially discovered, Zone-SCP-6047. The property is surrounded by an 8-meter tall wall of modular concrete slabs, an experimental new method of rapidly containing similar anomalous entities. The wall is fitted with barbed wire and security camera systems. Any and all new plant growth outside the containment area suspected to originate from within the anomaly is to be sterilized through the application of boiling salt water and/or incineration. Use of defoliants is currently prohibited until further notice following Incident-6047-AO. The perimeter wall must be patrolled once daily with ground-penetrating radar to detect any root structures attempting to dig below the wall. These must be excavated and promptly severed or incinerated. Efforts are currently underway to deepen the wall foundations with additional concrete slabs in areas not blocked by city infrastructure, but - as it is currently unknown how deep SCP-6047 roots can burrow - site personnel should anticipate conducting GPR patrols for the foreseeable future. MTF-Theta-4 "Gardeners" was requested to assist in preventing the anomaly's spread, but as of now, they are spread too thin investigating multiple other anomalies. As such, a team of agents currently stationed at Zone-SCP-6047 was tasked with conducting sorties within the anomaly to better understand its nature.

Description: SCP-6047 is an area of massively overgrown and abnormally large plant life currently infesting a 3-acre area of land in San Jose, Costa Rica. The most apparent anomalous trait of SCP-6047's plantlife is that it appears to be an amalgamation of various species, namely Bixa orellana, Trifolium repens, Mirabilis jalapa, and Rosa kordesii, with each species of flower originating from the same system of stems. The flowers have completely enveloped every vehicle, tree, and building within the perimeter of Zone-SCP-6047, creating a jungle environment with sufficient density to significantly lower visibility within the area. While these flowers exhibit no further anomalous properties on their own, they are potentially a form of sensory organ utilized by SCP-6047-1.

SCP-6047-1 is a large humanoid entity - roughly 3 meters in height - comprised entirely of plant matter. The entity's body shape closely resembles that of a muscular human male with pale green skin and a 35cm wide Rosa kordesii bloom serving as its face. The entity possesses bulky arms and large hands ending in talons reminiscent of rose thorns, and its outer biceps and forearms are studded with rose thorns varying in size from 1-5cm. The entity's coloration transitions from pale green to a deep crimson around the upper back, biceps, forearms, and hands, as well as the lower legs - which are also studded with thorns. Upon close examination, faint grooves can be seen interlacing through SCP-6047-1's skin, indicating its body is comprised of intertwining vines molded into a humanoid shape. Tendrils of amalgamated SCP-6047 plants coil around SCP-6047-1's body, constantly moving and swaying as if probing the surrounding air. Notably, as of Incident-6047-AO, SCP-6047-1's skin was reportedly dotted with multiple small, wilted and brown patches around the midsection and upper torso. The entity appeared greatly discomforted by these wilted patches, constantly scratching them as if it were a form of skin condition.

SCP-6047-1 possesses the ability to disassemble its body into its constituent vines before vanishing into the undergrowth of SCP-6047 and reassembling in a nearby location. It also appears to direct the growth of SCP-6047 vegetation, causing tendrils to attack or ensnare designated targets. SCP-6047-1, despite having no visible eyes, is apparently acutely aware of the positions of any living organism entering the area of SCP-6047. It is theorized the entity can sense when physical contact is made with any 6047 instances, and thus uses the plants as a form of touch-based sensory organ or alarm system.

Discovery: SCP-6047 first emerged in the parking lot of an auto-repair shop in San Jose Costa Rica on 9/6/2022. The SCP-6047 vegetation's rapid spread across surrounding buildings and vehicles resulted in multiple car accidents and at least 3 fatalities. Pedestrians caught within the radius of the SCP-6047 expansion, particularly those within the auto-repair shop, were quickly ensnared in the overgrowth. It is currently unknown how many are still alive, but multiple emergency hotline calls have been logged from within the perimeter of Zone-SCP-6047. It is believed that 56 people are currently missing within the confines of SCP-6047.

