Item#: 6046
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6046 instances are stored in a jar sealed with a rubber stopper. No object which uses mechanical fasteners1 to connect its discrete elements is to be brought within 4 meters of SCP-6046's container.

Until uncontained SCP-6046 instances are recovered, maintenance staff are to report any weak mechanical connections found on-site to Dr. Emiel Rozmun.

Description: SCP-6046 is a set of 12 marbles, each of which cause mechanical connections within a radius of 3.4 meters to weaken. Experiments have shown them to be capable of reforming the tails of rivets as well as loosening bolts, nuts, screws and nails. SCP-6046 has no effect on adhesives.

Addendum 6046.1: Incident 6046.1

Dr. Annise Silverman, the researcher formerly responsible for SCP-6046, experienced a psychotic episode following exposure to a cognitohazard2. Before Dr. Silverman was diagnosed and detained for treatment, she removed 4 instances of SCP-6046 from containment, none of which which were found on her person or in any of her work spaces when searched. Responsibility for SCP-6046 has been delegated to Dr. Rozmun until such time as Dr. Silverman recovers.

Addendum 6046.2: Incident 6046.2

A space heater mounted to the wall of a staff break room became dislodged, striking Researcher Simon Colbert when it fell. Colbert survived the impact, however it caused severe damage to his frontal lobe which has resulted in a number of antisocial behaviors. An uncontained instance of SCP-6046 was discovered in the same break room during the subsequent investigation.

Addendum 6046.3: Archived Correspondence

The following recommendations from Dr. Rozmun are being considered for implementation pending review.

To: Director Zeig Skannon
From: Doctor Emiel Rozmun
Subject: SCP-6046

Given the incidents these have been involved in, I thought it appropriate to move them from the anomalous items log to an official database entry. I also have some suggestions regarding their containment:

  1. Take a more proactive approach to recovering missing instances
  2. Increase the frequency of my psych evals
  3. Give SCP-6046 a Euclid containment class until we're certain it doesn't manipulate circumstances to cause mental instability

I know the evidence is only circumstantial, but I can't be the only one concerned that the thing linked to people losing their minds is a set of lost marbles which make screws come loose.

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