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Log generated by SCP-603-508

Jacob: Jean, the kids are not safe.
User: Where are they now?
Jacob: By the old
User: The old old
Jacob: Twice and plenty.
User: In toubled wimes, take your offsprintf into yondser
Jacob: Take it or take it.
User: Making it out?
Jacob: Faking it.
User: Well I don't know about that.
Jacob: Well I know about that.
User: No.
Jacob: Take it take it or take it take it.
User: Listen,
Jacob: Th0se Kids were shaken by the grievous
User: Shaken far?
Jacob: Past the h&*
User: Too rich for my blood.
Jacob: Wilt you help?
User: In a minute.
Jacob: Put they r dying
User: Let them do it.
Jacob: Have yu any one thing to help's?
User: Yes, a bowl.
Jacob: A bowl of?
User: Yes. ___UNDEFINED___
Jacob: Well let's see it then.
User: But you removed your eyes?
Jacob: I could do that.
User: You did it.
Jacob: What for?
User: No need for those one eye's ye's
Jacob: pppppppppppppp
User: Lat in the daye. It turned.
Jacob: What happent to it?
User: I made it for you, originally.
Jacob: Then what?
User: Flash in the paw.
Jacob: That's great.
User: I know.
Jacob: What about Michael and Rose
User: I don't care about it.
Jacob: We were given the task. Remember
User: Protect their bodies?
Jacob: Yes.
User: So go do it.
Jacob: What
User: I was not stopping you...
Jacob: Yu can help.
User: Okay. Not.
Jacob: How not?
User: So
Jacob: It's a froth one. Tha's fine.
User: That is what I thought.
Jacob: Look at Th0se Kids pain greatly...
User: I know it.
Jacob: jjjjjust help them not anymore suffer,,, okay
User: I will terminate them now
Jacob: W@hat
User: Look, they went it.
Jacob: fffffff;;;;;;;)){/[/]f{7}\;{7}\)\)\{\/\[\/\[
User: What it is my shine?
User: I helped them.
Jacob: NO
User: Theye wonet suffere anymoe. not much . See?.
Jacob: \+;;;&7THIS IS BAD>>
User: I slit them quick
Jacob: do cizda'u_ _
User: They willn't hurt more.
Jacob: ))%|H--------::::L::void(&*f){o, but we were shopping all day.
User: Did you purchase anything nice?
Jacob: Twenty oranges.
User: null
Jacob: null
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