Addendum 6047-1, Incident-Report-6047-AO

Addendum 6047-2, SCP-6047 Exploration Logs: 1-3
Following Incident-6047-AO, a collection of on-site agents was assigned to conduct sorties within the bounds of SCP-6047 in an effort to locate SCP-6047-1 and the captured Agents. Team members were equipped with CBRNA protective gear, standard Foundation flamethrowers, multiple bodycams, and spare communications equipment, along with standard-issue machetes and assault weaponry. The following is a transcript of bodycam footage and audio recordings from Agent Yvelis Aguilar of the SCP-6047 Exploration Team:

Participating Agents: Alan Elkhart (Team Lead), Yvelis Aguilar (Second Lead), Alvarez Fuentes (Incendiary), Lyn Juno (Incendiary), Eloise Simon (Navigation - Simon had previously visited the auto-repair shop multiple times while off-duty, and thus her recollection of the local area's layout was deemed essential)
Location: Zone-SCP-6047
Date: 9/8/2022

<Begin Log:>

  • Muffled rustling noises.
  • Aguilar: Alright, we are a-go.
  • Juno: Good, I knew you'd eventually figure out how to work a radio!
  • Aguilar: Hah, fuck off, Juno. Let's get moving.
  • Scraping sounds are audible as modular wall section lowers into place behind team, effectively sealing them inside.
  • Density of SCP-6047 plantlife is such that identifying surrounding structures is almost impossible barring close examination after multiple machete strikes. Vegetation in this area appears to rest atop ground rather than emerging from it. Vegetation reaches 2 meters in height in various areas, mostly around enveloped objects.
  • Simon: Okay, I can vaguely make out where the street is. Greenery or not, it's kinda hard to hide a bunch of multi-story apartment buildings. From this point, I estimate we're a quarter-mile out.
  • Elkhart: A quarter-mile of walking through fucking rose bushes. Thornless… rose bushes.
  • Juno: Anyone wanna place bets on potential threats? I bet this thing's got weaponized thorns.
  • Aguilar: Thorns, almost certainly, if these rose blooms are any indication. The mixed flowers sharing vines is definitely telling. If this thing is capable of "reshuffling" plant DNA, it might have access to a wide variety of plant-based attacks. Poisons, thorns, potentially even "explosive" seed pods.
  • Juno: Whoa, when did you become such a nerd? You're not even in Theta-4.
  • Aguilar: Dress for the job you want. I've read up on all the case files I had the clearance for, and I was originally a biology major. Plus I like gardening.
  • Elkhart: You mentioned thorns, but I'm not seeing any.
  • Simon: Maybe they're touch-sensitive traps? Like the uh… the hairs on a Venus Flytrap?
  • Aguilar: The fact that we haven't set off anything yet indicates the vines themselves aren't the trigger, whatever the case. Keep an eye out for any new plant life that looks out of place - well, compared to the vines at least.
  • Team begins traversing through dense SCP-6047 underbrush with their machetes with Simon and Elkhart in the lead. Progress is sluggish due to the density of vegetation and obscured obstructions littering the path ahead. After 20 minutes, the team has managed to traverse 30 meters.
  • Fuentes: Uh, guys, is anyone else getting snagged?
  • Elkhart: Snagged?
  • Aguilar turns back to inspect Fuentes. The foliage around Fuentes has taken on a red hue around the stems. Upon closer examination, the stems have begun sprouting blood-red thorns resembling those of a common rose, and Fuentes's boots are ensnared by the thorns at various points.
  • Aguilar attempts to kneel down and free Fuentes, but as her hands near the thorny vines, she notices the thorns are beginning to spread radially out from Fuentes's position, traveling down the lengths of every vine in contact with Fuentes's boots.
  • Aguilar: What the… the thorns… they're spreading in reverse, from the flowers backward down the stems. That's not normal growth, they're definitely responding to something.
  • Elkhart: Wait… hey, Fuentes, lift your left foot and show us the sole. Aguilar, don't let him fall over.
  • Aguilar secures her grip on Fuentes's vest as he begins raising his left foot, revealing the crushed remains of an unknown red fruit. The fruit, despite being largely destroyed, is still connected to one of the SCP-6047 tendrils.
  • Elkhart: Fuentes, take your machete and carefully scrape as much of that off your boot as you can.
  • Fuentes begins using the tip of his machete to dislodge the crushed fruit from his boot, leaving only faint residue. In the process of removing the fruit, the connecting vine becomes severed. While the thorns do not appear to retract, new thorns stop being produced the instant the fruit is severed from the vine.
  • Aguilar: Okay, we found our touch-based traps. Seems damaging the fruits sends a signal to all local vines to initiate a threat-response.
  • Elkhart: Still seems weirdly sophisticated for a plant.
  • Aguilar: The presence of SCP-6047-1 indicates there might be a greater intelligence involved here. We might've gotten lucky this trap was relatively tame.
  • Elkhart: Alright, you heard the lady. Don't touch any plants aside from the flowering vines we've already seen. At least we know those aren't immediately dangerous.
  • Aguilar assists Fuentes in lifting himself over the barrier of thorny vines. Team continues on for another 10 minutes largely unimpeded. Upon review of the footage, a large red flower can be seen within the passenger-side window of a crashed sedan nearby before disappearing from view.
  • Aguilar's attention is suddenly drawn to a sound resembling faint whimpering approximately 10 meters ahead of her position.
  • Aguilar: Hey, anyone hear that? I think we got survivors.
  • Elkhart and Aguilar begin approaching the source of the noise. Within an overturned SUV embedded halfway in the window of a storefront, two figures can be distinguished. Upon closer examination, figures are an adult female and a child. Both occupants are pinned awkwardly to the interior roof of the vehicle, apparently ensnared by the vines while attempting to crawl from their seats. Occupants have sustained minor injuries, but are responsive and conscious.
  • Aguilar kneels near the shattered passenger's side window and begins conversing with the woman in Spanish. After reassuring the vehicle's occupants, she begins using her machete to sever the vines surrounding the doors of the vehicle before pulling them open.
