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Item#: 6036
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SCP-6036, taken during initial discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6036 is held in a Standard Biological Entity Containment Unit, located at Site-300-14. SCP-6036 appears to enjoy the activity of play with personnel and hence daily interactions with the entity have been approved.

Following the events detailed in Addendum 6036.2, no males are to interact with SCP-6036 and all handling duties must be performed by female personnel. The SCP-6036-A instances do not need to be handled by staff.

Description: SCP-6036 is the disembodied right hand belonging to the late Jacqueline Walzer. It is severed at the wrist and the stump itself is covered with skin. SCP-6036 is animate through unknown means and is aware of its surroundings despite the lack of visual organs. It is capable of using its fingers for locomotion and for other tasks.

SCP-6036-A are smaller instances functioning similarly to SCP-6036. However, they appear less capable.

Discovery: SCP-6036 came to the Foundation's attention following an investigation into the disappearance of Lucas and Jacqueline Walzer, a married couple. Local authorities entered their residence and discovered the corpses of both individuals in the basement.

Mrs Walzer was notably missing her right hand. Foundation personnel took over the investigation following the discovery of several texts and materials relating to thaumaturgical practices as well as reports from police referring to a "walking hand scuttling around" at the site. The anomaly was recovered and the relevant amnestication protocols were followed.

An examination by Foundation thaumatologists revealed that the document had been embedded with an infohazard causing viewers to believe that they are viewing a text pertaining to a subject of their desire in thaumatology.1 Following rigorous perceptive filtering, it was found that the documents were completely blank.

Addendum 6036.1: The following are the latest entries from Jacqueline Walzer's recovered journal.

Addendum 6036.2 (INCIDENT REPORT): A week after initial containment, Dr Matthew Chen, who had been responsible for the care of SCP-6036, entered SCP-6036’s Containment Unit to find it unusually erratic and affectionate compared to its usual behaviour. SCP-6036 clasped tightly onto Dr Chen’s left hand. Several minutes later, arriving security personnel aided Dr Chen in dislodging SCP-6036. Dr Chen was later sent to the medical bay following the incident for an analysis, which uncovered no abnormalities with Dr Chen.

Throughout the next 9 hours, a growth similar to a cyst began expanding across the palm of SCP-6036 and it grew sluggish compared to its usual nature. The growth’s inflation concerned researchers assigned to the anomaly and an emergency procedure was planned to analyse the cause. However, prior to the procedure, researchers noted movement within the sac. Several minutes later, SCP-6036 started to convulse before its growth broke and expelled its contents. A liquid identified to be amniotic fluid and two hands, dismembered roughly at the same area as SCP-6036, were recovered.

The instances resembled the hands of newborn human infants and both were identified to be biologically female. After an autosomal DNA test, it was found that Dr Chen was the biological father of the instances. These were labelled as SCP-6036-A instances and SCP-6036's containment procedures have been updated. They are kept in the same Unit as SCP-6036 and it has been observed to tend to them.

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