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Item#: SCP-6038
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-6038-1 is to be kept disassembled in its core modular components and its main body. Each module of SCP-6038-1 should be kept separately in a standard Safe-Class container under the supervision of the Paratechnological division of Site-63. In order to prevent the emergence of SCP-6038-2 instances, under no circumstances should the components SCP-6038-1 be assembled and activated. A possible exception to these containment procedures is currently being considered under Research Proposal 697.



SCP-6038-1 main body

SCP-6038-1 is a paratechnological construct capable of autonomous behavior. Its main body resembles a Wheelbarrow bomb disposal robot, including a mechanical claw and drilling tool that allows it to manipulate objects and drill small holes in the ground. Reverse engineering of SCP-6038-1 has identified 5 core functionality modules in its hardware:

  • Module A consists of an embedded processor running a non-sentient tactical AI. This module controls the behavior and decisions of SCP-6038-1. It has shown a highly adaptable response to encountering new threats.
  • Module B consists of an ultrasonic echolocation sensor. This sensor is powerful enough to give SCP-6038-1 an awareness of its surroundings in a radius of 3 kilometers with a granularity of 2 millimeters.
  • Module C consists of a 3D printing cloning device. This module is responsible for creating instances of SCP-6038-2. It also contains a morphogenetic field generator1, which allows it to temporarily alter the thaumaturgical properties of SCP-6038-2 instances.
  • Module D is a hyper high-frequency voice synthesizer. SCP-6038-1 uses it to render ultrasonic voice incantations in Mycenaean Greek, inaudible to humans but tuned to the hearing range of SCP-6038-2. These incantations allow SCP-6038-1 to exert control over all instances of SCP-6038-2 in a radius of 2.5 kilometers.
  • Module E is a thaumaturgicaly enhanced solar power generator and battery. It integrates thaumaturgical sigils associated with the Turkic sun god, Koyash, to the photovoltaic system, augmenting its energy efficiency a 593% from the expected norm.

SCP-6038-2 instances are cloned maxillary teeth belonging to a Dracus Colchis, a now-extinct species of Georgian dragon. SCP-6038-2 anomalous properties manifest when planted into firm ground. After implantation, SCP-6038-2 instances can grow into two meters tall, faceless humanoids made of an ivory-like substance and resembling Archaic Period Greek statues. In this form, an SCP-6038-2 instance can grow weapons made of the same material as its body. SCP-6038-1 creates new instances of SCP-6038-2 utilizing the cloning device on Module C.

SCP-6038-1 can activate the growth of SCP-6038-2 into its humanoid form performing an incantation from Module D. SCP-6038-1 does not appear capable of maintaining control of more than 50 active instances of SCP-6038-2 at the same time. During combat, SCP-6038-1 will hide itself and control the operation of SCP-6038-2 from a safe distance. Initially, the weapons manifested by SCP-6038-2 are consistent with those of an ancient Greek phalanx. However, SCP-6038-1 is capable of temporarily altering the weaponry manifested by SCP-6038-2 employing morphogenetic thaumaturgy. SCP-6038-2 instances can remain active an average time of 5 hours before dissolving into a fine ivory-like dust.

Recovery Log:

SCP-6038-2 was first discovered by Agent Ramírez, Foundation operative and liaison in [REDACTED], Central America. SCP-6038-2 attacks have been targeting rural towns associated with a local guerrilla group known as "Las Víboras". Agent Ramírez figured this connection and the location of the town most likely to be targeted next. MTF Tau-52 was deployed to the zone, finding the town overrun by SCP-6038-2 instances and all of its inhabitants already deceased. MTF Tau-52 proceeded to engage with SCP-6038-2, which showed resistance to small arms fire. MTF Tau-52 switched to antitank weaponry which proved effective against SCP-6038-2. However, more instances of SCP-6038-2 kept emerging from the nearby jungle to engage MTF Tau-52. Furthermore, newer SCP-6038-2 instances began manifesting modern weapons instead of ancient ones. MTF Tau-52 was taken by surprise by this development, which lead them to start suffering casualties. This prompted the MTF leader to request aerial support to carpet bomb the area in order to control SCP-6038-2. The aerial bombing was successful in stopping the ongoing assault of SCP-6038-2.