  • Juno: Hey Aguilar, let me do it. I'm the smallest.
  • Aguilar: I'll cover you.
  • Aguilar takes Juno's flamethrower and backpack as Juno begins crawling into the totaled SUV to retrieve the survivors.
  • Loud rustling suddenly erupts from the foliage in all directions, centering on the overturned SUV.
  • Elkhart: Shit, everyone take positions around the SUV! Aguilar, drop the flamethrower. No time to put it on.
  • Team forms a perimeter around the van and attempts to detect the source of the rustling. Juno is still inside the vehicle attempting to free the occupants from their seatbelts and ensnaring vines. Aguilar, having climbed up on top of the SUV, can clearly see a ring of intensely vibrating foliage encircling their position. Rustling gets louder and louder before abruptly stopping 60 seconds after initiation.
  • Aguilar: Guys… it's here. It's definitely here- THERE!
  • 10 meters from the SUV, several thicker tendrils rise from the foliage and begin intertwining, forming a large humanoid shape. Once SCP-6047-1 completes its formation, it begins approaching the SUV at a casual pace. Simon, the closest to the entity, raises her firearm and holds out a hand in a "stop" gesture.
  • SCP-6047-1 appears to hesitate slightly, slowing its pace but not stopping its approach. Once SCP-6047-1 enters within 3 meters of Simon, it raises one hand up towards her. Multiple vines begin rising from the underbrush around Simon's position.
  • Aguilar: Simon… don't… move…
  • Suddenly an unidentified male runs out from an alleyway adjacent to the storefront the SUV is embedded in. The man rapidly traverses through the dense underbrush until he is within 3 meters of SCP-6047-1 before holding up a small cylindrical canister and spraying the entity with an unidentified chemical. Immediately SCP-6047-1 recoils as if in pain, staggering backward 2 meters. The area where the chemicals made contact with the entity already rapidly becomes significantly more wilted and brown. The surface of the entity's skin begins rippling as its limbs twitch and shudder. The man begins shouting in Spanish at the entity in a threatening tone, telling it to "go away" and "die already".
  • Elkhart: Simon, grab him and BACK UP!
  • A thundering roar fills the air as SCP-6047-1 rapidly advances towards the pair and rears up to strike. Simon steps before the man to shield him as SCP-6047-1's fist collides with her midsection, launching her and the man backward and through the broken window of the storefront.
  • Fuentes begins firing upon the entity with his flamethrower as he backs up towards the storefront. SCP-6047-1's body becomes charred by the fire, but it does not seem to react. SCP-6047-1 reaches out its arm, which begins rapidly unwinding into various vines that lash out and coil around Fuentes and his flamethrower. Fuentes is unable to retreat or drop the weapon, and his finger is stuck on the trigger by the strong grip of the vines.
  • As Elkhart attempts to advance and aid Fuentes, the vines begin pulling Fuentes's arms downwards, causing the stream of fire from his flamethrower to advance closer to his position. Soon Fuentes's arms are angled in such a way to where the flamethrower is aimed directly downwards, projecting its flames around his feet. While his CBRNA suit is designed to withstand intense heat, the prolonged exposure to the napalm begins melting the suit's outer lining.
  • Fuentes: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! LET… GO!
  • Aguilar opens fire on the entity with her assault rifle. While multiple holes can be seen piercing through its flesh, it does not visibly react. Elkhart draws his machete and slices through the vines ensnaring Fuentes, causing him to fall backward. SCP-6047-1 roars again and coils its severed vines into a conical shape before extending a 3-meter-long blade resembling a leaf of a Yucca thompsoniana. It takes several swings at Elkhart with this blade, but he manages to deflect them with his machete.
  • Juno finally manages to exit the overturned SUV with the mother and child, escorting them away from the conflict while Elkhart distracts the entity.
  • SCP-6047-1's movement is significantly more jerky and erratic compared to its initial emergence, its smaller SCP-6047 tendrils lashing about wildly. The entity's strikes quickly increase in intensity with each deflection, until the sheer force of its impacts are enough to knock Elkhart's machete from his hand, causing him to stagger backward. Before Elkhart can regain his footing, SCP-6047-1 swings with its leaf blade and severs his right forearm completely. Elkhart immediately cries out in pain and falls to his knees as Aguilar moves to cover him.
  • Aguilar: Control! Requesting medical EVAC, Elkhart is severely wounded! Unable to offer medical assistance at this time, too busy trying to keep this thing off our asses!
  • Simon staggers out of the broken window of the storefront clutching her arm, which appears to be broken. The unidentified male is not present, presumably having been killed in the impact.
  • By now, SCP-6047-1's movements have now become almost feral, the entity's body twitching and shuddering as it advances on the team, its bladed appendage beginning to shift back into a hand.
  • Aguilar is forced to leap off the SUV as SCP-6047-1 slams its hands down on the vehicle where she previously stood, leaving a substantial dent in the frame. As she reorients herself, SCP-6047-1 can be seen slamming its fists onto the vehicle over and over again as it emits deep, rumbling vocalizations reminiscent of an agitated gorilla. Despite the volume of these vocalizations, it cannot be seen where they emanate from on its body. After 45 seconds of this, the entity's strikes slow, its body language indicating its agitation is gradually fading. By now the SUV is almost bent completely in half from the force of the entity's strikes.
  • Aguilar: Hey… we don't want to hurt you. Please let us go.
  • SCP-6047-1 appears to enter a relaxed state as it turns to face Aguilar. Notably, the brown wilted patches on its skin have disappeared completely, and the gunshot wounds and fire damage are also no longer present. The entity begins making a series of complex hand gestures at Aguilar for approximately 13 seconds before its body unwinds into vines and disappears into the underbrush.

