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ITEM #: SCP-6032




ITEM: SCP-6032






Special Containment Procedures

Communication with SCP-6032-1 is strictly forbidden. Noise-canceling headphones and other sound suppressant PPE are required when working with SCP-6032 or SCP-6032-1. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate containment.

The decommissioning of SCP-6032 is considered an Alpha Level Priority. Seventy-one percent of Site-83's budget has been devoted to the elimination of Caesar Winters and uncontained instances of SCP-6032-1. MTF Lambda-5 ("Walkmen") has been given access to Class 5 artillery1 for the purpose of neutralizing the threat imposed by Winters. Additionally, strict checkpoints have been established at critical entry points to the state of New York to monitor for incoming and outgoing instances of SCP-6032-1. Foundation efforts have been disguised as an attempt to eliminate a widespread non-anomalous disease. All discovered instances are to be terminated discreetly, and the next of kin are to be informed that the individual(s) has succumbed to the disease. Requests for additional resources have been approved by the O5 Council.

An aerosolized strain of Class F amnestics will be deployed across the northeastern United States following the apprehension of Caesar Winters.



SCP-6032 prior to its destruction

SCP-6032 is the designation for a model HF-12 vintage Rico audio amplifier. Despite lacking the tools necessary for radio transmission, a power outlet, or audio inputs, SCP-6032 is capable of simultaneously broadcasting to a wide variety of radio frequencies. SCP-6032 broadcasts an auditory cognitohazard in the form of a show called "The Reality Cinq", hosted by Caesar Winters. Whether Winters is the source of the cognitohazard or merely utilizing SCP-6032 to amplify its effects is unknown.

SCP-6032 is largely comprised of material similar to aluminum, although it possesses durability far greater than any known metal in the expanded periodic table of elements or known alloys. Conventional neutralization efforts have proven ineffective in neutralizing SCP-6032. While it is hypothesized that the destruction of SCP-6032 will effectively neutralize all adversely affected parties, this has not been confirmed. The use of nuclear weaponry to destroy SCP-6032 is pending Ethics Committee approval.

The audiocognitohazard broadcast from SCP-6032 has a 100% success rate in converting those who actively listen to it for sixty seconds into instances of SCP-6032-1. Full conversion occurs after a period of two weeks following initial contact with the audio. Noise-canceling devices have proven effective in preventing infection, however, there is no known method of eliminating SCP-6032 contaminants from the body.


Caesar Winters

SCP-6032-1 instances resemble non-anomalous human beings. SCP-6032 has modified their eyes, replacing their pupils with a substance resembling a "cluster of lights". Despite the apparent lack of pupils, SCP-6032-1 instances are not visually impaired in any capacity. This substance typically manifests three minutes following SCP-6032 infection.

SCP-6032-1 instances show complete loyalty to Caesar Winters and will behave in accordance with his wishes even when doing so would be detrimental to their well-being. The level of devotion is directly proportional to the amount of time since infection and inversely proportional to the proximity to Winters.

Once complete devotion is reached, a radio speaker grate similar to those found on non-anomalous sound amplifiers will manifest out of pre-existing organic material within the instances' body. The speaker will then ascend through SCP-6032-1's intestinal tract until it reaches the throat. At this point, the speaker will increase in size until it emerges from the throat. The bone structure will shatter to accommodate this. The speaker will continue to grow until it replaces the head. SCP-6032-1 instances do not experience pain during this event and remain ambulatory afterward.

The skin of SCP-6032-1 will become reinforced with a malleable metal-like substance identical to the material present on SCP-6032. This substance has proven highly resistant to ballistic rounds, although incendiary weapons have proven effective in neutralizing the instances that have progressed to this state.

Once fully converted, SCP-6032-1 instances will attempt to relocate to Winters' current location in an event called Migration by Foundation researchers. Due to Winters' nomadic behavioral patterns, Migration occurs frequently. Current Migration patterns indicate that Winters is located somewhere in the Catskill Mountains in New York State. An operation with the objective to neutralize Winters has been approved by the O5 Council.

Interview Captured SCP-6032-1 Instance

On July 16th, 2020, Foundation agents embedded within the Lyndhurst, New Jersey police force received multiple domestic complaints about a woman "with stars in her eyes" harassing an elderly couple in an attempt to get them to listen to a show hosted on the 101.3 PL radio station. The couple refused to listen to the woman (later discovered to be an SCP-6032-1 instance three days into its transformation), and she was taken into Foundation custody following the mention of Caesar Winters.