SCP-6038-2 confronting MTF Tau-52

Further inspection of the zone recovered a disabled SCP-6038-1. SCP-6038-1 had been hiding in the nearby vegetation, producing more instances of SCP-6038-2. The airstrike damaged it to a point of partial neutralization but left its hardware intact enough for successful repair and research by the Paratech Division. It is believed that SCP-6038-1 managed to avoid total destruction from the aerial bombing by commanding various instances of SCP-6038-2 to shield it. SCP-6038-1 was secured and taken to Site-63. This incident demonstrates the remarkable ability of SCP-6038-1 to rapidly adapt to new threats. The Paratech Division believes that had it not been disabled by the first bombing, it would have adapted SCP-6038-2 to manifest anti-air weapons.

Since SCP-6038 incidents involved the termination of every witness, there was no necessity of amnestic application to the local population. The mass execution of the four towns was attributed to local guerrillas, and the SCP-6038 recovery mission was disguised as an anti-terrorist operation.

Update regarding GOI-1043:

Cryptological analysis of SCP-6038-1 firmware has confirmed suspicions that SCP-6038 was developed by the Valravn Corporation, furtherly identified as GOI-1043. This confirms the report by Agent Ramírez that governmental authorities of [REDACTED] hired the services of GOI-1043 as part of its counterinsurgency campaign against the armed group known as "Las Víboras". Foundation operatives have already begun procedures to pressure the government of [REDACTED] to stop employing anomalous weapons in its military campaign.


Possible GOI-1043 logo retrieved from SCP-6038-1 firmware

GOI-1043 is a Private Military Company specializing in anomalous warfare. They are mainly involved in asymmetric warfare conflicts in developing countries. GOI-1043 is suspected to be active in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South Asia. The Foundation's official policy towards Anomalous Private Military Companies (APMCs) is currently being discussed by the O5 Council, the Ethics Committee, and the Geopolitics Department. The Ethics Committee is also evaluating Research Proposal 697.

Addendum - E-mail communication regarding Research Proposal 697:

From: Dr. Guevara

To: Dr. A.W. Bird

Regarding our last update on 697: "The Paratechnological Division of Site-63 has suggested utilizing the capabilities SCP-6038-1 to modify and control the weaponry and behavior of SCP-6038-2 to assist in MTF training. A reprogrammed SCP-6038-1 could generate SCP-6038-2 instances armed with non-lethal weapons to participate in MTF training drills."

I want to make clear that I wholeheartedly support the idea. However, reverse engineering the technology, especially from Module C, is proving to be more challenging than previously thought. We could really accelerate this project if we had the cooperation of GOI-1043. Direct confrontation with them will prove too costly, so O5 will certainly initiate negotiations. Let's make sure technology exchange is brought to the table.

Addendum - Fragment of Interview Log with Agent Ramírez:

Interviewed: Agent Ramírez

Interviewer: Dr. Guevara

Foreword: After the events leading to the containment of SCP-6038, Agent Ramírez solicited a transfer to Svalbard.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Guevara: My point is that the Foundation can not afford to move you. You are our most valuable specialist in the region. It would take ages to replace you. On the other hand, your performance during the SCP-6038 incident deserves a promotion, not a transfer to a god-forsaken site in Svalbard.

Agent Ramírez: You know… this is not the first time it happens.

Dr. Guevara: What do you mean?

Agent Ramírez: The "matanzas". The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians. They have been doing that for years. They don't even have to be sure they are involved. Just a simple suspicion is enough to sentence a whole town. This time we intervened because they decided to get creative with the methods and hired those "ravens" and that fucking robot. The same robot that we want MTFs to play with.

Dr. Guevara:

Agent Ramírez: But before this, I had seen so many massacres carried out with just guns and knives. And I could do nothing about it. I thought this time would be different. That I could make a difference. But I could not save anyone. Not even a single person. And if I go back, I will have to keep watching it happening over and over again. I won't be able to even try to stop it, because there would be no anomaly involved. War is not an anomaly. Just let me move on. I can't keep like this anymore.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Ramírez's transfer request to Svalbard has been approved.

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