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By Marcelles D. Raynes

Item #: SCP-6027

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6027 is confined to Site-83's communal refrigeration unit and thus does not require further containment. Consumption of SCP-6027 is strictly forbidden. SCP-6027 is currently under the purview of Doctor Matthew Corbett of the Culinary Research Department and as such, requires written and signed permission by him prior to any and all testing.

Description: SCP-6027 is the collective designation given to a collection of various foodstuffs located within the Site-83 communal refrigeration unit, distinguished by a faint pattern of digestomanctic1 sigils inscribed on the Tupperware containing them. Failure to disengage these sigils prior to consuming SCP-6027 will result in an instantaneous bowel movement from the subject, often resulting in the violent release of noxious gasses or gastroenteritis. As SCP-6027 activates its anomalous effects when coming into contact with the calcium of the teeth and saliva in the mouth, there are no known ways to prevent its adverse anomalous properties.

Written on a note attached to SCP-6027 is the phrase: "Matt's. Don't fucking touch, Caine".

SCP-6027-1 is a cephelopod-esque entity with innumerable prehensile adhesive appendages that manifest from the consumer's posterior. SCP-6027-1 uses its appendages to collect all expelled biological waste from the subject, reintegrating it with the subject's body. The previously expelled material will then be restructured to resemble the missing portion of SCP-6027 in the throat before being orally expelled by the subject. The restructured material, SCP-6027-2, will then relocate to SCP-6027 and restore it to its previous physical form as if no alterations were made.

SCP-6027-1 only manifests following the consumption of SCP-6027.

Discovery: SCP-6027 was discovered on 7 October 2021 by Doctor Corbett, although Junior Researcher Elijah Caine was the first to experience its anomalous effects. Caine had recently been employed at the Foundation due to his remarkable work studying the occult at Miskatonic University and was assigned to Site-83's Culinary Research Department to assist in the study of anomalous food items.

However, during his allotted thirty-minute break period, Caine reported feeling substantial hunger and confessed to eating SCP-6027, as he had forgotten to bring a lunch with him. When confronted by Doctor Corbett, Caine denied interacting with the entity.

The following footage was recovered from Site-83's break room, later that same evening.

TIME: 1500

LOCATION: Site-83 Break Room A


1500: Corbett enters break room, looking at all current occupants. He opens the refrigerator and places SCP-6027 inside.

1501: Corbett inscribes digestomanctic sigils onto SCP-6027 and writes the aforementioned phrase on a piece of adhesive paper. Corbett closes the refrigerator, walks to a nearby table, and sits. He begins reading on a mobile device, occasionally glancing at the refrigerator.

1509: Caine enters. Corbett exits. The two exchange a brief greeting as they pass each other.

1510: Corbett appears to turn down the hall, however, part of his face can be seen from behind the exit to the break room. Caine looks over his shoulder in Corbett's direction but does not appear to notice him.

1513: Caine extracts SCP-6027 and bites into it. Seconds later he clutches his abdomen, apparently in intense pain.

1515: Current occupants begin to take notice of Caine as he leans against the refrigerator. None approach. Moments later, Caine's pants burst, biological material is expelled with an explosive trajectory. The material spreads, covering the majority of the break room, the occupants, and the food therein. Several scream. Corbett can be seen laughing, as he was shielded from the blast by the wall.

1516: SCP-6027-1 manifests. Caine screams and attempts to contain the entity with his bare hands. He is hoisted by his posterior and suspended approximately 2 meters in the air by SCP-6027-1 as it begins to collect the expelled material. SCP-6027-1 rolls the collected material into a loose sphere shape before beginning to retreat within Caine.

1517: Several of the current occupants vomit, others exit.

1519: SCP-6027-1 has completely penetrated Caine's body. Shortly thereafter, Caine orally expells SCP-6027-2, which proceeds to levitate toward SCP-6027 and seamlessly integrate with it. Corbett enters the room and places his hand on Caine's shoulder. Corbett says something inaudible and points at the refrigerator. Caine flees.



When questioned about what was said between him and Junior Researcher Caine, Corbett admitted that he inquired if Caine had read the note he left on SCP-6027.

To date, there have been no further instances of SCP-6027 manifestation. Junior Researcher Caine requested transport to another Site following the incident. His request was approved.

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