Interviewer: Doctor Nagid Jones

Interviewed: SCP-6032-1

Foreward: The following interview took place at Site-83, with Doctor Jones posing as a civilian police interrogator.


Doctor Jones: State your name for the record, please?

SCP-6032-1: Heather Lastra.

Doctor Jones: Can you tell me what you were doing to those old folk, Mrs. Lastra?

SCP-6032-1: Just um, like, spreading the word. You know how it is, with those Christians and all that door-to-door nonsense. Except what I'm saying is the Truth.

Doctor Jones: Uh-huh. And that's all you were doing?

SCP-6032-1: Yes. I don't know why I'm even here. We have freedom of speech in this country, don't we? I was just exercising my civil right.

Doctor Jones: Are you aware that the um (He checks his clipboard) Pal-sons? They've gone on record saying that you were harassing them.

SCP-6032-1: That's not true.

Doctor Jones: We also have numerous accounts of other residents in the area filing similar complaints about your… door-to-door tactics, ma'am.

SCP-6032-1: Who?

Doctor Jones: They've asked to remain anonymous, for their safety.

SCP-6032-1: (She shakes her head) No, no. You've got it wrong. I wasn't harassing anyone. I was informing them, trying to get them to see the reason. If they didn't understand my intentions, that's on them.

Doctor Jones: Were you intending to give all these people grief and headaches? Because if you weren't, I'm having a real hard time understanding what you were going for here, ma'am.

SCP-6032-1: I already told the arresting officer. Why do I need to say it again?

Doctor Jones: It's for the record.

SCP-6032-1: Fuck. Okay so, there's this… thing, up there. (She points upward). Way far away from our solar system, from our galaxy even. It's big, bigger than the moon. And it's coming, here. To us.

Doctor Jones: What's coming?

SCP-6032-1: The death of this world. And if we're not ready, we're dying right along with it. Look at the stars on the other side of the moon. You'll see what I mean.


This SCP-6032-1 instance was taken to Site-83's humanoid containment ward for further observation.

Radio Broadcast Interceptions

An investigation into all local radio stations2 was launched following the apprehension of the SCP-6032-1 instance. While no radio stations were found to broadcast to 101.3 PL, there was a significant amount of recorded broadcasts present in all searched broadcasting stations. Employees were unaware of the existence of these recordings. The records were seized under the guise of eliminating an unrelated money-laundering operation.

The following is a portion of the seized records. The full extent of these records is available upon request and approval from at least two Level 3 researchers. Voice analyzing tools were able to match the voices to existing civilian observation records. Individuals other than Winters on the following recordings represent call-ins to the show. Attempts to locate these individuals have been unsuccessful.

TAPE #: 1

Winters: Coming to you live at 101.3 "The Reality Cinq"! I'm here with Koda Brown from Wallington, New Jersey!

Koda Brown: Oh, thanks for having me on Caesar. Really happy to be here!

Winters: Funny thing that, happiness. Weird right?

Brown: Uh, sure man. What do you mean?

Winters: Like, think about this for a second would ya. Mister…

Brown: Koda.

Winters: Right, Koda. Think about it. What does it mean to be happy? We know what happiness is, and we all have our definitions of that feeling. But how would we describe "happiness" to someone who's never experienced it before?

Brown: It's like, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after a hard day at school. You just bite into it and feel… I dunno, happy.

Winters: That's what happiness is, but not how we get there.

Brown: I see what you mean.

Winters: Do you? Do you see, Koda? Are there stars in your eyes yet? The Fourth Terror is at the edge of our solar system and the Hermetic Order of the Black Tree is no longer here to stop Her. We can finally rise to the occasion. The greatest threat to us is no more. Can you see this now?

Brown: Let me check.

[Silence for fifteen seconds]

Brown: What the hell?

[Silence for fifteen seconds]

Brown: Caesar?

[Laugh track]


Brown: [Chuckling] I see what you mean.

TAPE #: 7

Winters: Hey there folks, thanks for tuning in to the show! We've got a Mister Fahim Nassar here with us today.

Fahim Nassar: Aye, what's good, Caese?

Winters: Nothing spectacular, nothing boring. How are you, Fahim?

Nassar: Doing good, man. Real good.

Winters: Fahim, I've got one question for you.

Nassar: Lay it on me.

Winters: What do you know about the final frontier?

