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Item#: 6042
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Special Containment Procedures:

All foundation personnel must be aware of SCP-6042's existence and nature. Any personnel affected by SCP-6042, henceforth refered to as SCP-6042-A, must immediately contact Hotline-6042, in order to prevent any unnecessary investigation of their disappearance. SCP-6042-A instances must walk through a hinged door within 15 minutes of noticing SCP-6042's effects. Any SCP-6042-A instances exiting SCP-6042 must be submitted to a psychological evaluation to assess if they are fully relieved from SCP-6042's effects and can be returned to foundation duty. Any personnel suffering from Late Entry syndrome must be terminated.


SCP-6042 is a 6x4m cabin located in a pocket dimension resembling a boreal forest. The cabin's furniture includes a bed, a table, a chair, a fireplace, and a shelf stacked with several unlabelled tin-cans. Following a not yet understood pattern1 SCP-6042 will affect a single member of Foundation personnel2. SCP-6042-A will see any opened hinged door as leading inside SCP-6042, and feel compelled to walk through. That feeling will intensify over the course of approximately 75 minutes after SCP-6042-A becomes aware of SCP-6042's effects. If the 75 minutes limit is reached, SCP-6042-A will become totally obsessed by the idea of walking through a door, and rush towards any they'll see. At this stage, SCP-6042-A is no longer capable of coherent speech, or even actions as basic as drinking or eating. SCP-6042-A will remain in that state until crossing a door, or expiring.

Once SCP-6042-A walks through a door, they will enter the pocket dimension, and won't be able to leave or contact the exterior for a period varying between 13 minutes and 23 hours. During that period, SCP-6042-A will engage in activities associated with vacations in a forest cabin such as fishing, wood whittling, bird watching or skipping stones. SCP-6042-A will be entirely focused on these activities, and won't leave the vicinity of the cabin, even if ordered to do so before entry. After that period, the door of SCP-6042 will lead SCP-6042-A back to the point of entry. After exiting SCP-6042, SCP-6042-A instances will retain a vague memory of the period spent in the pocket dimension.

Affected personnel with an entry time above 75 minutes will in 100% of cases suffer from Late Entry syndrome, an obsession for doors growing in intensity after their return from SCP-6042. Over the span of a few days, they will return to the stage where they frantically run through every door they see, without being able to enter SCP-6042 again, until they expire or are terminated3. Late Entry syndrome has also been observed, although very rarely, in cases with time of entry below 75 minutes, down to a minimum of 17 minutes.

Under 10 minutes after SCP-6042-A leaves SCP-6042 or expires before entry, another member of Foundation personnel will be affected by SCP-6042.

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