<End Log:>

Elkhart, Simon, and Fuentes were given medical treatment for their injuries. The mother and child were questioned about their experiences within the anomaly before being administered amnestics and released. Apparently, they had subsisted primarily off of fruit for the duration of their captivity in the vines; the fruits always grew close enough for them to reach and would regenerate immediately after being picked, indicating the anomaly might have intended to feed them. The man that had attacked SCP-6047-1 was, per the woman's testimony, the owner of the storefront, but she could give no further details. The man was found deceased within the store, buried beneath a toppled shelf. The exact chemical within the canister the man used against SCP-6047-1 could not be identified, as its contents were empty upon discovery. Upon thorough analysis of the recording, Aguilar noted she recognized the hand gestures made by SCP-6047-1 as being a form of sign language, specifically CRSL.2 Aguilar, being a local with a deaf younger sister, knew the language intimately. A translation of SCP-6047-1's statements is as follows:

"No fight. No fight. Bad water. Dark water."

Following these developments, Agent Yvelis Aguilar was placed in charge of the second exploration team, with the new objective being to establish further communication with SCP-6047-1 and determine the nature of its predicament.

Addendum 6047-3, Revised SCP-6047 Containment Procedures
Following the events of SCP-6047 Exploration Log: 3 and the dismantling of Zone-SCP-6047, the following revisions to SCP-6047's containment procedures have been made:

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