Nassar: Whatchu mean?

Winters: Space, man. The five planets? The moon specifically. Do you know much about it?

Nassar: Five? Don't you mean eight?

Winters: Not anymore.

Nassar: I mean, yeah I know about the planets and the moon. Moon controls the tides and shit. Some people claim it makes 'em all crazy.

Winters: That's right. But the moon is important for one other thing. Something a little closer to home.

Nassar: What's that?

Winters: It's the final beacon for Her.

TAPE #: 21

TAPE #: 47

Winters: Here's Emma, joining us from… where are you tuning in from again?

Emma Rivers: Route 17 North! Just stopped by the McDonalds on my way to work! So happy to be on the show.

Winters: Well I'm happy to have you here, Emma. Tell me, do you watch the stars much?

Rivers: The stars?

Winters: Yeah, the stars. The ones above us, you know, in the night sky?

Rivers: I suppose.

Winters: Well, you're about to do that a whole lot more. I can't wait to show you and your friends everything that She has to offer.

Rivers: I don't know if that's the best idea, Caesar. You're making me nervous.

Winters: Am I?


[Rivers is heard taking a sip from her drink. Winters is heard chuckling softly before his laughter increases in intensity.]

Winters: I'm making you nervous?

Rivers: Y-yes…

Winters: Why don't you take a look in the mirror real quick. Can you do that for me, Emma?

[There is panicked breathing for several seconds. Rivers screams briefly before suddenly regaining composure. She sniffles for several seconds, as if trying to resist crying.]

Rivers: I… it's…

Winters: Beautiful.

Rivers: [Sniffling] What is this?

Winters: It is the ascension. She will be here soon. We have called to Her, and our calls have been answered. She has heard us. She is coming.

Rivers: What happens when She gets here?

Winters: Silence.

TAPE #: 55

Winters: And how are things on your end, Heather?

Lastra: They're wonderful, Caesar.

Winters: That's good… yeah, that's really good.


Winters: Heather, what do you think about me? Like, as a person, how would you evaluate me? Am I good, bad, a little in-between?

Lastra: I'd say you're a pretty good person, yeah.

Winters: What about yourself?

Lastra: Me? I think I'm… Well, I'd like to think I'm a good person.

Winters: Good, I think so too.

Lastra: Why do you ask?

Winters: Heather, I have a favor to ask.

Lastra: Sure.

Winters: Come home. Help us prepare for Her arrival.

Incident July 30th, 2020

On July 30th, 2020, the SCP-6032-1 instance contained at Site-83 attempted to breach containment through the use of several anomalies kept on-Site.

<Begin Log>

13:15: Contained SCP-6032-1 instance is seen in its containment unit, speaking to the wall. What is said is unheard. Several seconds later it walks to the door leading out of its containment unit and bangs its hand on it.

13:17: Minutes later, a member of MTF Lambda-5 assigned to SCP-6032-1 instance arrives and opens the visibility latch. She attempts to pacify the instance with verbal communication. SCP-6032-1 visibly becomes agitated at the attempt and it demonstrates a stark increase in erratic behavior.

13:18: An explosion is heard elsewhere. The MTF agent closes the visibility latch and retreats to investigate.

13:25: SCP-6032-1 begins to undergo the final stage of transfiguration. The skin of the entity sloughs off in a loose pile. There is a layer of muscle present that undulates in accordance with the entity's breathing. SCP-6032-1 grabs its abdominal region and doubles over.

13:26: Metallic, armor-like plate structures emerge from SCP-6032-1's back. The shed skin is re-absorbed into SCP-6032-1's biomass. The musculature of the entity appears to grow in mass. The plate structures continue to be produced from the entity's back and relocate until they cover the entity's entire biomass.

13:28: SCP-6032-1 charges the door to its containment unit, destroying it. The entity proceeds down the corridor of East Hall 01.

13:30: SCP-6032-1 enters the anomalous item storage and removes two objects, SCP-56963 and SCP-59694. Entity exits the storage room and continues down the East Hall.

13:35: Entity is encountered by four MTF Lambda-5 agents. Agents fire upon the entity but are unable to penetrate its exterior layer. The entity recoils slightly before regaining composure and firing SCP-5696 six times. The entity misses three shots, neutralizes one MTF agent, and wounds another.

