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Item#: 6025
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: All factory instances of SCP-6025 are to be surrounded by a perimeter of barbed wire fencing and tank-traps, remaining a minimum of 50 meters away from any structure that composes an SCP-6025 instance. In the case of dockyard instances this will be replaced by anti-submarine nets and naval mines. Armed staff should be present at all times, with anti-tank and anti-aircraft measures present as well.

On Sunday of every week, a telegram is to be sent to all instances of SCP-6025 on the behalf of their respective governments ordering them to quarter and halt their forces and await further orders. In the event of a containment breach, an immediate communique will be sent to any and all countries over which airborne or suborbital instances will fly, along with the Global Occult Coalition, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and all suspected or confirmed nuclear powers, notifying them of the nature of the situation (see Incident Log A). In the event of a mass containment breach, the previous steps will be taken, and all offending factory instances of SCP-6025 are to be bombarded with long-range artillery until their self-defense mechanism is triggered. Airborne Class-C programmable amnotics will be dropped over areas with confirmed visual contact with SCP-6025 instances, targeted to remove recent memories of WWII equipment.

Description: SCP-6025 is a group of factories, dockyards, airbases, and launch sites located in nations corresponding to the Allied Powers of WWII, and the successor states of the Axis Powers of WWII. There is also at least 16 facilities in countries that historically remained neutral throughout the war. The total number of facilities is 98. They are all owned by GoI-206-S, known as "The Glasgow United Armory," a defunct subsidiary of Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Ltd. that filed for bankrupty in 1951. The facilities' main anomalous feature is their ability to create equipment of historical nature, dating back to World War Two, without any form of workforce and at a rate 900% higher than any non-anomalous workforce could achieve even if running at peak efficiency. The equipment itself is also anomalous and does not need a crew to function in more than 99% of cases. It is currently unknown from where facility instances of SCP-6025 acquire material, fuel, or ammunition.

Equipment produced by instances of SCP-6025-A is animate, though it is unknown if the equipment has intrinsic sentience or displays the sentience of its home factory. All equipment follows its specifications and capabilities, as proven during World War Two or predicted during the time. Equipment has been seen to experience wear, become inoperable due to said wear if not maintained, and be damaged by non-anomalous sources such as ballistic trauma, heat, water, weather, etc. Equipment that requires external intervention to function (i.e. small arms, crew-served weapons and the like) is wielded by animate constructs superficially resembling mannequins.

Equipment appears to bear allegiance to the home country of the facility responsible for its construction. They follow their chain of command, obey orders from said country, and do not engage forces their country was not at war with during World War Two.

Equipment also appears to act as though World War Two is continuing. Each Sunday, SCP-6025-A instances will "reset," erasing orders set in a previous week. They will then have new orders assigned to them by a "High Command," often involving offensives into "enemy" territory. During said offensives, members of the "Allied" force appear to be more conscientious of civilian casualties than members of the "Axis" force. However, due to the fact that incursions into "Axis" territory are more common than incursions into "Allied" territory, the "Allied" force is nevertheless responsible for more civilian casualties.

Instances of SCP-6025-A will switch allegiances if a member of an enemy country enters the facility and takes its flag, located at its highest point accessible from the inside, and replaces it with the flag of another country. This is exceptionally dangerous considering the heavy defenses surrounding an SCP-6025-A instance, and any force that attempts the task, anomalous or otherwise, will almost invariably suffer heavy casualties numbering from 30-95% of the original force dead or incapacitated. In the event that the facility flag is destroyed, the defending force will forgo any allegiances and attack anyone nearby if their intent is not to assist them.

All humanoid instances of SCP-6025 are capable of verbal communication, and all non-humanoid instances are capable of radio communication, speaking in a randomly-generated male voice in the language of their home facility's country. Instances of SCP-6025-A are also capable of sending and receiving telegrams, radio broadcasts, and television signals.

When damaged by any weapon of larger caliber than .50, instances of SCP-6025-A will broadcast a "distress signal" over an anomalous radio frequency (105.7) which cannot be jammed or intercepted in any known way. This causes all forces created by the facility in its current state to immediately return to their home factory and retaliate against the agency that damaged the facility. However, if the offender is destroyed, out of range, or unable to be detected, the forces will end the retaliation and repair the facility to full integrity and efficiency within 4 days. For this reason, instances of SCP-6025 will never bombard or otherwise create the potential for harm to SCP-6025-A instances when attempting to capture them. They also will not attack the last instance of SCP-6025-A of a country, instead blockading it until the forces of the blockaded facility break the blockade, an event that happens in 100% of cases within 1 month.

Addendum A: SCP-6025 has been reclassified to Keter following Incident B and the discovery of an exponential increase in the volume of equipment produced per year. All requests for reclassification are to be denied until further notice by the O5 Council, due to a non-zero probability of SCP-6025 being the cause of a WXK-Class Global Conflict event.

Addendum A1: SCP-6025 was originally Containment Class Euclid, Disruption Class Keneq, and Risk Class Warning, for archival purposes.

Addendum B: Discovery of roaming SCP-6025-C instances acting in a special-forces capacity outside of containment has become cause for concern, especially due to their attraction towards airstrips, armories, power plants, and missile silos. Groups of SCP-6025 instances discovered outside of containment are to be neutralized as soon as possible.

Addendum C: It has come to the attention of the Foundation that any aircraft carriers built by SCP-6025 are, in fact, instances of SCP-6025-A, capable of endlessly producing sailor-type C-instances and any carrier-capable E-instances. Any carrier-type A-instances are to be terminated immediately due to difficulty of containment.

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