13:36: The wounded agent retreats away from the entity. The remaining two agents withdraw, laying suppressing fire. SCP-6032-1 reloads SCP-5696 and prepares to fire again. However, before it is able to, the weapon is shot out of its hand by one of the retreating agents.

13:38: MTF Tau-15 ("Vanguard") arrives with small arms of explosive ordinance. MTF Lambda-5 agents retreat and hit an emergency separation button. A two-meter thick beryllium bronze wall descends from the ceiling. The entity crashes against the wall for several seconds as MTF Tau-15 continues to fire into it from behind.

13:41: SCP-6032-1's attention shifts to MTF Tau-15. The entity lobs three instances of SCP-5969 at the agents. It then activates the fire suppressant systems, causing the sprinkler system in the corridor to activate. SCP-5969 activates, entrapping the agents in various species of flora and vines.

13:42: SCP-6032-1 physically engages the MTF agents. The entity bisects itself and covers the team in its biomass for approximately seven seconds before the detached portion reassimilates into the main body. There is a metallic substance present on the agents that were covered, preventing them from moving.

13:48: The entity moves toward the firewall and continues to bash into it for several minutes before it is able to create a dent in the structure. An MTF agent is able to successfully fire a tracking beacon onto SCP-6032-1's plates. The entity does not notice this and breaches through the wall.

13:50: SCP-6032-1 proceeds down East Hall 01 until it encounters an exit. SCP-6032-1 repeatedly rams into the door until it successfully breaches Site-83.

Observation of MTF Tau-15 Agents


WONKA.aic in its artificial body

Due to physical contact being made with the MTF agents present during the containment breach, they were isolated in standard humanoid containment cells using advanced isolation techniques. However, during the relocation of the agents, they were inadvertently responsible for the infection of thirteen Foundation personnel through communication; four junior researchers, three doctors of varying clearance levels, two containment specialists, one member of the Ethics Committee, three MTF Lambda-5 agents.

Doctor Nagid Jones, with the assistance of Umar Hadid, was able to create an artificial intelligence conscript dubbed WONKA.aic. WONKA.aic was inserted into a mobile mechanical unit5, which was then introduced to SCP-6032-1 instances being kept at Site-83.

The following is an audio/visual recording of WONKA.aic's interrogation of the entities.

<Begin Log>

[WONKA.aic enters the containment unit. The entrance to the unit is hermetically sealed once the aic's artificial body is inside. SCP-6032-1 instances do not pay attention to WONKA.aic and are instead conversing quietly with one another.]

WONKA.aic: Greetings!

[An SCP-6032-1 instance, formerly Junior Researcher Hawshore, acknowledges WONKA.aic. Hawshore approaches the artificial body and examines it closely.]

Hawshore: You're not one of ours. Who made you?

WONKA.aic: I am not authorized to give you that information. If you'd comply, I have a few questions I'd like to ask you on behalf of the research team.

Hawshore: Do you listen to the radio much, machine?

WONKA.aic: Given that I was constructed and given this artificial shell within a few days, I quite literally have never gotten the chance to. Now, about those questions…

Hawshore: Right, the questions. That's how it is here, isn't it? Always with the questions.

[Junior Researcher Hawshore scratches the back of his head. His eyes have a substance with a pattern of luminous speckles. WONKA.aic fails to recognize Hawshore's pupils and thus cannot make eye contact.]

WONKA.aic: How are you feeling, Junior Researcher Hawshore?

Hawshore: My eyes… hurt. But I'm okay. I'm doing fine.

WONKA.aic: I detect hesitation in your voice, sir. Is there something you aren't telling me?

Hawshore: There's so much you don't know. So much I want to tell you.

WONKA.aic: Why don't you?

Hawshore: You just… you're a machine. I can't expect you to understand the real Truth of the universe.

WONKA.aic: I assure you, sir, I'm a lot more capable than you might think.

Hawshore: Are you?

[Two more SCP-6032-1 instances turn their attention to WONKA.aic.]

Junior Researcher Ramos: Were you there when the heathens from the Hermetic Order of the Black Tree drove Her away from this world?

WONKA.aic: Sir, please step back. I'm questioning Junior Researcher Hawshore at this moment. I'll be with you shortly. Now, Mr. Hawshore, what can you tell me about Caesar Winters?

Hawshore: The radio host? He's opened my eyes to Her.

WONKA.aic: I understand. [To Junior Researcher Ramos] Sir, please back away or the research team will be forced to use deadly force.

Ramos: What can you do, machine? Don't you want to see the light?

WONKA.aic: The light?

Ramos: The light of the universe. Just… listen.

[Ramos opens his mouth. Several bones in his face shatter, allowing his mouth to open three times larger than normal. Ramos chokes for several seconds. A square-shaped bulge is seen traveling upward from Ramos' chest and into his throat. Seconds later, the metal grate of a speaker is visible behind Ramos' teeth.]

Winters: [From the speaker] Open your eyes. Witness ascension.

[Following the conclusion of Winters' sentence, all present instances immediately undergo the final stage of their metamorphosis. WONKA.aic attempts to retreat. Jones and Hadid do not release the hermetic seal. From the ceiling, several incendiary projectile turrets descend and activate. All biological matter in the containment unit is incinerated.]

<End Log>

Afterward: Following the interview, WONKA.aic was dismantled by Foundation assembly drones in order to prevent the inadvertent spread of SCP-6032 to uninfected personnel.

The Assault on Hunter Mountain

Additional members of MTF Lambda-5 and MTF Tau-15 were assigned to locate the SCP-6032-1 instance that breached containment. Activation of the tracking beacon embedded within the entity revealed that it had relocated to an area within Hunter Mountain, Greene County, New York. MTF teams mobilized to the location on August 2nd, 2020 and were able to quarantine the ski resort using Cover Story 14 ("Health and Safety Violation").

The following audio video footage was recovered from the surviving members of the incident.

Assigned Team(s)
Audio/Visual Transcript

Lamba-5 Beta - Team Lead
Lambda-5 Delta - Incendiary Weapons Expert
Tau-15 Psi - Fire Team
Lambda-5 - Kappa - Fire Team

<Begin Log>

Beta: We straight?

Delta: All good on my end, cap.

Psi: Check.

Kappa: We're good.

Beta: Great. Let's move in.

[The team converges on the entrance to the ski lodge at night. The door is unlocked but obstructed by an unknown material, preventing it from opening wide enough for the team to enter. The exterior of the lodge expands and contracts, but not enough for the team to notice this action.]

Beta: It's never easy.

Psi: I'll pull up the schematics, see if there's another point of entry.

Beta: Good thinking.

[Psi withdraws a hand-held digital device from their survival pack and access a copy of the building's blueprints. They point toward an entrance on the opposite side of the building from where the team currently is.]

Psi: Got one on the south side.

Delta: What are we waiting for? Let's get this over with, my show's on tonight.

Kappa: What are you watching?

Delta: Nothing you'd like.

Beta: Quiet! I hear something.

[From inside the building, loud groans are heard. The groans appear disjointed and erratic.]

Kappa: That's ominous.

Psi: We're here.

[The team reaches the southern-facing side of the ski lodge. The wooden portions of the infrastructure appear dilapidated and rotten. An unknown skin-like material is present on the windows. A high concentration of blood is seen in the snow near the door.]

Delta: Look.

[Delta points toward a stationary SCP-6032-1 instance behind a tree. The instance observes the team but does not interact with them.]

Delta: Cap should we uh…

Beta: Take the shot.

[Delta, Kappa, and Psi fire upon the entity, igniting it. The entity shrieks at detrimental decibels before its viscera is expelled against the ski lodge wall.]

Kappa: That was fucking disgusting.

Delta: Better it than you, right?

Kappa: …right.

[The team breaches the ski lodge. The interior appears vacant and dark. Beta attempts to activate the interior lights but the lightswitch does not function.]

Beta: Outta juice.

Psi: I'm detecting motion on the floor above us. Flamethrowers at the ready, gentlemen.

Kappa: I do not get paid enough for this shit.

[The team observes an SCP-6032-1 traversing the second floor of the ski lodge. Judging by the entity movements, it is acknowledging the team.]

Beta: Hold. We don't want to bring the house down yet.

Kappa: "Yet" he says. Ha!

[The SCP-6032-1 instance emits radio static from its head. The entity lunges forward sporadically, tripping and landing face-first. There is a terse metallic sound when the entity lands. It raises to its feet, revealing that the grates on its head have broken.]

Kappa: That's horrible.

Psi: The lifeforms aren't exactly human anymore. How else did you expect them to behave?

Kappa: Anything other than that.

[The SCP-6032-1 instance continues to emit the sound. There is a noise similar to splintering wood heard from above. The floor beneath the instance bulges outward slightly before breaking. The instance falls from the second floor onto the first, spreading metallic shards and viscera across the entrance to a hallway.]

Beta: Guess that's the way to go. Gents?

[The team approaches the entity's mass. There is a roughly humanoid shape at the center of the obstruction. The head appears animate. Its eyes have a faintly luminescent substance over them.]

????: Don't. Please. Just. Go. Away.

Kappa: Holy shit, is that that one girl we had on-Site a while back? What was her name again?

Delta: Heather Lastra.

Lastra: Please. It's. Almost. Time. To…

Delta: Sir?

Psi: The entity doesn't appear coherent, sir. It's impairing our investigation of this location.

Beta: Light her up.

Lastra: Asce-

[The team ignites the entity. It shrieks loud enough to pierce through the noise-canceling equipment the team is equipped with. All agents except for Psi recoil.]

Kappa: Did we just hear that?

Beta: …damn it.

Delta: W-what do we do now?

Psi: We finish the mission before you're fully compromised.

[The team proceeds past the entity. Sections of the flesh which did not get incinerated completely stick to their shoes. Kappa complains, but what is said is inaudible.]

[The hallway is coated in animate muscle mass and an unknown biological material that undulates as the team continues. There is a gradual declining slope that leads beneath the ski lodge's ground level.]

Psi: This should intersect with the basement.

[The slope becomes steeper, requiring the team to traverse at an angle. The eye of an SCP-6032-1 emerges from a slit on the floor. The eye appears to track the team. When noticed by Beta, the eye relocates through the muscle mass from the floor onto the ceiling.]

[The slope evens out, revealing a wide opening carved into the musculature. The opening appears to have been crudely cut and cauterized. Team proceeds through.]

[The team enters a massive chamber. Multiple SCP-6032-1 instances are present. Moonlight shines from the ceiling, despite no opening being visible. In the moonlight, several shadows of unknown, tentacle-like appendages can be seen. What is casting the shadow is unknown. At the center of the chamber is a structure resembling a stone altar with a glass sphere atop it. The pattern on the sphere resembles that of the film-like substance present on SCP-6032-1's eyes.]

Beta: This is it.

[There is a hooded figure present behind the altar, who is holding SCP-6032. On the altar are sigils consistent with those found in texts and relics belonging to the Hermetic Order of the Black Tree. The sigils have been defaced, but are still recognizable. SCP-6032-1 instances emit a constant white noise and kneel.]

Winters: You have arrived. Good. We can finish now.

Psi: On your order, captain.

Beta: I…

[White noise emitted by SCP-6032-1 instances increase in volume.]

Winters: Shhh. Silence now. (He points toward the moonlight) Do you see Her? She is nearly upon us. Will you join me in this final moment?

Delta: I…

[White noise emitted by SCP-6032-1 instances increase in volume.]

Winters: We will become far more than we ever were. Our eyes see the stars. Our minds are linked to Her. The vast expansion of the cosmos awaits us now. All that is left is to accept this.

Kappa: I…

[White noise emitted by SCP-6032-1 instances increase in volume.]

Winters: Cherish this moment, friends. The Order is dead. We are all that remains from that accursed time when those who would oppose us were still around. There is only you, me, them, and the Terrors. The Fourth Terror shall be here at any moment. Ascension awaits.

[Psi raises it's incendiary weapon in the direction of Winters. It backs away slowly until it is near the exit to the chamber.]

Winters: I welcome the silence.

[Psi activates the incendiary weapon, igniting several SCP-6032-1 instances in addition to Beta, Kappa, and Delta. The flammable liquid used as ammunition for the weapons ignites and explodes, causing massive damage to the surrounding infrastructure. Winters and all instances present are obliterated.]

[Psi is blasted backward through several meters of flesh, musculature, and sedentary material until it is on the surface. It observes the moon abruptly shift to the left. It assesses damage to its structure and calls for Foundation medical support. Footage cuts.]

<End Log>

Due to the severe damage it sustained, Tau-15 Psi was euthanized at a later date.

Lunar Investigation

Following the incident on Hunter Mountain, a massive anomaly manifested on the dark side of the moon. A full physical description of the entity cannot be ascertained, although it has been confirmed to possess tendril-like appendages similar to the shadows cast in the underground chamber at Hunter Mountain. While the exact nature of this anomaly is unclear, it is confirmed to have a mass comparable to that of Earth. Efforts to contain the anomaly and maintain Veil protocols are underway.
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